Moldy Weed

We all come across moldy pot once in a while; sometimes unknowingly. But what exactly is the mold that grows on marijuana, and is it dangerous to your health?

With moldly weed recently in the news because of The King of Pop’s pot-stash find at the Neverland Ranch, Spark Report has put together this blog post called “What You Should Know About Mold Issues on Marijuana“:

Anyone who has smoked marijuana more than a couple times has most likely inhaled mold spores from marijuana. That may sound alarming, however its important to remember that you are likely to inhale the same or similar mold spores while taking a walk in the park. The most common type of mold, Aspergillus, occurs naturally in almost everything in nature.

Most mold spores will have little effect on people with normal immune systems. If the mold is bad enough to cause problems, effects are usually respiratory breathing problems and flu like symptoms such as coughing, diarrhea and vomiting but can be more severe in people with other health conditions and/or a poor immune systems.

The article includes info on the causes of mold, how to identify it on your weed, and how to prevent or treat it.

There’s also this great Bob High comic about molds and mildews from Cannabis Culture Issue #55 (Jun/Jul 2005) that touches on the same subject.

Enjoy, and stop smoking that moldy shit!

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



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  5. Anonymous on

    Don’t know the dealer. Like I said, it was my pal he was bs’ing. Thanks for the idea but it’s all gone now, I meant ten grams, not ounces. 😀

  6. Anonymous on

    Thats only if you throw away the good stuff and keep the mold. There really is a method to get rid of mold. but if you want to keep it the way it is, get sick and puke thats up to you. It makes it more like booze that way.

  7. Anonymous on

    yea extract the mold then smoke it that way you get no high but still all the lovely sickens

  8. Anonymous on

    Dont smoke it yet man! learn the information how to extract the mold then do it. that way you’ll get high and not sick, then after that break that crook dealers nose!

  9. Anonymous on

    yeah I bought a ten-sack of stuff so mouldy recently… like a month or two ago. It smelled spicy like BBQ sauce or kitchen cleaner (that’s NOT what it was, trust me, not my first mould) and it was really white, but not uniformly. The guy tried to tell my pal it was white rhino… maybe it used to be…

    My point is, you don’t really think I was about to throw out $70 worth of weed, do you? 🙂
    (sigh) might as well build up an immunity…

  10. Anonymous on

    ganja butter would probably do the trick but pressed hash probably would to.

  11. Anonymous on

    Lately I recovered some old stash of mine.
    Some nice outdoor bud that’s been kept relatively dry under a huge spruce tree for about 2 years.

    Mouldy till the bone though, but still giving off a nice mellowish high.
    I consider making THC butter out of it, shouldn’t that be doing the trick to rid the spores?

  12. Mellow Fellow on

    I’ve never “greened out” but I know plenty that have. I bet they were smoking moldy old shit. you got to inspect before you ingest!