Criticize the US government’s drug fetish, become target of investigation

The US government has long fought against the right of people living in pain to access an adequate supply of pain medications. It targets doctors who prescribe these pills. And, now, it focuses its aim on those who would dare to question this pogrom.

Drug Control Becomes Speech Control: A federal prosecutor tries to silence a pain treatment activist. – Reason Magazine

When the government accuses a doctor of running a “pill mill,” prosecutors portray every aspect of his practice in a sinister light. Prescribing painkillers becomes drug trafficking, applying for insurance reimbursement becomes fraud, making bank deposits becomes money laundering, and working with people at the office becomes conspiracy.

When Siobhan Reynolds thinks a doctor has been unfairly targeted for such a prosecution, she tries to counter the official narrative by highlighting the patients he has helped and dramatizing the conflict between drug control and pain control. But now the government has turned its reinterpretive powers on Reynolds, portraying the pain treatment activist’s advocacy as obstruction of justice and thereby threatening the freedom of anyone who dares to suggest there is more than one side to a criminal case.

This is another negative consequence of drug prohibition.

The DEA, the primary federal institution tasked with control of drugs, has an institutional focus on the mission of enforcing the prohibition on illegal drugs. This focus seeps into other areas, influencing the way control over legal drugs is conducted. Again, enforcement and interdiction (because what can you call the government’s attempts to stop doctors from prescribing drugs to patients) are the focus.

This is the wrong focus. For currently illegal drugs, the focus should be on reducing harms and for some, maximizing benefits. For currently legal drugs, particularly those used to treat pain, the focus should be on best helping patients. That should be obvious but, unfortunately, it is not.

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    I’m not going to rewrite my whole comment but mainly I said that the US Govenment can make anyone do anything they want by simply threatening a tax audit or trumped up money laundering charges. They can say anything involving money is money laundering if they also say that you were involved in a crime. The great thing about that is that they can say anything is a crime. There are so many little laws on the books that they can make anyone a criminal that they choose to and then by proving they simply cashed a cheque they can say that they are a money launderer and threaten them with life in prison. See how well it worked on Marc Emery? They scared the shit out of him and thereby coerced him into pleading guilty when, in fact, he really wanted to plead not guilty and have a fair trial. He knows that they can put anyone in prison for life just because they feel like it. The judge they appointed will rule in whatever way they want him to. He’s their boy.

    The tyrannical Obama Government can make anyone do whatever they want. They just say “look at all the innocent people we have imprisoned for life or executed because we didn’t want to do the work of an actual investigation and we had a sucker right there, we can pin anything on anyone and it will take decades to rectify it, if at all”.

    It’s a tyranny in the guise of a democracy. Once they’re elected or appointed, they can do whatever the hell they want. It’s really that simple. Western democracy is a fraud. The wealthy and well connected will always rule. There’s nobody else to choose from.