Damn Them All

Yesterday my close friend and mentor Marc Emery was taken into custody in Vancouver, British Columbia to await extradition to the US for selling pot seeds over the internet from Canada.

Marc Emery is now a political prisoner. Marc has never harmed anyone. Not one ‘victim’ from seed sales has ever stepped forward and claimed harm from Marc’s activities. I have never felt more disgust and outright hatred for my country or my government than I do at this moment. They’ve taken the freedom of a very good man who has done nothing but help people.




  1. Anisha on

    Marc knew that sooner or later fit would hit the shan, OK!

    This would be the price he would have to pay to be a martyr for this cause. He volunteered for it with the faith that those who support him would ‘rally’ the people and the government. Now that time is nigh. It arrived. He is to be commended for his tenacity and positive focus.

    Yes, it is repulsive to all of us that he would be taken too. But he knew it would take a volunteer to go into the ‘belly of the beast’. This is going to take even many more years to overthrow these bastards and their ‘convenient’ laws.

    Churches have always been instrumental throughout history in swaying the people to vote for this kind of crap. It is the churches you all should be protesting. I am an American and it is the churches here that are the instruments of fascism.

    How you might ask. Simple. Those preachers, ministers, priests are ‘moral/eithical’ authorities in the subconscious minds of human beings. They are these archetypes. So many human beings give over the work of thinking to these people. If the minister says drugs are bad and we should make a law to criminalize it, well what do think ‘unthinking’ people will do. They will vote with what passes for ‘moral/ethical’ counsel.

    It is the churches that you all should be protesting. They help create war on the people themselves because the very things they get people to support are those very things that override our sovereignty. Think about it. Do you think a politician could get people to ‘override’ their own sovereignty? NO! Only someone who wears the mantle of ‘Christ’ can do this. Despite the fact that if Yeshua was alive today he would rebuke all that they stand for and that is the truth of it.

    Most likely he may have supporters within the prison system, even some of the guards, but it is no reason to let this slide. If we want freedom, we all have to be vigilant about it.

    Lets head for those churches in a respectful way. Hatred does not work.

    Only LOVE conquers all….

  2. Ben on

    Government exists to protect the rights of individuals.
    They use laws to protect the rights of others where your own rights interfere.
    Pot effects you. You can grow it, smoke it, just all by yourself.
    Low social cost.

    This issue isn’t about people wanting to get high (not entirely), its about YOUR FUCKING RIGHTS.

    Stand up for what is yours, it may be against the law to smoke/grow/sell weed, but it is NOT ILLEGAL to uphold your rights.

    Fuck the corruption in govt. Fuck the DEA. Free Marc.

  3. Anonymous on

    Bless your stupid heart.

  4. Anonymous on

    If the Canadian Liberal party and the Canadian New Democrat party joined together , they would have had enough votes for a majority and Canada would have a good government and Marc would be free.

    I see no reason why two almost identical parties should exist.

  5. Steve Bottrell on

    Religion is a con job. That’s my opinion. The fact is, no one knows if god exists. If there was any proof, we would all be believers.

    Write letters, to the papers, to the government, and anyone else you think can make a difference. Marc was railroaded by Harper and his so called conservatives. Get Harper out of office and we have a chance to get Marc back. Talk to everyone who will listen. Explain how Harper does not defend Canada. Put the pressure on anyone you know who knows the reality of marijuana to not vote for that lunatic. Vote Green, even if you don’t like their policies. I would take 4-8 years of newbie incompetence from the Greens any day to any of the “natural” parties of Canada. The Liberals will sell us out to the US as well, they are as bad as Harper and his buddies. For crying out loud, Stockwell Day thinks the earth is only 6000 years old. What does Harper believe? He puts religious fanatics in control of a marijuana study. He is dangerous to our freedom. Vote the prick out.

  6. Anonymous on

    Fuck Cristians and every other GOD DAMNED religion. Pricks are constantly stuffing their shit down everybody’s throats.

    When they get elected (Bush, Harper) they completely ignore separation of church and state and push a Cristian agenda.

    Cristians fuck off.

    God won’t answer Marcs prayer, for he doesn’t exist. Only those who Marc has influenced enough to give support can help him now. That’s us. So rather than pray call these asshole politicians out on their Bullshit.

  7. Janx on

    I am a hardcore Christian myself and nowhere in the Bible does it say to pass judgement on others. In fact it say NOT to. God commanded Moses to place “Kaneh Bosm” meaning “sweet, aromatic reed of hemp” in the burnt offering. Marc Emory is a damn HERO to any smoker out there. May God bless his way and keep him safe through this time of crooked politics and spiteful goverment machismo. My wife and I both had our hearts break today. Our sympathies go to Jodie and all of you supporting this site and “Our” cause. We are strong supporters of change in the US but I don’t think Alabama has a chance any time soon with bastards like Gov. Bob Riley in office. But we can hope and sooner or later a new generation of free thinkers will outlive the dry old demons in office and set us free AGAIN in this country. Until then…let’s get off our asses and beat the pavement people. Raise your voices. If they want a war on “drugs”, give em one.

  8. Anonymous on

    I am an ashamed American !!!!
    We had Sinclair who was sentenced to ten years for two joints, but that was over 30 years ago!!
    My prayers to go to Marc, his family,
    Hang tough Marc, Sinclair is still “a hero” to & for our cause.
    God Bless You Marc

  9. Anonymous on

    These kinds of HATE filled articles is exactly why this website won’t be around much longer. Not many people even bother with it nowadays, and not ANY mention of Mark from other Pot sites. Why? Cause they don’t care!

  10. Brian Kerr on

    Steven Harper is a right wing evangelistic Christan WHACK JOB, who is not fit to breath the same air as a real Canadian like Marc Emery who has fought so hard for human rights in Canada.

    I am no longer proud to be a Canadian. The NeoCon shit which run this country make me sick to my stomach.

  11. ToxicSludge on

    We are all to blame in this miscarriage of justice.We elected obama,and we are now getting a severe screwing from him.You folks north of the border elected the Harper machine,I guess we’re equal in dumbass votes.It’s time for both sides of the fence to start writing to our representitives and demand Marc’s release.

  12. Adam on

    Agreed, Stephen Harper is an insane pasty sociopath. I am looking forward to escaping this nation of hypocrites. We stood by and laughed as Americans elected George W. Bush, and each time we followed by electing a Republican of our own. Do we ever learn? We always say so.

  13. Worm on

    I am disappointed at all canadians who continue to support this conservative government. I feel ashamed when i see harper representing Canada on the world stage, you know other world leaders are laughing at him.


  14. keith on

    If Satan ever needed a wing-man Stephen “Adolph” Harper our prime minister fits the job description. His insane hatred of Marc and all that Marc has tried to accomplish is mind numbing. As a proud Canadian I have never been so ashamed of my government who’s sole purpose seems to be to empower and in rich organized crime so as to justify bigger guns, bigger budgets and more power to the police.