Activist Dana Beal Busted in Nebraska

New York marijuana activist Dana Beal has been arrested again in the Midwest, this time Marijuana activist Dana Beal was arrested with 150 pounds of pot in Nebraska. (Photo by Fred R. Conrad, New York Times)Marijuana activist Dana Beal was arrested with 150 pounds of pot in Nebraska. (Photo by Fred R. Conrad, New York Times). Nebraska police apprehended Beal and two others in a van on Wednesday in Ashland near Interstate 80 (just West of Omaha) after the vehicle was stopped for driving erratically. Bail was set at $500,000.

Beal was last seen in San Francisco at the NORML Conference. Presumably, he was driving back from California when the bust took place.

The Cures Not Wars founder has had numerous run-ins with the law, the most recent of which came last June when Illinois authorities confiscated a small amount of marijuana and $150,000 from him. This past May, Beal pled guilty to the pot charge and paid a fine, but the cash was not returned.

Beal organizes the annual Global Marijuana March each May.

– Article from CelebStoner

Drug Bust Nabs Marijuana Activist

from KETV Omaha, ABC

SAUNDERS COUNTY, Neb. — Police officers in Ashland, Neb., seized 150 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop Wednesday night on Highway 6.

The seizure was the largest in Saunders County history, said Ashland police.

Investigators say the record discovery was made late Wednesday, several miles away from Interstate 80..

I-80 has long been known to authorities as a drug pipeline, but as state and local law enforcement agencies step up enforcement efforts along the interstate, smugglers appear to be turning to back roads.

“They also come down the rural highways trying to avoid the interstate,” Ashland Police Chief Mark Powell said.

That, he said, is exactly what one of his officers encountered near the city limits, miles away from the interstate.

He said the incident started when police stopped conversion van driving erratically. When the officer approached the van and saw several bags of marijuana in plain view, he called for assistance, police said.

Powell said multiple agencies responded to that call. The drugs were in duffel bags found throughout the vehicle, police said.

“Further investigation revealed 150 pounds of marijuana that was loaded inside the van,” Powell said.

Ashland police said Saunders and Cass county sheriffs’ deputies helped in the seizure.

Three men in the van were Christopher Ryan, Irvin Dana Beal and James Statzer.

All three are being held in Saunders County Jail and are suspected of drug possession with intent to deliver, officers said. They all face charges of possession with intent to deliver.

Beal is a political activist who has advocated for marijuana legalization in the U.S.

Powell said the bust is a reminder that I-80 isn’t the only route on which authorities need to be alert for drug traffickers.

“Luckily, we have people around who are watching there, as well,” Powell said.

Authorities said Ryan and Statzer are being held on $100,000 bond each. Beal is being held on $500,000 bond.

– Article from KETV Omaha, ABC



  1. Anonymous on

    thank you Oliver

  2. Oliver Steinberg on

    Never heard of Dana Beal? You’re not alone. He is the unsung, unknown agitator for herb who has been risking his own freedom for this cause, since way back before you were born. Dana organized smoke-ins in NYC in the 1960’s; he was a comrade of Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies (MAYBE you’ve heard of them.) Bad luck and bad judgment forced Dana underground for a few years—he traveled under other names and went around the USA & elsewhere organizing community newspapers and trying to get pot-smokers to stand up and fight for their rights. Dana was an associate of Tom Forcade, the legendary founder of High Times magazine.

    Dana Beal has dedicated his life to the cause of legalizing ganja. From the 1970’s, he organized annual 4th of July legalization rallies in Washington DC. He has organized scores of marches and protests in NYC and other places, escalating in recent years to the world-wide Marijuana Marches. Under his direction, newspapers and books were written and published trying to keep information going, back in the days before the internet …. like “Yipster Times” newspaper, and “Blacklisted News From Chicago to 1984: Secret Histories.”

    He has always been pro-herb and ANTI “death drugs” like crack and smack. Beal has promoted “Cures Not Wars” and tried to publicize ibogaine treatments to cure hard drug addiction. (Of course, narcotics bureaucrats don’t really WANT to cure drug addiction cheaply and simply, because that would undermine their jobs and power!) In a lot of ways, Dana is a “throwback” to the spirit of the 1960’s when leaders like Martin Luther King taught some of us that one thing you can do in life is speak out for justice. And work to try to make the world a better place.

    I do not know the facts of this latest disaster, but it must be repeated that it is the laws themselves which are unjust and criminal. As Colleen Bonniwell (someone else you never heard of) once said: “The man-made law that outlaws marijuana does not have the force of the Creation behind it, only the creation of force.”

  3. Anonymous on

    When somebody does something good without care of greedy profits, those who only believe what they want or from what they read often question they’re motives. The motve of this person is to help those who need the meidicine that the properties of this plant provides.
    i can tell you that it is not cartel stuff that i have tried in desperation and like the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the marinol pill, this is where the problem lies.
    This is a medicine that needs to be legalized and Dana Beale has openly and courgeously advocated for this knowing that he was a target buy those who oppose him.
    It is important now that all who use this medicine for purposes other then “partying” as well as those who use if for “partying” give they’re financial support and letter writing support, fund raising support and use whatever legal education they have to see to it that this bond is lifted and that these three gentlemen are free and able to do the good work that they do.
    Legalize. Stop the cartels Legalize. This is what Dana Beale is Truly About.

  4. Terry on

    yeah bern ya snoped me out. I know you’ve heard me ranting this stuff live and thanks for listening.
    Only point I neglected to mention was how getting the constitution to work in favor of the people has been a bit more difficult at times since March 9, 1933 despite the fact that every elected official swears an oath to support that very document. That was the day, more than 76 years ago, when the Consitution of the United States was indefinitely suspended by the United States Congress for the purpose of the United States Government being acquired in bankruptcy proceedings by the Federal Reserve. We don’t learn in schools that our national government has been privately owned -at least financially- for the past going-on-77 years, and all the ramifications of what that really means. As FDR once told us, “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Of course that was before he presided over the first ever federal criminalization of cannabis …surely his foullest legacy, at least in my opinion.
    My recommendation to all people, especially stoners, is learn your history so you finally make some sense of what’s been going down and why. Stories of Ford, Hearst and Anslinger are fascinating but a bit like picking up a story in the middle. One suspects there must be other unmentioned players that don’t appear yet in the plot…

    Back to Dana, Personally, I think it’s a shame Dana isn’t more combative. He’s such an out-in-the-open recognizable figure, not in hiding in any way, and when he fails to mount a successful or at least ongoing prosecution against the state for the unconstitutional and hence unlawful seizure of that earlier 150K, I’m ashamed to think our so-called “authorities” may look upon him as an easy mark…


    If we can just win one big one maybe we can all learn to live in freedom instead of a police state.

    At least that’s what I’m still dreamin’

    peace to all

  5. Anonymous on

    I’m with ya, I dunno what the hell they are saying. Some of it reminds me of some of Manson’s speeches…kind of goofy, kind of retarded, vaguely threatening in a cartoonish way.” I don’t need to kill anyone, I THINK it, I have it HERE!” lol

  6. Red on

    I agree. Hopefully some webmaster can remove the nonsense here? The last comment relating to Dana said the laws were unconstitutional. I agree with that too.

  7. really real long knotz on

    150 elbows of what? real scense or just regular shit dana usually smokes?

  8. Harry Pothead on

    I see allot of useless comments that are not relivent to the stories posted on the front page of Cannabis Culture. (to me they look like someone is spamming them )

  9. Anonymous on

    i agree somewhat…..i think it was less than 150 pounds tho and im guessing for sure it was high grade pot from california….a major activist comin across country from a norml rally in cali…..think about it guys..def cops lied about the amount i bet it was more like 50-75 pounds of high grade cali bud,probably some type of kush grade from a dispensary he probably got a deal on it cuz he knows the owner or something….idk but it def was no mexican brick i doubt it….people he knows probably wouldnt even by shit like that to sell….unless he chills with some inner city gangsters in new york somewhere which i highly doubt cuz they are the only ones who would consider buying that grade of pot.

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    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? ARE YOU NUTS? This is about Mr. Beal. Your religious hating or war or US Military hating should be directed someplace else. You must be a vitim because you clearly are not THINKING Clearly; even a STONER would know better. And to post some Ransom or Else statement is really STUPID! You sorry sack of do nothing, why not fight the government that has a death grip on your throat and mind; Don’t you wish you lived in North America the land of the FREE! I really hope the Cyber guys find your stupid hateful ass!

  21. Anonymous on

    Nebraska SUCKS! Those Hwy 80 cops are real D**bags! I got pulled over for a ligit speeding ticket. BUT, next thing you know, I was totally fisked; I had a t-shirt on and boardshorts(it was the mid-Aug); but still this cop pats me down. Then he tells me to sit up front with him as he writes me the ticket; WHAT THE F*ck? AVOID NEBRASKA! Don’t get down over the recent arrests; STAND UP and VOCALIZE! Peace and Joy to you All!

  22. Anonymous on

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  23. Anonymous on

    Amen, he is not a criminal. What’s criminal are laws that violate the constitutionally protected rights of the citizenry. It doesn’t matter how much the cannabis weighed or where it originated. What matters is that the US government has never had the constitutional authority to outlaw the plant the provided the paper that the constitution itself was initially drafted on in the first place.
    Prohibition laws have never been about public health, they’ve been about persecuting scapegoated persons – ever since the first one that criminalized opium smoking to target Chinese immigrants – and as such they are a denial of the equal protection that the constitution demands.
    Just as the Jim Crow laws invented new “crimes” to exploit a loophole in the 13th Amendment that permits slavery to exist as a punishment for persons “duly convicted” of crime, the anti-cannabis laws only benefit the prison industrial complex and the international bankers who reap the interest from all public spending. Meanwhile, the rest of us are all enslaved, since we are deemed not to own our own bodies and thereby have the right to decide what goes into them – a 13th amendment violation since this condition is imposed upon the entire populace and not merely those convicted of crime.
    There has never been a constitutional amendment to outlaw cannabis. There once was one to outlaw the production and sale of beverage alcohol but it’s instructive to note the act of drinking alcohol was never constitutionally prohibited.
    Like Marc Emery, Dana Beal was essentially arrested for trying to help others obtain a plant that the government has never had the legitimate authority to prohibit. He deserves support and justice.

  24. Anonymous on

    HE IS NOT A CRIMANAL! He could have helped a lot of people in need with that pot! Now the hipacrit pigs are smoking it!

  25. Anonymous on

    so where do you think the extra pot came from? busts they DIDN’T brag about? Because they would have to be seizing a LOT of pot without charging people or even mentioning it to be laying all this extra weed on people.

    I think the police are growing it to make themselves look useful. Where else would it come from? There is no other answer, the police have their own grows on hand.

  26. Anonymous on

    I completely agree, One of my cousins was caught driving over the Oregon-Washington border with 10 pounds; however in the press release the police stated that they had hauled 60 pounds from the car. They even put up those Mexican schwag bails on the TV. The problem with that is that He had the pounds in Ziploc bags, I know because I helped load them into the car. So I know the police probably added some pounds to make the bust more famous. I don’t know how they think this is helping, if every other week people hear of another multi-pound drug bust. This war is obviously not working.

  27. one12alpha on

    What was his pourpose in haveing 150 lbs? And was it mexican brick? If it was, it kinda discredits him as an activist, to me…what interest do you have in legalizing if you stand to profit from it being illegal?? This is where we stand in politics already! Politicians, heavily vested in oil or pharmacy, or with their campaign paid for by them, have no interest in legalizing. Like wise to activists embedded in a sort of cartel activity…

    I can understand even a a few pounds for ones own use, but I need to know HIS reason for having 150lbs. I’m not completely convinced he had “criminal” intent. Suppose he did have some good kind nugs? Were they different varieties? Is it possible he had intent to set up another collective somewhere?

    One thing is sure. What we here would consider an offense in this matter is going to be far different than what the fuzz thinks… But I cant have any sympathy for someone who got caught spreading cartel shwagg. Taking away their power over this trade is part of our reasoning behind legalization. If that IS what he was doing… for shame sir, for shame.

  28. Anonymous on

    it’s all bullshit, 150 lbs isn’t what they caught him with, it’s how much pot they could skim off the top of all their other arrests in time for this predetermined drug planting escapade. They decided to “catch” him coming from a NORML conference so that when this fact is trotted out by the press every time we hear it in the future, they can be marginalized as kooks in the minds of the readers. Bullshit.

    You don’t risk a long, successful and distinguished career at this point in your life and smuggle pot in a brazen, never-going-to-work fashion when you’re about to win the right to do that in the same brazen fashion that supposedly ended his activism. It’s bullshit.

    And you don’t do it in such a stupid way, with it laying out and driving like you’re drunk, when it is your business to know as much as possible about the relationship between SAID DRUGS and FREEDOM. I only watched Barry Cooper’s videos once and even I know enough not to get caught the way they SAY he was. Bullshit.

    Plus this is a man whose activities haven’t stopped one bit, he was still a key player in the events and organizations mentioned in the top article. What’s more, he lost $150,000 to the kops, and pled guilty 11 mos. later to get it back – maybe the quantity of 150 lbs. was a personal message from the filthiest scum on earth, the pigs.

  29. Anonymous on

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  30. NotSure on

    that dudes comment, about how he got busted and heard the cops laughing in the other room. thats the kind of crap that makes me question the sanity of cops. how could someone who bases thier entire career on upholding the values of our country, have such little regard for another persons rights and freedom.

    yea 150 lbs is a lot tho

    i think with his background in the fight for legalization, theres something to be said about the grade of marijuana he was caught with.
    was is mexican grown brickweed?
    or was it american grown indoor?
    cuz i dont know too many sophisticated activists; like this guy with the mustache and fancy suit appears to be, that mess with mexican bricks.
    and if the guy had 150 lbs of nuggets(roughly $660,000 of pot) hes clearly a part of something a lot bigger than just helping deliver or transport the stuff.

  31. one12alpha on

    While I completely disagree with him being arrested for the “crime,” probably under some bogus BS like some of you have said. At the same time, I feel like maybe he had ought of known better. With the way things are going, people of such high profile should be a bit more cautious about their illegal activity. 150lbs is quite a load, I would try to distance myself from that sort of activity. Especially after any association with NORML or MPP or any other group dedicated to fighting for reform. Not so much because I think the association is grounds for being suspect to anything, but to keep others who are associated from being suspect. To keep the attention focused on himself.

    They’re quickly nabbing up our activists, both American and Canadian. It feel too coincidental that Marc, David Malmo, Dana Beal (who I honestly never herd of till now), all in one quick run, and Jack Herer, in poor health. Were under siege people, be prepared to take to the front stage where Marc once stood. We cannot press forward without leaders.

  32. Mad Medical Marijuana Mary on

    Two weeks ago we protested Marc Emery’s extradition to the US for “seed” charges???? Now Dana is arrested with WHO CARES HOW MANY POUNDS………IT SHOULD BE LEGAL BY NOW

    C’MON, GET OFF THE COUCH AND START CALLING AND EMAILING all your LOCAL, STATE and FEDERAL so-called “representatives” and tell them you are FED UP.


    To view our Free Marc Emery Protest please go to:

    Time for REAL CHANGE

  33. justme on

    “Driving erratically”. This is a blanket excuse for the reasoning of a traffic stop. This was used against me when I was a passenger in a stop that turned into arrests.We all saw the cop a quarter mile before we passed him. There was no speeding, swerving, and there was no issues with the car or paperwork.

    While sitting in an interogation room, I could hear the these cops gloating over what they had just done. One then asked about the reasoning the other came about stopping us. Erratic driving, and then there was a bunch of laughter. One suggested they could always bust a tail light.

  34. Dave on

    If you believe they were pulled over for erratic driving then you must believe the police are there to protect and serve you.

  35. Anonymous on

    uh yeah, ok, well …driving straight when carrying that sort of weight might be a good idea.