Guppy’s Gallery

CANNABIS CULTURE – Two big frosty buds from Guppy Fish, one of CC‘s pro pot photographers.

Island Sweet Skunk (click photo to enlarge)

Blueberry (click photo to enlarge)



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  9. Anonymous on

    buddy come on now first of all you must of not seen that much bud in ur day but whateva i want some of that island sweet skunk i wonder if that is a hybrid plant?

  10. Anonymous on

    how can something so beautiful be evil?

  11. !r!e on

    are u on crack , that shit looks real , and is probably dank as fuck !

  12. Anonymous on

    simply gorgeous

  13. Anonymous on

    yeah buddy your dumb.. there def not fake

  14. Anonymous on

    The second one does look plastic. They should call it the “Plastic Blueberry Pheno”.

  15. KronikToker on

    Well i have the issue with these exact photos… so no, they didn’t put it up here just for jokes.

  16. Anonymous on

    ya its fake they just put it up for laughs. are u retarted

  17. KronikToker on

    man you’re retarded, its all in the lighting.

    do you really think they would post a painting and say it was a photo? really? I believe Cannabis Culture is smarter than that…have you even grown weed before?


  18. Anonymous on

    its a drawing those aren’t real!!!! the second ones leaves look like plastic its a painting a damn good painting and those look like ery day cali club nuggets da goods! I<3 Sativas

  19. Anonymous on

    I agree twitter sux its for pervs. im just sayin those plants look bloody good

  20. Anonymous on

    Too much sharing. That’s for Twitter.

  21. roll it all into one joint on

    Those look soooooo good! ooooh I just came in my pants!!