Marc Emery: Political Prisoner

Marc and Jodie Emery speaking to supporters and journalists about Marc's expected 5-year prison term in the United States (Photo from CTV)Marc and Jodie Emery speaking to supporters and journalists about Marc’s expected 5-year prison term in the United States (Photo from CTV)CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana activist and Cannabis Culture Publisher Marc Emery surrendered to Canadian authorities Monday, September 28th and was escorted to jail to await a transfer to the United States where he is expected to serve a 5-year prison sentence for selling marijuana seeds.

The ‘Prince of Pot’ held a press conference in front of the British Columbia courthouse where he spoke to supporters and journalists. After an emotional speech from Emery and his wife Jodie, Marc hugged many of his friends and made his way into the courtroom.

Watch video of the full press conference.

Mainstream Media correspondents were on-scene and began reporting on the event shortly after Marc was ‘committed’ by the judge and taken from the courtroom.

Read media reports about Marc’s case below, or go to this Forums thread with almost all media coverage of Marc’s incarceration.

Read more about the DEA’s political persecution of Marc Emery and find out how to help Marc come home.

Please call the Canadian Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson, and (politely) tell him that you and thousands of other Canadian voters are opposed to Marc Emery’s extradition to the USA: 613-992-4621.

Click here to see photos of the press conference on Flickr

Marc Emery in jail awaiting extradition to U.S.

by Ian Mulgrew, The Vancouver Sun

Canada’s self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot” was escorted out of B.C. Supreme Court and into jail Monday to await extradition to the U.S., where he is to serve up to five years in prison for shipping marijuana seeds across the border.

Marc Emery, 51, was indicted in 2005 along with two associates on drug and money-laundering charges stemming from a lucrative mail-order pot-seed business run out of Emery’s Vancouver book and paraphernalia shop, which also doubled as B.C.’s Marijuana Party headquarters.

Two charges Emery faced — conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering — were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea on the charge of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

He has agreed to a five-year imprisonment plea bargain in connection with his $3-million a year marijuana seed catalogue business, where most of his customers were American.

Canadian authorities drew criticism for helping the U.S. nab Emery because he openly participated in an operation that drew little heat in Canada.

Emery was convicted in Canada of selling pot seeds in 1998 and given a $2,000 fine.

Emery’s two associates, Michelle Rainey, 38, and Gregory Williams, 54, were recently sentenced in the U.S. to two years probation for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana as a result of a plea deal.

As Emery left the tiny courtroom, his wife Jody wept in the public gallery while a crowd of the cannabis crusader’s followers chanted: “Free Marc Emery!”

As he was led away, he yelled: “I love you Jody Emery. Plant the seeds of freedom; overgrow the government!”

Emery will be held for 30 days to give him time to appeal and then, once the federal justice minister has signed the removal order, Emery will be handed over to the U.S.

Now dubbed the country’s first “marijuana martyr,” Emery recently wrapped up a 30-city “farewell tour” across Canada.

He is also hoping a transfer agreement allowing Canadians convicted and jailed in the U.S. to serve their time back home will play in his favour.

“The same seeds I sold are being sold right in America . . . There’s a terrible hypocrisy at work here,” said Emery. “There isn’t a single victim in my case, no one who can stand up and say, ‘I was hurt by Marc Emery.’ No one.”

– Article from The Vancouver Sun.

Marijuana Activist Emery Awaits Extradition

by CBC News

Marc Emery, Canada’s self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot,” was taken into custody in a Vancouver courtroom Monday morning to await extradition to the United States.

Before entering the B.C. Supreme Court, Emery spoke to a crowd of reporters and supporters outside, telling them he still believes Canada’s drug laws prohibiting the use of marijuana are unjust and blamed the laws and the politicians who support them for creating the large criminal organizations that control the illegal trade in marijuana.

“There is no crime here. The politicians who support this extradition are supporters of organized crime. We are making criminals with laws like this,” said Emery.

After his surrender, Emery was expected to be sent to North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, east of Vancouver, to await extradition to the U.S., a process the judged suggested will likely take a month to complete.

Once extradited, Emery, 51, is expected to plead guilty in a Seattle court to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana. The leader of B.C.’s Marijuana Party, who runs a magazine called Cannabis Culture, faces a five-year prison term as part of a plea deal.

Emery was arrested in 2005 — following an investigation by Canadian and U.S. police — for allegedly selling marijuana seeds over the internet from Vancouver to residents of the U.S.

He said accepting jail time allowed his two co-accused — Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams — to each be given two years’ probation. Had he gambled on a trial, he could have faced up to 50 years behind bars, he said.
Ready for jail term

Emery said his biggest concern about serving time in a U.S. prison is the boredom he will face.

“Boredom is the primary problem in jail, so I’m hoping to keep busy with books and writing, and learning languages — French and Spanish,” he told CBC News.

His wife, Jodie Emery, is trying not to think about what awaits her husband.

“It’ll be very lonely, but that’ll just encourage me to get him back in my arms as soon as possible,” she told CBC News. Her plan is to lobby the federal government for Emery’s swift transfer to a Canadian prison.

Emery has said his business made millions of dollars over the years selling marijuana seeds by mail order and running a hemp product store in downtown Vancouver. He said he used the money to run his many political campaigns and to support marijuana advocacy groups around the world.

– Article from CBC News.

Watch CBC Video.

Vancouver’s ‘Prince of Pot’ surrenders for U.S. extradition

by Canwest News Service

Canada’s “Prince of Pot,” Marc Emery, surrendered to authorities Monday and await extradition to the U.S. where he is expected to serve up to five years in prison for shipping marijuana seeds across the border.

Emery, 51 was indicted in 2005 along with two associates on drug and money-laundering charges stemming from a lucrative mail-order pot-seed business run out of Emery’s Vancouver book and paraphernalia shop, which also doubled as B.C.’s Marijuana Party headquarters.

Two charges Emery faced — conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering — were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea on the charge of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

Canadian authorities drew criticism for helping the U.S. nab Emery because he openly participated in an operation that drew little heat in Canada.

Emery is expected to surrender to authorities before the B.C. Supreme Court, beginning a process that is expected to take him into a U.S. prison to serve time for a crime that would have netted him a fraction of the punishment in Canada.

Emery was convicted in Canada of selling pot seeds in 1998 and given a $2,000 fine.

Emery’s two associates, Michelle Rainey, 38, and Gregory Williams, 54, were recently sentenced in the U.S. to two years probation for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana as a result of a plea deal.

Emery, now dubbed the country’s first “marijuana martyr,” recently wrapped up a 30-city “farewell tour” across Canada.

He is also hoping a transfer agreement allowing Canadians convicted and jailed in the U.S. to serve their time back home will play in his favour.

“The same seeds I sold are being sold right in America . . . There’s a terrible hypocrisy at work here,” said Emery. “There isn’t a single victim in my case, no one who can stand up and say, ‘I was hurt by Marc Emery.’ No one.”

– Article from Global.

Watch Global Video.

‘Prince of Pot’ defiant on day of extradition hearing

by Andrew Weichel,

On Monday morning, marijuana activist Marc Emery held what could be his last news conference in B.C. for several years.

Emery is facing extradition to the United States — and a jail term of up to five years — for selling pot seeds to customers south of the border.

The self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot” arrived at the B.C. Supreme Court for his extradition hearing shortly after 9 a.m. Standing unrepentant before a crowd of supporters, Emery delivered an address of defiance and civil disobedience.

“I’m proud of everything I’ve done. I don’t feel bad about anything,” Emery said.

“I won’t be apologizing to any judge. I won’t be making account for my work. I only regret that I wasn’t able to do more.”

Emery described his treatment as “Draconian” before accusing the provincial and federal government of supporting organized crime by refusing to legalize marijuana.

“It won’t hurt you. It won’t kill you. It won’t do what so many legal things will do like tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, sugar, salt — basic commodities that kill people every day in this country that are perfectly legal,” the rabble-rousing activist said.

After his speech, Emery headed inside to surrender to authorities.

Emery’s wife Jodie expressed her grief in an interview with Monday morning.

“I’m absolutely devastated and distraught that my husband is being taken away from me,” she said.

“It’s a betrayal of our sovereignty and citizenship.”

Emery said she is still hopeful that public outcry can halt her husband’s extradition.

“The Conservative government is outsourcing our justice system,” she said. “If there’s enough public pressure, perhaps Marc could still be sentenced here instead.”

The “Prince of Pot” says he hopes to be back on the streets of B.C. a year from now if he’s allowed to serve his time in a Canadian prison.

– Article from CTV News.

Canada’s ‘Prince of Pot’ taken into custody

by Jeremy Hainsworth, The Associated Press

Canada’s so-called Prince of Pot is now in jail awaiting extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds.

Marc Emery has sold millions of marijuana seeds around the world by mail over the past decade. In doing so, he has drawn the attention of U.S. drug officials, who want him extradited to Seattle.

Emery has agreed to plead guilty in Seattle to one count of marijuana distribution in exchange for dismissal of all other counts, and the U.S. District Attorney is pressing for a sentence of five to eight years in a U.S. prison.

Emery will plead guilty in a Seattle court at a later date. Emery will be extradited after Canada’s justice minister signs a surrender order.

– Article from San Fransisco Examiner.

Canada’s “Prince of Pot” starts extradition to U.S

by Reuters

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) – Canada’s self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot” gave himself up for extradition to the United States on Monday where he is expected to be jailed for up to five years for selling marijuana seeds to U.S. buyers.

Marc Emery, 51, was arrested in 2005 at the request of U.S. officials on allegations of selling millions of dollars in seeds, mostly by mail-order, from the business he operated openly in Canada for years.

A U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency statement in 2005 hailed Emery’s arrest as blow to the “marijuana legalization movement” and cited his financial support of pro-pot groups in Canada and the United States.

Emery, the founder of the British Columbia Marijuana Party and the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot,” was convicted in Canada in 1998 for selling pot seeds and given a C$2,000 ($1,835) fine.

He initially fought his extradition to the United States but later, faced with a possible life sentence, decided to plead guilty to lesser charges. He recently finished a 30-city “farewell tour” across Canada.

– Article from Reuters.



  1. Medicinal Mike on

    You are not getting the point; it is not what he did (which dozens are doing right now)it is how and why they targeted Marc and the very flawed process from the Canadian government. He should never have been let go of because he is a Political Prisoner jailed because of his activism.

  2. Medicinal Mike on

    No one in the world would be starving if we are all allowed to grow hemp freely, anywhere. There would also be very little need for Big Pharma if medical cannabis is also grown everywhere. It holds the CURE for cancer and several other illnesses. Money is the only(sick)reason why this wonderful plant is banned. Shame on the people who willing kill others for profit!!!

  3. Dadson on

    He’s such a passionate speaker,

    I bet he could start a riot

    as soon as he opened his beautiful mouth

  4. Anonymous on

    it’s unreal how ignorant government is, both Canadian and American. If someone with no opinion what so ever is presented with all the facts about marijuana, with no bias what so ever, then there is no way they will be against pot. The past 80 years the government has lied and avoided the subject and for what? Billions of tax dollars spent on enforcing unjust laws?
    Side note: not only if marijuana is legalized will people be able to enjoy smoking it in their own homes, but there’s also other economic benefits that could in fact help current economy. These benefits include everything that hemp can be used to make, one example (one of hundreds) is paper. To currently produce paper we are cutting down endless amounts of trees from the Rain Forest, where a stronger more durable paper could be made from hemp. Hemp is grown easily and fast, where as trees take a life time to grow.

    It is unacceptable that the government can be this idiotic and get away with it.

  5. Anonymous on

    You have all my support from city of VIdin-Bulgaria! I hope that You do not go to jail and continue to fight for as because I bilive that You ar fighting for the world legaliztion. PEACE AND POT!:)

  6. Anonymous on

    advertisers fuck off

  7. B in Atl on

    you are an idiot! are you against all the medicinal purposes of marijuana? or are you pro Bush, and want all of us to be told what we can and cant do. Not to mention how our economy would benefit from the legalization of marijuana. So before you come on here and “Good Luck in Jail” to someone that obviously is fighting for something we believe in take a look at yourself and realize you will be stuck in you everyday life being a robot.. Get a life prick and join others like you on the conservative panel at some “I hate pot” convention.

  8. R.O.E. on

    You have every right to hate America,but please remember, not all of us Americans are like this. I for one am sickened by my governemnts actions. They are corrupt. I will fight them til I die!

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)

  9. Anonymous on

    LOL….good one

  10. marco14150 on

    The American people? Are you kidding me? Its not the “Amercan People” who put him in this position, it was the canadian goverment.
    I live in NY and have used Marc’s service in the past and I take offense to your comments. The punishments handed down in NYS for pot possesion/sale are the harshest in the the US outside of Texas. I understand and sympathize, really I do. but you need to change the part of your staement that reads “American people” to “DEA”

    Peace out

  11. Hemp4Victory on

    Just to clarify, Marc has been paying taxes on profits from the sell of “illegal” seeds for years now. If it was so “illegal” then how was Canada making money from it as well? Marc and the rest of us realize the legality of the matter. Just because there is a law doesn’t make that law right! Read your history books. If you are out to clarify topics, pick one that isn’t so lucid. Don’t be so naive that the US has any grounds to extradite. They are a tyrannical country that rewrites the “rulebook” to suit the fancy of the bankers who hold the reins. The ultimate wolf in sheeps clothing and prince of lies. Stop looking at the puppet show, and realize who’s pulling the strings!

  12. morgentaler on

    Canadian heros? Of course there are.
    Terry Fox, Steve Fonyo, Rick Hansen.
    Billy Bishop.
    Frederick Banting and Charles Best.
    Anyone I know that has stood up for someone else, or helped someone out of sheer altruism.
    Marc has been taking a stand against an unreasonable, and unjust, law. It doesn’t matter that it’s about pot.
    What matters is that once you get the community behind you in fighting injustice, you can effect change across the board. And what easier way to rally people than through a common form of recreation and entertainment.

    Prohibition is morality law, and morality laws have no place in a free country.

  13. Anonymous on

    Your mommies would be very angry at your choice of language. Now go back to the sesame street site where she put you.This site is for big boys.

  14. Anonymous on

    Prine roxx!

  15. Anonymous on

    I second that comment. Only a complete hypocrite, misinformed, immature child would spew out such bullshit. Some people will always be hypocritical, bet he claims to be “Christan” too.

  16. greg williams on

    aw heck, i’m just happy you didn’t have a gun.

    As for this greg williams ( me). I have been smoking the herb since 1969, have been arrested several times, offered probation and refused. I told them that if they were going to act ignorantly and arrest me for making a safer choice than i have with tobacco and booze that they would also have to house and feed me while they were being ignorant.
    Probation is the road to prison. Its set up so you can be violated. Thats how it is , thats what we’ve got, whether America wants to admit it or not. We are a police state. Sad but true.

    I do not hold any hate towards Marcs friend , greg. Marc knows how to handle himself and his friends. I will not judge him or demand that Marc hate him for taking a deal.
    I’m sure Marc is very happy that Michelle and Greg aren’t going to jail.

    Let us all use our hands to hold one another in this fight, not to point at one another with.

    peace, love, anarchy
    greg williams

  17. Anonymous on

    sorry mistaken identity

  18. Anonymous on

    This just proves how the Canadian Government is still letting the US tell us what we can do or not do……come Canada stand up for our rights for once…..Pot should be just as legal as cigs and alcohol. I have MS and the pain killer oxyconent just makes me throw up but pot makes me be able to handle the pain without putting chemicals in my body. Come on Canada get a back bone and save Marc from such injustice.

  19. greg williams on

    I completely understand that your level of intelligence limits your ability to realise that there are more than 1 greg williams on this planet.
    Here in San Francisco we have 7 of them in the phone book.

    That being said…., i am every guy i ever tried not to be and i want everyting as good as it gets. I’ve learned nothing but there is another sunrise coming and all but for one of the times it sets.
    Good luck.

    tree huggin peace lovin pot smokin porn watchin lazy ass hippie,

    the other, greg williams

  20. Anonymous on

    you sold marc out by being a coward and making marc do jail time for you.

  21. Anonymous on

    wtf are you talking about? TONS of people buy cannabis culture you fuckin goof

  22. Make some marshmallow treats, Marge on

    Ron Paul? He’s going to be on the Simpsons this season.

  23. Anonymous on

    Why do people always qualify themselves falsely on internet message boards? It’s very boring.

  24. Y%#%$^$%^O(*#^* on

    I was hurt when a copy of CC fell from a magazine rack.My eye.No one was buying them.As usual.

  25. Bon Jovi on

    Bad acting by pretend Asian “reporter”.
    False press conference.Come on. WTF?!!!!

  26. Anonymous on

    Go sit down.

  27. Get Get Get Lost!!!!!!! on

    Wow,it’s Greg Brady!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Flatheaded Fred Ardun on

    Aw,man, ……….yeah.Cool dude!

    Yeah! Rock On !

  29. greg williams on

    what ” socialist” sold marc out? seems to me that its conservatives and people disguised as liberals who are selling us out.
    socialist do not run the usa government. corporate America and the military indistrial complex do, and they are as greedy as they come.
    i just thought you’d like to know.

  30. Anonymous on

    before you start talking maybe you should do some research before you make an ass out of yourself what the fuck does africa and the millions of starving people have anything to do with marijuana and why should one man give his money to help them when they have a government for that reason so before you judge someone based on your own opinons ask yourself this what the fuck do you do – im guessing nothing – and bags under the eyes come from a lack of sleep not pot smoking in fact its known that marijuana helps you sleep so before you spew random lies stop take a deep breath and go fuck yourself

    courtesy of just another marijuana activist

  31. one12alpha on

    The DEA probably has more interest in Osama than the FBI. The FBI has not charged Osama with the 9/11 attacks, because there is insufficient evidence of his involvement…that is why we have not gone after him.
    Marc, on the other hand, was an easy target, like most potheads. He operated in public, declared openly and in public forum his goals, he even paid taxes on his income. Its become part of the American motto, to go after the easiest target and forget the real problems.

  32. Anonymous on

    you’re a dirt commie scumfuck

  33. Anonymous on

    Every DEA agent, RCMPig, and VPD scumbag who sent Marc away should be stocked and hung

    I HATE YOU NAZI PIECES OF SHIT FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. one12alpha on

    You voted for Ron Paul…He was a good choice. Rather or not he makes it to presidency. If you are in his district and voted for him, I cannot thank you enough. While he has yet to make any real progress on the marijuana issue, he has made progress in an area that I feel is more important, and will eventually help us. He is working on bill HR 1207, which will bring transparency to our federal reserve system. If this is new to you I urge you to look into it.

    When we finally see the corporate corruption going on, we will better be able to convince reluctant voters that a better option is there besides the accepted/enforced choice we have now. That option I speak of is hemp! Something Ron Paul also recognizes, and supports.

  35. Another non-working,on-parole NIGGER burdening the taxpayer! on

    The niggers in my neighborhood are stupid and sloppy.They’re drawing a high police presence around the clock because of their nonsense.These knuckleheads are leaving garbage all over( mostly beer bottles and late-night food run crap) all over the landscape,ruining fences, lawns, driveways and people’s respect for each other.Arrogance when th chicks are around; scardey-cats when you get them one-on-one.I’d gladly take the no-weed approach to things right about now.These MFers are really draggin’ things DOWN.

  36. Anonymous on

    It should come as no surprise to all the ultra liberial socialist assholes that live in that douchbag country called canada that they sold out a decent guy like emery to the evil socialiast fucks running the u.s. government. I would say wake up and be careful.

  37. Dave on

    Maybe you want and need to be protected by the US. Most of us don’t feel a need to be protected from anyone by anyone!

    As a reporter once asked an American Ambassador, “Will you protect us from Quebec?”.

  38. Anonymous on

    its legal to sell seeds in canada.
    he never sold weed, he only sold seeds.
    he did all of his work in canada.
    there is absolutely no reason why the us government should have any say in the matter. if they want to go and deal with people buying seeds, then arrest the people actually breaking the law. a canadian breaking american laws in canada, while getting punished by america is the fucking dumbest thing ive ever heard of.

  39. greg williams on

    I could never imagine myself eating at or going through a drive through at a fast food place.

    Head Shop owners? i fully support the right of others to support their families. I prefer a good glass blowing class and create my own pipes. Its fun, it help expose other talents we have, you meet dandy people and make new friends.

    What did i, Marc, Jodie, or n e one but you expect? An honest government. The truth about cannabis. A fair and just government. The right to live as a free human being. Sounds reasonable.

    social cripples? that sounds like you.

    Grow up?
    I’m a grown up now and i’ve got better things to do
    than waste my time on party folks like you
    i’ve got obligations
    i’ve got plans and meetings too
    i got socks to match
    planes to catch
    expensive liquor down the hatch
    its true
    i got things to do
    i’m a grown up now

    i’m a corporation man
    since i heard those dollars call
    i would never bite the hand
    that has me by the balls
    but time flew like a jet
    this life is swift and sweet
    i work 12-16 hours at my job 5 days a week
    i’m a grown up now and Will Kimbrough is absolutely an Alien.

  40. skunky on

    South of France is with you Marc!!!But the remark about Marc’s bags under his eyes, is so child”fucking”dish…

  41. greg williams on

    in reality we should never accept this as ” reality”

  42. john prine on

    some humans aint human
    some people aint kind
    you open up their hearts
    and heres what you’ll find
    a few frozen pizzas
    an ice cube with hair
    a broken popsicle
    you dont want to go there

    some humans aint human
    though they walk like we do
    they live and they breath
    just to turn the ol’ screw
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  43. Anonymous on

    The DEA goes after nonviolent people like Marc and not after violent people like Osama why because Osama will shoot back at their chicken shit ass. Hey DEA there are children missing in this MotherFucker go find them and do something with the rest of your wasted life

  44. The J on

    As an american citizen, Marc Emery was one of my idols. He represents the entire cultural relevation we need right now.

    I cannot believe anyone would sign off to extradite this man. And what about jodie? Marc has never hurt anyone in his crusade, but theirs (the gov, us) is definitely going to hurt at /least/ one person emotionally.

    I feel like I am forced to ride with no reigns. My vote doesn’t matter here because all the options we get are the conservative type that wont change anything. i voted for ron paul… but since then what has there been? I feel helpless.

    I applaud you for taking this so calmly. I rather think that if the same thing happened to me, I would hit the streets with ever gun and fanatical fan I could find. That would be quite a bloody uprising.

  45. Anonymous on

    why dont you tell your country to stop loaning africa money and arms to other countries around them.

    and then stop pressuring the 3rd world countries to pay their interest payments.

    maybe if our governments cared the slightest about countries like those, then there would be no starving children.

    how illogical are you? karma bitch, wait your turn.

  46. Anonymous on

    So,if I understood you correctly, youre saying that Health Canada recommending me or encouraging me to buy seeds from Marc Emery in the past have encouraged me to commit an illegal act and break the canadian law !
    Shocking !

  47. Anonymous on

    You have good point.Why be upset at the american people ?
    This leads nowhere.It is the governments both Canadian and US that are at fault here.And there is nothing we can do about it.

  48. Patrick McKee on

    This is honestly the biggest joke I have ever read in my entire life. I’m a 3rd year psychology student and an avid pot smoker. Smoking mostly during my nights after long hours of studying to relax, eat my ice cream and watch the television.

    Listen up people and i’d hope the government. YOU WON’T LAST. It’s a matter of time until you dumb fucks are out of power and retirees. We will see then what kind of government my generation will run.

    You guys literally suck, you steal tax payers money. YOU think you’re doing Canada service by extraditing this man? What little brains you have, enuff said. Little things entertain simple MINDS.

    Much like any politician. Who rambles of nothing but useless bullshit. I don’t give a fuck about the government, I like science and am interested by the brain. I could care less about the government, and trust me I could, I don’t care at all, which is why I could care less hahaha.

    Anyways, I frown upon our government when I see things like this happen. Why don’t you stop stealing our tax money, and hey Harper why don’t you pull your head out of your ass. Being in IRAQ IS STUPID. You little conformist prick.

    Wasting my fucking tax money, one day the people will turn on you, keep making bad moves. You’ll all see. Our generation won’t tolerate such idiocy.

    Harper, you will die knowing you were a scum bag, a liar, a cheater and some one who has only put Canada in ruins. And no I’m not threatening you or anyone I am a peaceful person. I am just saying I don’t know how you can live for lies. You’ve wasted your brain and talent. While others out there are working on real things.

    Like helping the sick, understanding the brain to better counsel. Finding new ways to build infrastructure, etc. What have you done?

    hahah, you’re a joke

  49. one12alpha on

    There will be pleas for Marc’s freedom for as long as he is imprisoned, especially on MARC EMERY’S web magazine. We are his adoring fans, and loyal followers. Just as there are loyal followers of George W. Bush, despite his overwhelming unpopularity. Just as there are loyal fans of Micheal Jackson, despite is accusations of pedophilia.

    As for putting down the marijuana. NO! If you don’t agree with it, go to another site. I think Anheuser-Busch has a page. Or maybe GlaxoSmithKline would suit you better?

    I think you would probably be surprised at how many respectable, and contributing members of society use marijuana. It’s disappointing how you stereotype marijuana users in such a way. I guess its like another race to you. Are ALL black people criminals too? Are ALL Mexicans gardeners or maids? Are ALL Asians ninjas, or computer whizzes? Are ALL white people racist rednecks? Your stereotyping is no great contribution to society “Adult.” Maybe YOU should grow up.

  50. one12alpha on

    Anslinger was an appointed official, not voted for. As for the presidents? The people’s vote makes no difference in the presidential election. It is the electoral colleague who votes the president into office. Were it the peoples vote that counted, former vice president Al Gore would have won the election in 2000, NOT G.W. Bush. Sure, we vote the president by proxy, but as I understand both our federal laws, and leaders are voted by proxy.(Pleas, correct me if I am wrong) Furthermore, most of our elected officials act outside of our will and desires. There has been significant support across the nation for the decriminalization/legalization of marijuana for years now. But, most of our politicians are folly to a major problem, as are they in Canada…Conglomerate corporation funded campaigning, and media coverage owned by the very conglomerate in-cahoots who fund the campaign. Its a ruthless system of “I scratch your back, you scratch mine.” And it spans across the globe, not just locally.

    Believe me, the general population of America, for the most part, would like nothing more than to just live, and let live. But we’re fed mis-information to scare us into allowing such ruthless nonsense.(WMD’s in Iraq? Nope!) And once its in place, they put up tonnes of road blocks in reversing it. Now, they’re spinning information about Iran, and I fear that people will buy into it and support its invasion as well.

    The problem is largely due to years of apathy towards the whole legislative process, and years of misinformation. The good news? That is changing, more people are doubting the promises of elected officials. And more people are seeking to learn the truth behind media spin, especially on topics that they feel important to them, and spreading their findings and opinions through the social network tool, the internet. Hence our, mostly, civilized conversations here.

    I respect the opinions of Canadians and citizens of the world over. But I feel if I can offer valid and relative information, it is my duty. Just as it should be yours, as a Canadian, to correct me when I have a misunderstanding of the Canadian government or culture.

  51. Anonymous on

    Correct.This bird’s for shit!

  52. Anonymous on

    What colour is the sky in your world?


    Wow, YOU have a computer?!!

  54. Yep on

    Your “kind regards” better have some “kind bud” if you get the drift,ol’ boy.

  55. STAFF on

    She read your post and lost it.Jodie broke down in tears because of your dismal vista planing through your computer.Did you think to consider someone’s feelings especially pertaining to this matter?
    Please, no more posts directed to Jodie Emery.

  56. Cahptin Cahnook on

    There’s 38 million people in Canada .We should be concerned about islam running this country and not about some dopehead who likes attention and $ells some pot seeds.

    Canada has far worse to consider than some filthy underdressed scumbags outsoyde dah Cahpitowl Building chanting their pro-pawt jibberish while walking in a circle carrying soyns.

  57. Judgey Wudgey on

    What………….you expect a United States Federal Judge to circumvent current law stating explicitly that marijuana is considered a controlled substance?
    Come on.Put the weed down for five minutes and act like ya got some smarts.

  58. Adult on

    Are we going to hear this martyr crap for the duration of Marc’s incarceration?
    He sold illegal marijuana seeds internationally-to the U.S.He flaunted it for years.What did anyone expect?
    Now, it’s time to pay the piper, feed the kitty, face the music, etc.Marc wants to renege on an agreement and on his personal responsibility?The social cripples posting on these message boards do not speak well for the usage of marijuana.Marc’s GONE.He’s in jail now.Go on with your lives.
    Grow up. Part of that is putting the marijuana down.Contribute something to society other than another vehicle in a fast-food drive-thru for munchies or for keeping that thankless head shop owner in a new car every year.
    I truly wish you WELL.

  59. Anonymous on

    Jodie and Marc, in reality you should have accepted whats going to happen a long time ago.

    Did you really think Canada could stand up to the country that protects them? Canada has no sovereignty, it is a nation supported by a stronger alli nation.

    When you break american law, wether you’re on US soil or not, Canada will extradite you.

  60. ToxicSludge on

    It’s wrong to blame the american people for what is happening to Marc.It’s your fault too for electing those in your own govt who are rubber stamping the dea’s demand….is it not?Trust me when I say that we the american people are just as sick and tired of this bullshit anti-marijuana war as anybody else in the world.When we elected obama,we all thought this crap would end,especially the fed raids on MM co-ops.WRONG.Obama’s campaign promises are as empty as any I have heard over the years.In short,it’s the “one world govt.” crap that is being force fed to all of us.On your side of the border and mine.Should I then be mad at you?Not in my book bro.We have all been had,and poor Marc is being persecuted for it.It’s your govt that isn’t backing him up and telling the US to piss off,and they should tell the US to piss off,imho.

  61. BanginYourWifePoPo on

    Give *your* head a shake. Loser.

  62. Mardy on

    Just to clarify!

    Selling seeds in Canada is considered illegal, though seldom enforced. If it were not illegal in Canada, the US wouldn’t have grounds for extradition.

  63. Anonymous on

    yeah! What are you doing here on this web site
    If youre so concerned about feeding the children in Africa you should go to Unicef or CARE website…not much we can do with a brain like yours replied the neurosurgeon

  64. Anonymous on

    You just have to understand that we as Canadians, have had up to here living through decades of prohibitions…brought about by the likes of Anslinger,Richard Nixon,Reagan…etc
    If not the American people who brought these figures forward, I wonder who has ?
    Living in Canada is like living in the US.
    Were living in Canada and even our own Canadian government does not protect a Canadian citizen from being extradited to the US.
    Live your life in the US as you wish but please let us live our life the way we want to live it.
    We are not puppets of the US despite living in close proximity !

  65. f8te on

    Hey! Eazy on the zeal there bud. We have criminal usurpers in both govts if you havent noticed. Its not the amerikan people dummy.

  66. Anonymous on

    Imagine ! He’s declared guilty because he’s sold SEEDS.
    In Biology 101, my teacher taught me that seeds are the STUFF OF LIFE !
    So,Marc Emery is guilty of selling LIFE,life that transform itself in becoming a beautiful green plant through the cares of the grower,a plant which can litterally save the planet in this age (please refer to the book The Emperor wears no clothes by Jack Herer ),a plant which could have given us a greener and healthier planet.
    Lost opportunity !
    So called apes of the early XXIst century much preferred to deal with STUFF OF DEATH: bombs,firearms,pesticides,pollution,nuclear weapons,machetes,war on drugs.
    Earth is definitely not the best place to be nowadays !

  67. Anonymous on

    I just hope the American people realize that no matter what the outcome of Marc Emery trial will be, they will never be forgiven for having extradited Marc to the US in the first place.As long as I live, I will never forget what you the American people have done to Marc,the most sympathetic and outgoing person I have known in my entire life and I condemn in the strongest words possible your past and present HYPOCRISY regarding the entire Cannabis issue.
    You can boast your California is the most liberal state regarding pot, I will never ever purchase a product labeled made proudly in the US on it and encourage all my fellow Canadians to boycott American products until Marc Emery is returned to Canada.
    In effect I would rather be friend with a taliban from Afghanistan than any American neighbor.
    God! I hate you guys.

  68. rvlover on

    I’m adding my sympathies to Jodie and Marc for this travesty of justice in this country Canada, ‘Land Of the Free’! Ha! Don’t make me laugh…This whole thing stinks of hypocrisy and injustice.

    And, Jack Layton NDP leader TURNCOAT, should do Marc’s time as far as I am concerned, ‘coz he’s lost my whole family and all of our friend’s trust and votes now that he’s completely distanced himself from any M-J association…

  69. reni b. on

    after this drawn out process or rather due process another day of bondage is before us, i did not think canada had the guts to do it. imprisonment to me is like slavery and it has disenfranchised a whole nation. for a country that prides itself in democracy and the rule of law canada is demonstrating a failing grade. the conservative agenda continues to threat and beat the drums of war on the cannabis culture. in a green and social community our people will one day live in peace and harmony and be free to choose their lifestyle and not be forced by the corrupt ideology of incompetent politicians. the canadian leadership has ran this one aground, because of greviances and biases the marijuana advocates are been taken to jail unjustly. our liberal brothers have held their breath for too long and is allowing a cannabis leader to be persecuted. i trust in the few days ahead, three to be exact our dream of legalization will be realize and no more will the cannabis/hemp lovers fear our opressors. mystery babylon the great has fallen like pharoes army in the red sea. as bob marley say, “children weep no more…” have courage marc and may your wife jodie and family stand by you always. we are standing up with you in defence of this righteous culture and we cannot fail with god on our side… peace and love, from; reni b.

  70. kanapinis on

    he’s suffering not only for canadian civil liberties. i feel as he’s doing it for the whole world!
    Kaunas, Lithuania – Europe

  71. Paddy on

    Why is it that there’re so many douches about today? Have some respect, if not for Marc himself then for his wife and friends. Marc is a hero, he’s suffering 5 years imprisonment in a foreign jail for our civil liberties — if that ain’t an act of heroism, then I don’t know what is.

    Stay strong Jodie!

  72. Jay Dell on

    As many have done to little too late.Its a long road to that cold brick and steel cave .The freedom is and has been the federal issue since the begining.Now the capture of a dedicated and honourable veteran has been able to muster up more media and supporters.As one fallen general is incarcerated the ranks will bring in more privates.The fact is show the scars to the world as my brothers blood screams out from the blood stained ground.The carnal brutish people instilling this pain will be brought to justice as Mr Marc Emery will enform them of the cruel and shameful actions this Goverment has taken.

    As we all know to well the oppresers and the ilk of them ,really do not know what they are doing.They brainwashed into a dogmatic protocall .As the time tics by the ground troops in the ranks are increasing and the war against a peaceful people is closing in on them.The circus tent is coming down as Mr Emery will let them know of the great atrocity they are causing to 141 million people { and growing }on this planet that use this herb.

    God will see that the prohibitionist and the means of there kind will be humbled.

    For all love the plants
    flowers and trees
    Cannabis is a plant that heals.
    God gave the grass for animals and the use of HERB for MAN.

    May we brake the chains that bind use as a jailed nation.

    Sow the seeds of freedon ,plant pot for peace.

    Crazy Bird

  73. scottish 420 on

    it’s very sad watching marc & jodie walking into that court,marc’s looking at & about to deal with a 5 year jail sentance inside a rough u.s jail,jodie has to deal with the thought she may not see her husband in canada for 5 years & how her husband is getting through each day in jail…think how YOU would feel if you were watching your partner face the prospect of 5 years in a foreign prison,for doing something that is not illegal in his home some compassion folks.
    i know these are only words & all i can say to marc & jodie is hope you both stay strong during this difficult time & also for your team to stay true to your cause & keep fightingon.
    take no notice of the bad comments on this page,like you said in one of your interviews these people forget it’s people like you marc emery,who put there neck on the line back in the day & to this day ,just so people can read a book on weed/buy seeds & smoke with ease.
    i just heard about marc through a friend yesterday & spent the last 8 hours online reading/watching all about him.i will look to see if there is a marc emery movement in my home country of scotland {i’ll join}if not i’ll start one.

  74. Anonymous on

    I see no real reason for the American courts to want to imprison you or anyone for such a thing as selling or distribution of seeds.
    I hope you are safe and the government looks after real criminals.

  75. One12alpha on

    Nooo, not no more. He WAS the prince of pot. Now I move to give him a more fitting title…

    Martyr of Marijuana

    Because that is just what he is, a martyr. He brought on a revolution. He was the man who spoke up from a crowd to frightened to utter a word. He has given us inspiration to take a stand for what we believe is just. He fought not just for legalization of marijuana but for the freedom to choose as well. He was the PRINCE OF POT. Now, in my mind, he is the MARTYR OF MARIJUANA… and when he dies, he will be the SAINT OF SATIVA.

    FREE MARC! fuk the DEA! And, god willing, may Harry J. Anslinger rot in hell!

  76. Hairy-legged Quebec Chick on

    Name another Canadian “hero”.Of anything.You can’t.

  77. Ahrootah,rootah,...ROOTAH!! on

    Prince of Pot penitentiary positioned.
    Marc, pretend you’re Houdini.

  78. Brad Dean on

    it’s about personal freedom, something scum like you would never know anything about.

    marc is a true canadian hero and will be welcomed with open arms by his friends and family when this injustice is over with.

    free marc emery

  79. Anonymous on

    Why is it that when ever I see a decrimnalization or legalization poll on the CBC, CTV, Bourque News, CNN, BBC, or any other media outlet there are more proponents in favour of a more regulated or tollerant approach to marijuana than those who favour stricter penalties.

    I hope the Honourable Rob Nicholson will take the case under reconsideration as it shoud never have even proceeded this far.

    Any sensible person will tell you that the laws surrounding marijuana do more harm than the substance itself.

    I’m flabergasted that the legislation currently being enacted under bill C-15 was pushed through despite the opposition of constituents which parlimentarians are supposed to represent.

    The extradition of Marc Emery is miscarriage of justice and reinforces the fact that elected officials are are increasinly out of touch with the electorate.

    I applaud Marc for his actions, offer my condolences to his wife, and hope that people will push for the eradication of the existing and counter productive laws surrounding marijuana.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that hobby gardeners; young and old will double-up their efforts and become ever unwavering in their belief that the preservation of genetic diversity the government is desperately trying eradicate will supersede any dysfunctional legislation being imposed from our elected officials.

    Until next spring….

    Kind Regards

  80. Anonymous2 on

    Rereading the Single Convention, I found that I may have misinterpreted that part I mentioned.

  81. Broke on

    This man has had 5 years of prison hanging over his head for over a year now and your gonna rip on him for being stressed out because of it? You are an idiot! WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SENT MONEY, FOOD, CLOTHES OR ANYTHING ELSE TO ANYWHERE ITS NEEDED? PROBABLY NEVER, YOUR A COMPLETE HYPOCRITE TOO! Grow up child!

  82. Anonymous on

    DOUCHE BAG: If you disdain MArcs actions sooooo much, and you are posting on CC, you sir are a goddam hypocrite.Smoking pot doesnt give me or anyone else I know bags under the eyes. but if it did, BFD?… but alcohol sure the fuck does. What business is it yours if HE has bags under the eyes , anonymous fucktard.

  83. Mardy on

    I guess you missed the point!

    As far as I’m concerned… The fight to legalize pot is a fight for our freedom. What right does a government have to put people in jail, if his actions have harmed no one? The government is out of control and need to be reined in.

  84. Anonymous on

    Maybe you could’ve used some of your money to help feed hungry children in Africa….or something worthwhile……lobbying for pot to become legal…give your head a shake… the way…smoking pot gives you serious bags under your eyes….not a great look.

  85. Anonymous2 on

    The news clips were just very sad to watch. Emery is a victim of the Canadian authorities. The Single Convention says that an offender can only be extradited if he hasn’t already been prosecuted and punished for the offense by the country he’s in. Canada refused to prosecute him and thereby doomed him to extradition. They already did prosecute and punish him for the same activities in 1998 though. Had he stopped then, the US would probably never have been able to get him.

    When he appeals the extradition in the next 30 days, he should complain about Canada purposely not prosecuting him in order to keep him extraditable to the US. Something is very wrong with that. Why would a country actually prefer that a citizen be punished in another country? Doesn’t make sense unless they are doing it for malicious reasons. They know that US sentences are harsher and prisons worse than in Canada. Doesn’t a Canadian citizen have the right to be prosecuted in his own country if that’s where he was when he committed the offense? How can Rob Nicholson explain what’s going on here?