Vancouver Loves Cannabis Culture

It has been a sad couple weeks at Cannabis Culture as we deal with the imprisonment of our friend and Prince, Marc Emery – but here is something that cheered us up a little.

Every year, Vancouver’s Georgia Straight Newspaper publishes the “Best of Vancouver”, an extensive poll where readers submit write-in ballots with their favorite Vancouver eateries, events, clubs, places to relax and every other category you can imagine.

Thank-you Vancouver for sending in enough ballots to put us on the best “Local activist Web site” list in the Culture category.

Local activist Web site
1. David Suzuki Foundation
2. Liberation B.C.
3. Cannabis Culture Magazine

This came as a total surprise to us! The Georgia Straight is Canada’s Largest Urban Weekly with a readership of almost 693,000 a week (41% of all Metro Vancouver adults) and has often published articles about Marc and his struggle (most recently, this online piece that never made it to print).

So thanks again! We love you too Vancouver!

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    Maybe, but even a kid knows BS when she hears it.

  2. Anonymous on

    If you had one ounce of integrity, you’d speak it.

  3. one12alpha on

    Maybe, all but less than 100 ppl have better things to do than sit in a forum at 1130 on a friday night?

    Unfortunately, I do not…not this week, LOL.

  4. frank trottier on

    congradulations well done! keep up the great work.

  5. Anonymous on

    …..some people’s kids……

  6. Anonymous on

    There are so many lies printed here, it’s unbelievable!

  7. Anonymous on

    save your shit for the statues in Stanley Park

  8. Anonymous on

    If it’s so popular, why is there less than 100 ppl online in the forums RIGHT NOW? It was manipulated.

  9. Dan-o on

    If only all those people would have bought the magazine… But God bless em all the same.