Vancouver Pot Activist David Malmo-Levine To Be Sentenced

David Malmo-Levine, one of Canada’s most prominent cannabis activists, will be a sentenced in a Vancouver court after pleading guilty to possessing cannabis, hashish and magic mushrooms for the purposes of trafficking.

When: Wednesday Sept. 30th, Thursday Oct. 1st and Friday Oct. 2nd, 2009

Where: At the Courthouse at 222 Main St., starting at 9:30 AM each day.

Visit Cannabis Culture soon for more detailed information on David’s sentencing.

On February 20th, 2008, the Vancouver Police Department raided Malmo-Levine’s organization – The Vancouver School of Drugwar History and Organic Cultivation, otherwise known as the Herb School. Malmo-Levine and four others were arrested and charged. Mr. Malmo-Levine pleaded guilty in part to allow his co-accused to have their charges stayed.

On Wednesday, Sept. 30th, the Crown will call in a police witness to make it appear as though David is a harmful criminal worthy of punishment.

On Thursday, Oct. 1st, David will call Dr. Lester Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School to explain that cannabis is a relatively harmless and helpful medicine that both sick and healthy people can use to their benefit if it is distributed and used properly.

On Friday, Oct. 2nd, Mr. Malmo-Levine and his lawyer Ms. Natalie Dunbar of Pivot Legal will make their arguments that Mr. Malmo-Levine should not be punished for his actions – supplying non-lethal, non-toxic herbs next door to the Insite – the supervised injection site. Mr. Malmo-Levine feels he was providing a much needed service, helping people obtain good quality herbs at a fair price to deal with their stress, depression, fatigue (or more serious medical conditions) while encouraging people to stay away from more toxic drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth and caffeine. Mr. Malmo-Levine put the profits from the Herb School into efforts to re-legalize cannabis and to support poor people, young people and artists within the community. Mr. Malmo-Levine maintains that he is harmless, and the drug war is the actual crime.

The Crown has not provided a sentencing position but Mr. Malmo-Levine’s lawyer suspects they will be asking for at least one year in prison.

Visit Cannabis Culture soon for more detailed information on David’s sentencing.



  1. ray christl thc ministry asia on

    Seems like a NOBLE HONEST business,so pay tax(some).Keep on truckin’Should get a parade/trophy.People who are 100% well need medical cannabis for max-health as a life choice.

  2. Anonymous on

    i loved the herb school. was a great place to learn and converse with some great people.

    DML is a great guy, who took time out of his day to help me with my panic disorder (anxiety attacks) and jail or being charged is the last thing a great compassionate guy like him deserves

    best of luck david

  3. Anonymous on

    They exist only to split the vote and let conservative/business interests win
    think about it

    liberal,ndp and greens vs the the cons.

    its mathematics and we will continue to overruled by assholes until we straighten this shit out.

  4. Anonymous on

    If the Canadian Liberal party and the Canadian New Democrat party joined together , they would have had enough votes for a mojority and Canada would have a good government and Marc would be free.

    I see no reason why two almost identical parties should exist.

  5. Anonymous on

    .. are experiencing severe downsizing pressure as they spend billions more than they take in.

    Their optimistic recovery predictions fail almost moments after they’re announced; And so the real question is, as we slide further and further down the economic ladder …

    Do the taxpayers need to see $70K of their hard earned cash spent putting a harmless non-violent activist away for a year ?.

    Could that money not be better spent elsewhere these days ?
    How is jailing a harmless ecologically-minded tree-hugging supreme-court-witness benefiting anyone ?

    Will this and other similar government actions, in a time of many idle hands, and unplanned thoughtful reflection, be one of the final pieces of straw that finally breaks the, until now, ignorant-masses, backs ?

    Will the government’s current panic to expand its police surveillance ranks be fast enough to subdue these awakening non-traditional mobs who’ve lost, and had taken away, everything they’ve ever worked for and where promised ?

    How close are we to the edge…

    … Stay tuned…

  6. BOB420 on

    its just a damn shame i tell ya, first Marc Now David, come on canada smarten the fuck up and let them free. they will never be able to take us all alive. its time to over gro the government.

    Keith every single day pot smoker and DAMN PROUD OF IT.

  7. Anonymous on

    I admire for what David has been doing all these years. He is such a compassionate man. There should be no room in jail for people like him.

  8. Anonymous on

    Maybe if he didnt have the shrooms he would be alright but I think he will pay for this one, its a shame