Rahim Jaffer, Latest Example of Conservative Hypocrisy

Rahim Jaffer, the former Conservative caucus chair, was recently arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession.

After 12 years as a Member of Parliament, Jaffer lost the last election in part for his attacks on the NDP Leader Jack Layton for his progressive stance on marijuana. Jaffer implied that Mr. Layton’s comments were a threat to children and communities.

“Drunk driving is a serious offence, particularly when the driver is speeding through a village. Drunk driving risks peoples lives and has killed thousands of Canadians” said Kirk Tousaw, Executive Director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation. “Mr. Jaffer, if convicted, belongs in jail, not for his alleged possession of cocaine but for drunk driving. The Harper Conservative government has been obsessed with appearing tough on crime. I wonder if they will crusade as vehemently against Mr Jaffer as they have against the poor, the marginalized and the addicted?”

While still a Member of Parliament, Jaffer voted in favour of Bill C26, now called C15, which seeks to impose mandatory minimum sentences, such as 6 months for 1 marijuana plant, on a host of drug offences. Jaffer, hypocritically, campaigned as a tough-on-crime anti-drug politician, insisting that even marijuana users belong in jail.

[Click here to listen to an anti-marijuana radio ad run by Jaffer’s campaign in the last election.]

“The tragic irony is that ending cannabis prohibition would make our communities safer and free police to focus on dangerous criminals, such as drunk drivers” said Jacob Hunter, the Foundation’s Policy Director. “But this government doesn’t really care about community or individual safety. It just wants to look like it does. The Conservatives have their priorities totally wrong on crime and the alleged behaviour of Rahim Jaffer provides the latest example of their hypocrisy.”

The Beyond Prohibition Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to the repeal of cannabis prohibition and its replacement with a system of regulated production, distribution and use of cannabis. For more information visit www.whyprohibition.ca



  1. Spanner McNeil on

    Yeah, Parliament I know.

  2. Spanner McNeil on

    I didn’t think I was paranoid when I said it. It’s nice being right. See this from June 23, 2010.
    Some politicians under foreign sway: CSIS
    CBC.ca – ?1 hour ago?
    Richard Fadden, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, in an exclusive interview with the CBC. (CBC) Canada’s spy agency suspects that cabinet ministers in two provinces are under the control of foreign governments, …
    Fadden raises espionage alarm Globe and Mail
    G8/G20 summits have low terrorism risk: CSIS CBC.ca
    580 CFRA Radio – Kelowna.com

  3. Spanner McNeil on

    Looks like the Prime Minister was not speaking the truth about ordering an Ethics investigation. Sure hope he isn’t being compromised. There is no way for me to know if he is or not. I am sad that my Parliamentarians are seen as prey by the sordid. Perhaps crime is getting too big. These were good reasons to end prohibition those many years ago. Now would be the right time to take a bite out of crime. Stand up for me, Harper. Fight crime. What more evidence do you need? Give me a clean Parliament by ending prohibition. Jaffer and Geurgis are human with human weakness and desire. Why should what they do behind closed doors be open to blackmail thus compromising national security? Whose next?

  4. Anonymous on

    I look forward to the day when someone walks into the house of commons and blows away every scumbag politician and i dont care what party they belong to. They are all the same. Can you imagine a world without these lying scumbags. They are all in it for the money, huge salaries, expence accounts, travel first class and then huge golden parachutes to retire on. They waste so much money on war,weapons and salaries and accomplish absolutely nothing. The governal generals John,Clarkson and the rest of them do nothing but cost Canadians huge sums of money bailing out every country in the world but Canada. Enough is enough. Someone please put an end to this madness. The politicians, rcmp, mayors,indian chiefs,police and even the pope are all so hopelessly corrupt and no one seems to see it or care about it.When will the madness end? We will end up just like the Americans totally morally bankrupt.

  5. Anonymous on

    Fuck Jaffer That Dumb Fuck Gets away with a DUI and coke posession – FUCK HIM

  6. TCW on

    The Conservatives’ hypocrisy isn’t limited to drugs laws. Consider that the gay Conservative MPs – notably John Baird, who monthly attends Ottawa’s Public Service (Gay) Pride receptions – actively support a government that stands by in the face of anti-gay discrimination from the schoolyard to workplaces to blood donor clinics!

  7. Anonymous on

    LEAP is a organization of active killers of retired cops, prosecutors, and judges who are advocates for prohibition,

    Prohibition is a group of radical females who rebel against society. Prohibition exists strongly in this world but the radicals, the lesbians use radio-active substances oxided, they enter their victims hames with duplicate keys (beware single working females, they are most at risk)and oxide their food and bed with depleted uranium and plutonium and the retired officials aid the active killers in cover ups. Prohibition is about killing off FEMALES does not matter who and what age, its about taking lives, this is why the killers say you have to go in some cult for protection but in fact when your in a gang your civilian rights are waved out, know who your with and what beefs they have with each other, being with someone gives the right for them to take your life for any reason without reprocutions. Ask how many females have died since July 2006… This is when prohibition came into full effect around the world… What will happen after prohibition ends???

  8. Dansk on

    Lets raise money for taxes in a more popular way, lets have a balance-the-budget tomato toss / dunk tank event featuring all of the members of government in your province, at say, $1,000 a toss? Holding the event could be mandatory whenever any department fails to balance the budget, or tries to cut services in any way.

  9. RVLOVER on

    Has anybody remembered that he is married to another Con, Helen Geurgis MP….surely she has a taste for the coke as well, ‘coz no one has ever seen anything she’s accomplished that isn’t a bit off track…speaking of tracks…heroin next for our Jaffer, hopefully!


  10. Anonymous on

    “You cannot blame Harper, or his gang of Conservative pigs, you blame the dummies who vote for them.”
    it’s tha same when you sell drugs…if no one consumed, no one would make a business out of selling dope.
    if he didn’t have followers he wouldn’t have been voted…
    it’s all a mental state…

    yet again:
    if drugs were available in every household and on the floor of every town no one would make a profit.
    if we all were politically active the amount of bad politicians would be less…

  11. Anonymous on

    Clownshows/Douchebags like yourself should have been merely stains on the floorboards of a rusted out Camero.
    I wonder what the animal that conceived and shat you out thinks of the horrible failure of a son she produced.
    Hopefully in your case suicide is still an option and you end your own suffering.

  12. Anonymous on

    I doubt he’ll see jail time, unless of course bill c-15 goes through.

    Theres nothing wrong with our political system, people were making it work 100+ years ago. There is however something fundamentally wrong with the Canadian people. We’re kinda like the spoiled 5 year olds of the world. We have too much, we’ve done nothing for it. We exploit everyone weaker then us. We complain and argue about everything regardless of the issue.
    The current 30 and under crowd is about as messed up as it gets…….and getting worse.
    Basically 90% of us have the “get as rich as I can before I die regardless of any wrong I may do along the way” attitude. That way of thinking doesn’t leave much room for things like politics…….except when it involves the pursuit of money.
    All that is needed for evil to succeed is, that decent human beings do nothing

  13. o on

    ya’ll need to chill.
    sure he is dick, but remember, he is one of us now.
    you should love this guy, the closet druggie.
    – — dudes, can’t ya’ll see that, sure he voted against drugs,
    and looks like that came back at him.

    i really think ya’ll need to welcome him , i really do
    welcome to canada drug policy, your life is now over …..


  14. Anonymous on

    Hate to break it to ya but the green are just liberal turncoats. Even if they were to get in the states would make sure they didnt legalize it if they tried. Dont vote for any of those fools! if there aint a marijauna party candidiate on your ballet simply write ” I dont fucking vote for communists!!”

  15. Anonymous on

    Harper knows full well that the record breaking amounts of Heroin that flowed out of Afghanistan during Bush’s invasion in 03. Yet, marijuana is all these cocaine Conservatives seem to be concerned about? Is it me or is there something really wrong with this type of attitude. I have always wondered what puts that shit faced grin on Harper and crew.

  16. Brian Kerr on

    There is nothing wrong with coca tea or chewing coca leaves.
    Refined cocaine is horrible like most stimulants.
    Stimulants are the worst drugs one could take.

  17. Brian Kerr on

    Fuck the NDP.

    The Green party is the only party that wants to legalize Cannabis. All the other parties are prohibitionist. Including the NDP and I was a life long NDP’er. I would not give the NDP and Jack the fucken time of day now. They are shit.

    I urge all NDP members and voters to join the Green party.

  18. Brian Kerr on

    I said he should rot in hell not prison.

    I truly wish all the right wing evangelistic Christian fundamentalist fascist pieces of fucken garbage should
    be removed from this planet.

    My contempt for these NeoCons goes way behind hate. There are no words that can express my total revulsion for people who would put some one in jail for exercising their fundamental rights of owner ship and complete dominion over ones existence and trying to force us to obey their moral codes by the threat of violence.

    I don’t try to make people live the way I want, and I demand the same of them.

    I would not shed a single tear if they were all killed, in fact it would make my day and what a happy day that would be.

  19. one12alpha on

    no, let them blow an artery…hopefully the aorta.


    Finnaly a comment i can agree with!! All governments are lying deceiving asholes in it for themselves and only themselves. FUCK YOU GOVENMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous on

    Clothing ads dont belong in the comment section SO YOU CAN JUST FUCK OFF BITCH!

  22. Anonymous on

    Clothing ads dont belong in the coment section SO YOU CAN JUST FUCK OFF BITCH!

  23. Anonymous on

    than how come an ndp women defeated jaffer in the last election haper slave? (other than the fact the riding was in a ghetto) oops just anwserd my own question!

    Dont vote for any of theese fools be it green ndp liberal or conservitve! Vote marijauna party and if they dont have that write on your ballet “I aint votin for these LOSERS”

  24. mary james on

    psychosis anybody? paranoia?
    nasty drug cocaine. sold by nasty people to other nasty people.

  25. Anonymous on

    Are crooked thugs? In canada, Usa, ASIA, RUssia, Europe, hahah, I mean I don;t trust a politician as far as I throw one. Fucking hypocrites and parasites are politicians, ruining their own governments for selfish deeds and then conspiring to make another arbitrary law enforced. The more and more politicians fight against cannabis the more and more they are looking like douche bags. FUCK GOVERNMENTS! FUCK OBAMA FUCK Jaffer , jeesus, these are the real thugs, with lobbyist right in there , rubbbing each politicians scrotum…. scrotum succkers you are and scrotum suckers you wil always be!

  26. Spanner McNeil on

    Part of Jaffers’ experience with cocaine is public. We’ve seen similar experiences in the Quebec legislatures and else where. Here’s my point: when purchasing cocaine on a regular basis and while having the money to buy top quality cocaine one is going to consort with company. It’s a social action. The procedures of getting it, using it and experiencing it takes places with others. It would be rational and logical for those who sold Jaffer cocaine to eventually find out that he was occupying one of the highest offices in the land.

    Serving in Parliament is big and important. Cocaine in Canada comes from traditional organized crime. Any savvy half way in the know bad guy would certainly relate to his bad guy superiors that he’s got an M.P. on the hook. I’m willing to bet Canadian Security was compromised. I bet Jaffer and other serving Canadian authorities have really been serving other darker agencies, spilling the beans, signing off on contracts, hiring people who shouldn’t get hired, sticking moles all over the place and clearly having divided loyalties. God knows what this guy has said to his organized crime friends and who knows what damage has been done?

    The possibility for blackmail escalates with prohibition laws hanging over the heads of our law makers and law givers who have human desires and weakness. Ending prohibition would be a great tool to protect our leaders, judges, lawyers, police who could then be more focused on the security of the people. Is my point clear?

  27. Harper slave on

    In Alberta, you could have a pig run in any riding under the Conservative name, and easily win a seat. You cannot blame Harper, or his gang of Conservative pigs, you blame the dummies who vote for them.

  28. Anonymous on

    Cocaine buddies! lol

  29. Anonymous on

    Jaffer is total scum. this doesnt surprise me a bit.

  30. greg williams on

    I think we should not only demand the freedom of Rahim, but we should never forget that along with him should come the freedom of our brothers and sisters.
    No one, not even hypocrite liars like Rahim belong in jail for drugs.
    I do think he should be punished for putting me, you, our families and our neighbors at risk with his drunk driving.

    If you enjoy drinking and doing drugs, do them responsibly at home.

    Lets teach Rahim and others who believed as he did/does/whatever….., how to love and forgive and allow others to live their own lives as they see fit.

    It’s hard to love those who decive us, but believe me when i tell you its harder living with hate and revenge on our minds. More destructive to us as well.
    Lets end this war on drugs. No one in jail for drugs. Not Even liars and hypocrites and those who we feel deserve it the most.

  31. Brian Kerr on

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    Rot in Hell you fucken jerk Rahim Jaffer.

  32. Anonymous on

    First of all you should both be banned for spewing your deeply troubling phychotic thoughts on a public forum….especially the drug war crusader……what are you doing on this site anyway if you despise it so?? Get a life before you blow an artery.

  33. Orbit on

    I would love to see all the crooks oops I mean politicians take a drug test I bet a third would fail.

  34. Anonymous on

    Then have some young tough man rape him over and over !!!

    Marc Emery is available and will conveniently be a guest in her majestys prison- heck he likes it up the fugehole according to his blogs

    we got a win win situation here – and they can discuss their mutual drug problems while doing it doggy style as the other inmates cheer and the prison spy cams feed it going down to Youtube. You see sodomy is no longer against the law so bring the kids and let them applaud too but no getting high– just butt stretched and gum washed the way the NDP seem to like it as well

  35. Anonymous on

    Jaffer, you bassard. This shows us what kind of people Harper really surrounds himself with. Bunch of lowlife cokehead alcoholics. Get that jerk Harper out of office while the country is still salvageable, if it even is. If anyone was ripe for a pie in the face, it’s Harper. Who wants to have the honors. Put a sticker on the pie plate saying “lay off the marijuana users and clear the cokeheads out of Parliament. The coke does explain some of the bizarre behavior in Parliament though. That’s why they’re always banging on the tables with their hands. That means they’re Jonesin’ and they need a hit.

  36. Anonymous on

    If he is convicted he should go to jail! I hope and pray he goes to jail and gets a good shit kicking. Then have some young tough man rape him over and over !!!

  37. BOB420 on

    Lock them all up, get those concervatives out of office and put them behind bars where they belong for ruining our country. FREE MARC EMERY. DEA OUT OF CANADA!!!