Overeager Dutch Police Ruin Legal Cannabis Experiment

Dutch police were left red-faced after swooping on what they thought was an illegal cannabis farm only to partly dismantle a scientific experiment, the university that owns the plants said.

“More than half the plants were destroyed,” Simon Vink, spokesman for the University of Wageningen in the east of the country, told AFP on Thursday.

The plants were part of a legal experiment on the suitability of cannabis fibres for the production of textiles, paper and synthetic materials, he said.

“The project had been underway for years and was in its final phase, which would have allowed us to introduced these new fibres to the market.

“We will probably suffer big losses; we are busy doing the calculations. We are busy talking to the police” about recovering costs.

Police announced Wednesday having discovered about 47,000 cannabis plants with an estimated street value of 4.4 million euros (about 6.3 million dollars).

In fact, said Vink, the plants were unfit for cannabis production due to an extremely low content of THC, the psycho-active ingredient for soft drug use.

The Netherlands decriminalised the consumption and possession of under five grammes of cannabis in 1976, though its cultivation remains illegal.

– Article from Raw Story.



  1. Anonymous on

    Personally, I love the Drug War. But then, I am Lucifer, Satan, you know, aka the Devil. The drug war keeps me in business. I love playing on both sides of the coin. You’ll find me in politics and law condemning drugs and demanding ever increasing penalties and tougher laws against the dirtbags who peddle drugs, and did I mention how much I love to mention it’s for the children? And of course you’ll also find me in some shady alley pushing my dope. I love to instigate wars amongst the cartels and the pushers too, nothing like a little violence and spilling of blood to get me worked up. I love the Drug War, because I will always win and you will always lose.

  2. Anonymous on

    sooo right on! 😉

  3. Anonymous on

    You’re right, they are using technology to make our lives meaningless to ourselves and each other. These red light cameras (et. al.) are a good example. We can use cameras too.
    Which brings me to my next point… we are allowed to own tasers, too.
    Maybe a cop watcher watched by a cop watcher watcher, protected by a cop watcher watcher arrester taser? 🙂

  4. Anonymous on

    That is just way to Coincidental..

    We really need cop watcher groups like in New York for one thing a person with a phone and anyone who wants to protect another.

    We confront these ass’s personally with hidden video recording and throw it on a Video site, like Cop Watchers, You Tube etc..

    We are persecuted and the more shame we can show by being polite and standing your ground and knowing your rights, when you see someone being arrested for whatever reason stop and Cop Watch. You never know and it lets them know they are being watched and they have to obey THEIR OWN LAWS!

    Every Young Adult has a story of when the police over stepped their authority and stepped on our rights, let us think we have none. Some of them are capable of great violence simply becasue you may be a smart ass kid, seems wrong very wrong, those that cannot control their anger with THAT KIND OF AUTHORITY, should NOT be Officers.

    To be an Officer you should be able to control yourself Emotionally on all accounts and deal with the issue logically understanding their boundaries and respecting them. No One or most of us does not want them to drop their guard and be careless getting shot, Everyone just wants more Public Control on Corrupt Officers. Why are these people getting away with murder with solid evidence, yet the laws do not apply to them.
    They suspend them without pay..

    Even better if someone was smart enough to have a watcher on the watcher when the police come and take the camera and *accidentally drop it*, the second watcher gets it all. All you need mostly is a phone..

    We need someone to make small wearable cameras that can be worn as jewelery and the cops wouldn’t know becasue everyone wheres shit like that. Everything in this technology is making it very inexpensive to make it possible.

    Just a thought..

  5. Anonymous on

    im an american but i feel your pain obviously because as you know here we have no freedom of cannabis unless your sick and dying or are lucky enough to lie about an illness and get the medicine that way….but the catch to all that is ya it may be easy in some states to obtain a medical card but 90 percent of good jobs these days drug test and they dont care about any medical card no matter what….so if you wanna be jobless then you can get a medical card….thats why most people who have them work in medical cannabis biz because you cant anyother jobs really….it sucks and its a vicious circle….i havent been able to smoke cannabs for awhile now and it is getting to me because i smoke some really nice stuff and its medicine for me truly….oh when will this drug war ever end man….:(

  6. Anonymous on

    I,m sorry,
    Got carried away a bit,
    Did not mean to offend my fellow country man by calling them bastards, just trying to draw some attention to the extend of intolleration our country has become under balkenende.
    My suggestion stays though.

  7. Anonymous on

    The amount of treasury lost by this action will eventually be equal to an amount of money that is INFINITE.

    That,s what happens if people try altering the natural course of happenings while justifying it by “just doing their job”.

    I’d sue them for an amount of money that’s basicly infinite but’d be settling down on all revenue of expenses ment to marijuana eradication going my way.


    (I,m so ashamed of beeing Dutch these days . listen Boudewijn de Groot, and f*cking get the point of what his songs are all about you bastards)

  8. Anonymous on

    They really just need to end this absurd drug war. The whole thing is based on an irrational ideology, that plays off peoples fear and ignorance. Our politicians need to legalize Cannabis and tell big pharma and the private prison industry to go burn in hell, where they belong.