Handicapped Man’s Wheelchair Seized Over Medical Marijuana

Nyle Nagy, a man with full body paralysis and Multiple Sclerosis, was robbed of his wheelchair by his caregiver and confined to bed for legally using medical marijuana.Nyle Nagy, a man with full body paralysis and Multiple Sclerosis, was robbed of his wheelchair by his caregiver and confined to bed for legally using medical marijuana.CANNABIS CULTURE – A Canadian care home resident with full body paralysis was confined to his bed against his will after his wheelchair was seized by caregivers – all because he smokes medical marijuana to relieve his Multiple Sclerosis.

CHBC news reported yesterday that Nyle Nagy, a Kelowna, British Columbia man who lives at the Brookhaven care home, was forcefully removed from his wheelchair and put in bed for a week after manager Adrien Vaughan objected to his legal use of medical marijuana.

“She sent two men over here to take my wheelchair and tell me that I’ve got to stay in this chair for seven days, as a punishment”, Nagy told the TV crew.

“To get rid of my pain and my spasms, that’s the only two reasons I smoke it” said Nagy, who has a license from the Canadian government to smoke marijuana.

The news comes in the wake of a similar abuse case in Vancouver where a diabetic, double-amputee woman died after being evicted for legally smoking medical marijuana.

Watch the video from CHBC.

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  1. Adam day on

    i should break that fat cunts fucking neck!! shes fucking smiling!!! when theres a man with a life threatining illness


  2. Anonymous on

    I feel for you honestly man im so sorry about your situation i have a cousin whos paralized from the waist down it really really fucking hurts to hear the stories about him wanting to kill himself because of how he is and the ONE thing i wanna do is introduce him to cannabis i know the reason i smoked it isnt as serious as yours but i use to stutter non stop could not say a word and one joint and i was relaxed i can talk so clearly now it makes me cry just writing this cause i keep thinking of my cousin going day in day out with his problem it hurts so much i know it will help him if he just starts using cannabis with a positive mind but i dont know how my family will react to what i want to do for him
    my cousin is such a fucking saint aswell never swears never gets angry with anyone i just want to help him so i totally understand you i know so much about the PAINKILLER!! not street drug people should have to right to self medicate if it truely helps them

  3. dan cariddo on

    good for this guy… tht manager is a bieotch. its completly legal in canada she has no right to do wat shes doin… and tht fact tht she wuldnt speak to the camera means shes a coward and nows wat she did is wrong.. i wulda smacked her gave him his wheelchair back and sparked him up on 4 ls off some chronic

  4. dan cariddo on

    good for this guy… tht manager is a bieotch. its completly legal in canada she has no right to do wat shes doin… and tht fact tht she wuldnt speak to the camera means shes a coward and nows wat she did is wrong.. i wulda smacked her gave him his wheelchair back and sparked him up on 4 ls off some chronic

  5. james on

    I agree with you 300%, to force a man or women out of their wheelchair and into a bed you have to be a monster, especically for the reasons that are posted on the tube, or any other reason at that.I am in a wheelchair because of a farming accident i was in nine years ago, and to me taking away my wheelchair is taking away my will to live. That is my mobility. My wheel chair is my legs. Taking away a wheelchair knowing that the person is confined to it for the rest of their life, and knowing that the wheelchair is their legs in a sense is morally wrong, and just plain fucked up. thats like chaining someone to a bed and torturing them physically and mentally, because thay cant physically cant do anything about it. There should be a law suit filled on the manager and the facility.She should lose her job and hermedical licence. The mental pain of doing that to someone is unbearable. I had my wheelchair sent away for two days to be fixed and i didnt have a replacement and i felt like i wasnt liveing, i was only existing, that is no way to feel in life. My heart goes out to that man andd anyone else in that similar situation. Stay strong and god bless.

  6. SweetBud on

    Ok people, this story makes things look very unfair however I did some investigation and found out the facts from Nyle’s siter. She was very forthcoming and concerned that things be safe for her brother. She informed me that the facility takes good care of their patients. She searches for medicine that might help her brother that he can use safely. He has tried several oral preparations which Nyle didnt seem to like as much as smoking. I agree that Nyle needs his meds, however after finding out that there was no one to help him if he dropped his smoke (while lit)putting many people in danger from an out of control fire as Nyle has no way to deal with a fire, it got me thinking.

    SO…..DOES SOMEONE WANT TO HELP NYLE? Be proactive, do something to help this guy and stop beating up people who are just doing their job. Is there someone that will look deeper than this story and volunteer to help Nyle out with his smoking? I am sure there are a few people in that area that could commit to helping him use his medicine. Yes, I am talking about going there and holding it for him, and make sure things are safe.

    You folks that are angry and talking smack about the facilty, staff or family have no idea about the reality here. BTW I was infuriated about the story before I understood the real situation. The media did a one sided story, what a surprise huh?

    So somebody reach out and do something instead of spreading all the hate…..SPREAD THE LOVE. I would do it, but I am in another country.



  7. Anonymous on

    Quebec is inbred because they sent over 34000 french and now theres 7.6 million. And new york and the northern states are inbred because they sent over plenty already inbred irish to outnumber the south and win the civil war. The fact is the place people call inbred-the south- is the least inbred of all. ironic aint it!

  8. Anonymous on

    I’ll agree with you if your messiah can produce a birth certificate.

  9. Rachel on

    You are a coward. You make a comment such as you have, but then do not have the courage to put your name to it. I have MS but am not seen as a ‘crip’. You are the ‘crip’ who is too blinded by ignorance to understand, or to have the intelligence to learn and comprehend.

  10. Be Kind Compassion Club on

    The current card he has is expired, however Nyles has been waiting ever-so-patiently for his renewed licence to be sent from Ottawa. He has been waiting for close to 3and a half months now.

  11. Be Kind Compassion Club on

    I saw Nyles on Monday Sept 7th. His wheelchair has been returned to him…YEA! He has his FREEDOM of MOVEMENT back!!Just a warning to the people who have been calling Brookhaven….They have been giving Nyles’ sister’s(in Saskatchewan) phone number to people who have been complaining. As a result, she has been recieving numerous NASTY calls and a couple of DEATH THREATS!!!! PLEASE! Stop with these type of calls…They HURT OUR CAUSE NOT HELP!!! Be sure you are calling a BC number(area code 250)
    not a Saskatchewan number.
    Nyles would like to send his THANKS to all who have supported him during the past week.

  12. anonymous on

    The MD could prescribe Dronabinol/Marinol for this guy. It would be safer since he would not inhale smaoke, or staff be concerned that he might burn himself, or that the stuff be stolen from him while he is down the driveway.

  13. Anonymous on

    Indeed, call the proper board and get her license taken away. A nurse, please post the number on here (I can’t find it!) He is being forcibly confined.

    Honestly, who cares what he was smoking. No one deserves to have their mobility taken from them. No one deserves to be taken advantage of, and incapacitated. He relies on his wheelchair. Should Ms. V be hog-tied for a week, and forced to wear a diaper and sit in it because she makes decisions another doesn’t agree with? Absolutely not. This comes down to three things:

    1. The wheelchair is essential to this man’s well being. It is patient abuse. Taking advantage of his disability crosses a line and is criminal.
    2. Punishing Mr. Nagy for federal law that Ms. Vaughan doesn’t agree with isn’t her choice.
    3. Punitively taking advantage of patients shows there is no oversight over Ms. Vaughan’s position. How many others have or will be abused? Canada needs to enforce oversight, OR CITIZENS – be an active part of the care of your local care facilites. Make sure the patients are not deteriorating due to their time in the facilities. This is a beautiful country and it’s up to its citizens to keep it strong!

    This story shows how powerful we are, and how much we care.

    P.S. If he was smoking crack, or cocaine, there’d be serious withdrawal symptoms. Which I don’t see. That aside, Ms. Vaughan has NO RIGHT to punish, let alone abuse, this man.
    Submitted by Anonymous () on Mon, 09/07/2009 – 21:04.

  14. Emily on

    Your racism is unfounded and unwarranted. Black Americans come in a variety of personalities and life experiences. That said, all black folks know of racism, and while not all have encountered it, all have been aware of it. Obama isn’t anything other than the first brown man to become president. To deny that very powerful fact by saying his ancestry is somehow irrelevant to this historical time is to say a black American, with American ancestry would never be president. Obama encountered racism, and predjudice, like many black Americans. His ancestry has nothing to do with it. To overcome that eponymous American experience, and become president is truly historic.

    And if you want a “true” black American, Mrs. Obama, Michelle, is black, from a black American family, and was Obama’s first boss.

  15. Anonymous on

    Honestly, who cares what he was smoking. No one deserves to have their mobility taken from them. No one deserves to be taken advantage of, and incapacitated. He relies on his wheelchair. Should Ms. V be hog-tied for a week, and forced to wear a diaper and sit in it because she makes decisions another doesn’t agree with? Absolutely not. This comes down to three things:
    1. The wheelchair is essential to this man’s well being. It is patient abuse. Taking advantage of his disability crosses a line and is criminal.
    2. Punishing Mr. Nagy for federal law that Ms. Vaughan doesn’t agree with isn’t her choice.
    3. Punitively taking advantage of patients shows there is no oversight over Ms. Vaughan’s position. How many others have or will be abused? Canada needs to enforce oversight, OR CITIZENS – be an active part of the care of your local care facilites. Make sure the patients are not deteriorating due to their time in the facilities. This is a beautiful country and it’s up to its citizens to keep it strong!

    This story shows how powerful we are, and how much we care.

    P.S. If he was smoking crack, or cocaine, there’d be serious withdrawal symptoms. Which I don’t see. That aside, Ms. Vaughan has NO RIGHT to punish, let alone abuse, this man.

  16. Brent on

    that manager is a fucking dumbass, “a dangerous narcotic” weed is not even a synthetic substance or dangerous! I hope massachusetts legalizes marijuana soon 🙂

  17. 420Pug on

    To the retard that said they hope u.s doesnt get socialist health care… ur country is in the shit because you have such a brutal health care… check your world ranking you tard…. this is some stupd bitch who got her face and name plastered on tv and the internet.. she’ll get hers

  18. Anonymous on

    Thats a great idea, anyone with the money to open up a ganja nursing home should, I sure wish I could.

  19. Anonymous on

    So true Reverend Draco!

  20. Reverend Draco (First Pagan Science Church) on

    Somebody needs to take this “woman” out of the gene pool before she fucks up some other disabled person.

  21. Piss off you silly git! on

    Bloody hell Adrien or “Adam” piss off! Let people smoke if they want they aint hurting you and please dont reply to this i’m sick of reading your government shit. Go back to the globe and mail and stop bothering us stoners you toronto bastard!

  22. Dude I agree on

    Yeah, Everyone who wants to smoke weed should be able to! I ask: Who are the weed smokers hurting other than the pharmicudical companies pockets?!!

  23. Adrien IS Adam on

    Adrien had a sex change and calls herself Adam now.

  24. Tim on

    I agree dude a situtation like this should have been prevented because that man obviosly needs weed, But the government sure dosnt care! They are willing to murder people to get the point across. This injustice is just so awful.

  25. Adam on

    By the way IF Adrien Vaughan came here and read the threats some people are posting, I think there is VERY little chance she would stick her neck out just to speak to you, even I don’t want to be associated with you.

  26. Adam on

    Well I’ve been accused of being Adrien Vaughan here too (when I went anon for a sec), but whoever the f*** that was just implied he chose to get MS.

    Get a fucking grip, pal. I don’t care who you are or how much you have to do with this, or if you’re right. I will not dwell on your red herrings, he is in a situation they were supposed to prevent.

    What people are trying to determine is whether or not this is because of feelings like yours.

  27. Adam on

    Finally, someone who has seen this with their own eyes.
    Paul maybe you should drop that CoffeeCanuck guy a line (he is registered at the other forum a commenter mentioned here.) Not suggesting a big ol’ symposium or anything, just a line in case CoffeeCanuck is actually trying to figure out what is going on amidst his/her speculation?

  28. Adam on

    Sorry I forgot to post my name again.
    You want my I.P. address too?

  29. Anonymous on

    ya, ok Adrien

  30. Anonymous on

    Another reply probably written by Adrien Vaughan.

  31. Anonymous on

    I bet it was Adrien Vaughan who wrote that rubbish.

  32. Anonymous on

    fuck pharmacare man. they don’t care about your brother! He likes to smoke, so he should be able to 🙂

  33. Anonymous on

    You know what.. i know nyle nagy. and you guys do not know what he is like nor do you acutally know the real story.. so for you to go and TREATHEN adrian is the MOST STUPIDIST THING YOU CAN DO not to mention its public but there is a little thing called tracing.. and you guys dont know the stroy.. i do and these rude and SICK blogs are getting carried away and untill you know thE REAL story maybe you guys wont jump

  34. Anonymous on

    I will not say alot.. but i will say one thing.. I know Nyle Nagy VERY VERY well a lot better then any of you people that are saying fucked up bullshit!.. And i am replying to the person that said “look at him he looks like he hasn’t smoked a day in his life and i beileve him when he says those are the only two reason he smokes” I will let you know right now that he has actaully been smoking for about 35 years and thats all he ever cared about was his fcking pot.. he chose that over his family his jobs and his fucking health.. so you cant say that because its a crock of [email protected]

  35. Anonymous on

    I know and the worst part is he aint even the same type of black as most black americans. His decendints are east arfricans(slave traders) most black americans are from west africans. America is in a very sorry state now. It is a sad situation. And the worst part is there is nothing anyone can do because he made so that the tax payers are indebt for about five or six fucking generations!

  36. Anonymous on

    I see a lot of support for my brother, but unfortunately threating me or the staff of the nursing home is not going to help Nyle. We still have some legal and safety issues to deal with. Instead of negative comments, name calling and death threats towards me and staff of the nursing home, I would request to see some solutions.
    I have been working with the nursing home in trying to come up with options and solutions. Nyle’s license did expire and we have been trying to renew it since May 2009. I mailed the renewal from in May but since Nyle had a new doctor they sent me a letter saying I filled out the wrong forms, then I completed the formed they ent me and they said the dr had to fill out a different form. The dr said he never got the form which was supposed to be sent to him from the government. Presently the staff at Brookhaven and I have been are trying to get that filled out. With the license not being valid it strikes up legal issues of possession of marihuana. Nyle’s Dr prescribed THC spray but it was too costly for Nyle on his pension of $1000 a month. The staff and Dr sent in a request to PHarmacare to cover the cost of the drug but it was denied. Nyle was on cesamet but he didn’t like it, he also has baking with marihuana in it but he doesn’t like that. So Nyle has resort to smoking and there are safety and legal issues (without the renewed license) surrounding it.
    Before everyone calls Adrien I would suggest that you stop with the name calling and come up with some suggestions, or positive comments to help Nyle’s situation. Please help me to turn this whole experience into a positive one.
    I would also ask that the everyone refrain from calling me names and accusing me of not supporting my brother. I feel that trying to come up with suggestions and try to work with the nursing staff will go a lot further than negativity.
    Please support me by helping me to get the spray covered by Pharmacare so Nyle won’t have to worry about where to smoke marihuana safely and with someone there to assist him.
    Thank you all for your support

  37. Anonymous on

    look I hate her too but stop threatening to kill this bitch

    get a fucking grip

    You’re like the giant portion of Canadians who started threatening to kill Erik Millett for not forcing his students to sing our national anthem. So he made them realize they were free.
    I did email him to apologize ON THE WHOLE FUCKING COUNTRY’S BEHALF and freedom doesn’t seem to be the crux of why he did it, Mr. Millett does seem a little narcissistic, but can’t we all remember the people threatening to hang him by his eyelids and crap?

    We had grown “adults” running around the country for weeks sharing their violent fantasies of how they would disfigure the principal of an elementary school. People all over our country were talking about torturing him worse than Jesus Christ, and in the papers too, with their names printed and crap. People are LINING UP for restraining orders on him.

    All that over the national anthem? Canada is one giant head up one giant ass. Sorry but I don’t care if you want to kill me for saying that, or anything (although I’d prefer to be deported.)

    But my point is, imagine how angry you are making those to whom the issue is not “said and done?”

    Besides, it’s just not nice.

  38. Adam on

    Eh, you know what, Obama only got in because americans are racist enough to think that being black makes him not a politician.

    The only thing that bothers me is the alcoholics in my family can’t remember shit about me saying this was coming. I even predicted his real personality properly, let’s see, about ten months ago.

  39. Bekind Okanagan Compassion Club on

    Just an update…I visited Mr.Nagy last night, and took him outside to medicate. Mr.Nagy was told by the Nazi-Nurse Adrianne, that if he wanted to use his marijuana, he had to do it off the property, on the busy road. TRUST ME, THIS MAKES IT VERY DANGEROUS FOR HIM…He was also told he would recieve his wheelchair back on Monday…I guess they figure he has been punished enough. Nyles was very happy to hear about all the support he is getting from the Medicinal Marijuana Activists accross North America. Special thanks to the Security Guard the admin sent after us lastnight. He said, that if Nyles chooses legal action against Interior Health, he hopes he wins.

  40. Michael J on

    I think it’s great what you guys are doing helping him out to stay medicated. Is there any chance that he’s able to consume canna edibles or caplets? It may not be ideal for him but it would make his situation easier provided they don’t confiscate it.

    Since he’s paralyzed from the neck down, how is he able to medicate by himself? I don’t see the staff helping him out.

    I do hope a lawyer steps in to argue his case. Arbitrarily taking away a man’s mobility as a punishment has to be an indecent act and contravene some law. Even more so for taking a medication off their property which he is license by the Federal Government to take.

  41. Winder on


    Can’t someone get him out of there? That place needs
    to be shut down, and he needs his wheelchair to stay alive.
    It’s not like he’s running people over, or driving a car.

    At the very least, he has a civil suit against the company. This sounds criminal to me, though. Cruel and unusual punishment, anyone?

  42. Anonymous on




  44. Anonymous on

    His license may have expired but his pain didn’t! But lets all hate the poor bastard just because the assholes put an expirey date on the license just so they have a reason to take away his rights in the future! RUBBISH!!

  45. Anonymous on

    Just a thought, but if you look at the bottom left hand corner of his medical license at about the 50 second mark you will notice that his license expired July 23, 2009……..

  46. Call the bitch at home too: 250 712 0211 on

    Call the bitch at home too: 250 712 0211

  47. Call Adrien Vaughan at 250-862-4043 on

    Phone the hag ay 50-862-4043… her email is [email protected]

  48. Anonymous on

    Names are for people who lack ideas. To make up for this internal lack, they hang very dearly onto their names, which are all most human resources have.

  49. bubner on

    I`m a registered nurse and if she`s an RN and restrained him (by removing his wheelchair) without a doctor`s order or proper grounds he needs to complain to the nursing licencing body of BC and go after her licence.

  50. FUCK U OSAMA *cough* OBAMA i mean on

    u.s.a fucked up when they didnt vote in jesse jackson! He was a real black man! Thats all I’m going to say about that. It is purely up to the people now to help and protect people like nyles nagy because asshole hate filled witchs like Adrien Vaughan get their kicks out of making innocint people suffer. So please everyone call up that witch and make her suffer like she’s doing to that poor innocint man! WE MUST PUT THIS INJUSTICE TO A HALT!!!

  51. richard michael on

    HA,HA, MOTHERFUCKERS BROOKHAVEN # 250-862-4040 OR Adrian Vaughn CELL250-470-8299 light this DUMB BITCH UP

  52. Richard Michael, Wilson N.c (NCCPN.ORG) on

    Well how to answer this , i hope ypu have to go through the PAIN,DISCOMFORT,and daily AGONY of having to deal w/ a life threatning disease or handicap, but that would make me just like you, SO i dont cry, bitch ,complain,whine,or otherwise snivvel, WHAT I DO ,IS BECOME ACTIVE AND LOBBY LOCALLY FOR MY MEDICINE, my liver is bad, 3 discs herniated in my neck, 26 degree twist in spinal cord, traumatic brain injury,(motorcycle accident),SO, I HAVE A RIGHT TO BITCH SO SHUT THE F*#K UP OR GET A HANDICAPP& A HEART USE YOUR NAME COWARD

  53. BeKind Okanagan Growers And Compassion Club on

    He Needs A LAWYER!!!A.S.A.P. We have been to see him after hours and he wants to fight this but has no way of calling out on the phone,,,, and they re-direct his calls!!! We will continue to visit him and support his medical use..Where is the MS sociaty on this!!! they have money to help this man!!!

  54. Anonymous on

    fucking cunts just hung up on me when I asked for Adrian Vaughan.


    IF I LIVED IN THAT CITY, I WOULD BE SCREAMING IN THEIR LOBBY SO LOUD NILE WOULD FUCKING HEAR ME. Adn I wouldn’t leave until the cops forcibly removed me just like they forcibly removed him from his chair.

  55. Bjorn on

    Brookhaven Care Ctr

    I called, and the -4041 number has a message that it’s been changed to -4040, but nobody answered there, however, they gave me another number 250-862-4043, which I believe is the nurse’s station. I was not allowed to talk to Mr. Nagy, and I was abruptly transferred to Ms. Vaughn’s voice-mail when I asked why I couldn’t talk to Mr. Nagy and if he’s gotten his wheelchair back.

    I left a message on Ms. Vaughn’s vm (and I urge everyone else to do the same), but I’m more concerned about Mr. Nagy and why he’s not allowed phone calls.

    My godmother died from MS a few years back, and at the end her joints was frozen and she couldn’t move out of her bed alone. It is a truly horrific disease. Contemplating what kind of person would deny an MS patient his autonomy leaves me flummoxed… and angry! I can’t think of any situation where that would be appropriate.

    Please, everyone, call Mr. Nagy @ 250-862-4043 and if you can get through to him let him know that he has a lot of support. If you can’t get through, ask if he’s gotten his wheelchair back (or why not). If you get transferred to vm, please leave a message!


  56. Anonymous on

    don’t pay attention to this comment, it’s a police plant

    Obama appointed a “truth czar” who thinks CC should be accountable for things WE post here, and everywhere else people communicate on the internet. we’ll see this a lot. stay dubious.

  57. BIG SMOKE on

    I did not say we should use guns brother, I said we should use bud nippers! Lets nip some bud!

  58. Liberal Ganja Smokin American on

    now, i’m an american who voted for al gore, john kerry, and president obama. just to get that out of the way, i love canada and want to become a citizen in the next 10 yrs, but christ! the nazi prime minister is acting like george bush did to LEGAL marijuana patients!! ITS FUCKING LEGAL FROM THE FEDERAL GOVT!! FUCKING CHRIST!!

  59. Anonymous on

    Or do what Gandhi did on a greater scale. Humiliate them by forcing the atrocities out in the public.
    We really need cop watcher groups like in New York for one thing a person with a phone and anyone who wants to protect another.

    We confront these ass’s personally with hidden video recording and throw it on a Video site, like Cop Watchers, You Tube etc..
    If everyone is anonymous for these uploads then they would feel safe but show these people for who they truly are embarrass them by leaving copies in everyone’s mail boxes on every floor of the building, hand them out, whatever.

    We are persecuted and the more shame we can show by being polite and standing your ground and knowing your rights, when you see someone being arrested for whatever reason stop and Cop Watch. You never know and it lets them know they are being watched and they have to obey THEIR OWN LAWS!

    Every Young Adult has a story of when the police over stepped their authority and stepped on our rights, let us think we have none. Some of them are capable of great violence simply becasue you may be a smart ass kid, seems wrong very wrong, those that cannot control their anger with THAT KIND OF AUTHORITY, should NOT be Officers.

    To be an Officer you should be able to control yourself Emotionally on all accounts and deal with the issue logically understanding their boundaries and respecting them. No One or most of us does not want them to drop their guard and be careless getting shot, Everyone just wants more Public Control on Corrupt Officers. Why are these people getting away with murder with solid evidence, yet the laws do not apply to them.
    They suspend them without pay..

    Even better if someone was smart enough to have a watcher on the watcher when the police come and take the camera and *accidentally drop it*, the second watcher gets it all. All you need mostly is a phone..

    We need someone to make small wearable cameras that can be worn as jewelery and the cops wouldn’t know becasue everyone wheres shit like that. Everything in this technology is making it very inexpensive to make it possible.

    Just a thought..

  60. Jay Dell on

    AS m.s is a unperdictable and most cruel illness .Which could be linked to the measles virus as was just released by Dr william Tucker.This behaviour from a caregiver is becoming a new low for the prohibitionist as we are seeimg in the west of our country.If another protest is set up ,it should be addressed towards the health minister as each province has one.The main issue is HEALTH AND THE LAW.

    Marijuana our blessed herb is in the legal and in fact is a health benefit.In other words some one send a lawyer to sue these abusers .If someone would tell Nyle to call the police he could place a criminal charge on the establishment for cruel and confined kidnapping.
    As he is A FREEMAN AND CAN and may God bless the compassionate people who have helped him!!


    In all truth and honour the plant is the best plant for the illness that he has as well as a perventive to the masses that dont even know it is perventing them from cancer and many many other awful illnesses.

    In spirit my back hand has just released a lash on the cheek of the un-righteous.May the sting stay red with shame and discomfort.


  61. Anonymous on

    David: as usual your represent my thoughts always verry well, thanks a lot mate. 🙂

  62. David Malmo-Levine on

    “…it is a dream I have that good can defeat evil. That is probably imposible with a humanoid infested planet.”

    It was humanoid Martin Luther King Jr. and thousands of humanoids in the Civil Rights Movement who helped to defeat racial segregation. It was humanoid Mahatma Gandhi and hundreds of thousands of disobedient humanoids of India who defeated the British. It was humanoids who brought medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp back into our economy.

    Don’t sell us humanoids short – there’s a lot we can accomplish without any guns.

  63. Californiagrown on

    this enrages me. so f*&king unfair man, he needs it to get by and they are going to deprive him of his legal rights? I know that here in the states we have some stupid ass fed laws. But this amazes me, the Canadian Gov should def to something about this, don’t let those biggots get away with this bS.

  64. jack on

    The only reason these assholes harass and torture people that need ganja is because they hate the plant itself. They dont care if they make others suffer! And the worst part is people like that propably go home and do drugs in one form or another! Bloody injustice it is!!!

  65. BIG SMOKE on

    Cuba aint a perfect example! It is because of that asshole Castro that our country is so fucked because Trudeau was Castro’s butt buddy. This country is still suffering big from that huge mess. but one thing still remains the same: there was no one good to vote for then and there is STILL no one good to vote for now 40 years later!

  66. BIG SMOKE on

    your right it would be pretty damn hard to take over a country by force(evan one as pitiful as canada)but it is a dream I have that good can defeat evil. That is probably imposible with a humanoid infested planet. They have made it so people can’t revalution anymore because of these destrucive wepeons. The worst part is they will continue to make evan more destuctive wepeonry until they oblitorate themselves. All I know is they can take away your rights but they can never take away your dreams. peace and ganja to all.

  67. Anonymous on

    What the fuck this is an outrage. As punishment?? isn’t it punishment enough that the poor guy has multiple sclerosis now his mobility is taken away because he’s smoking a plant to take his pain away instead of disgusting un natural pills? Give them man his damn medicine. That fucking manager needs to be punished himself.

  68. Be Kind Okanagan Growers and Compassion Club on

    Well Mr Nyles!!! Was visited by another IH official, who told him “that he shouldn’t have called the media about the wheelchair incident, and that this could come back to haunt him and that they don’t recognize Health Canada’s Marijuana Card”. He is still without is chair, which he was told he won’t be getting back till after the long weekend!! So we pushed him up the hill to the vacant parking lot where he could medicate without bothering anyone. After a short time sitting in the dark lot an IH person approached us and told us that we weren’t allowed to smoke on IH property. So we had to move push him up the hill to the end of the driveway. Without his chair he is unable to leave his room!!! So therefore he can’t self medicate!!! Causing him even more pain and suffering. After self medicating tonight, his first comment to us was” thanks my muscles have started to relax! and I feel much better”

  69. o on

    just corrupt doctors
    – it was probably not the manager – but the doctor that ordered it.

    right now – my father is in the hospital – i am not allowed –
    ( i will clarify this ) to go see my father because the doctor ordered it. the order was instantly reversed when i asked for the order in writing so that i could use it to sue them – i filed a complaint with the gov, but that makes no difference – i will not go back – i choose to not be abused by these people – this was at seven oaks hospital winnipeg –
    forth floor geriatrics – my fathers name is elmer – i expect he is still there – i don’t know – i refuse to return and be abused by these people in their “abuse free facility” make me laugh…

  70. David Malmo-Levine on

    “David, Cuba is a perfect example”

    Have you been to Cuba?

    I have. You can get arrested for reporting the wrong facts or being critical of the government. Cannabis is illegal there so the revolution betrayed the people, didn’t it?

    Fuck violent revolution. I want a revolution in the way people think about drugs and drug policies – I don’t want some “vanguard party” to seize power on behalf of the people and then screw them over … again.

  71. David Malmo-Levine on

    “try the french revalution it worked for them!”

    1) The French Revolution did not occur in the last two hundred years. There were no tanks in 1789 … no fighter-bombers … no nuclear weapons. I wanted a more recent example because it’s easier to take over a country militarily if advanced weaponry isn’t involved.

    2) Cannabis is currently prohibited in France – so much for the revolution “working” in the favor of it’s citizens.

    3) They tried another revolution in 1871 and yet another one in 1968 and they both failed. Maybe the trick isn’t to take the country over by military force but rather to fight for reforms within the structure itself.

  72. Paul on

    I live in Kelowna. I run the Be Kind Okanagan Growers and Compassion Club with my brother. We just opened our doors last Friday. After we saw this story yesterday we were furious. So we went to Brook Haven to meet Mr.Nagy, and give him some Kind Compassion.
    After the CHBC story, Mr Nagy had been placed in a chair that someone could wheel him around in, but it was no wheelchair. He hadn’t been able use his Medicinal Cannabis for 2 days. So we wheeled him outside to the parking lot so he was able to medicate. We’ll be doing the same this evening.
    Mr. Nagy can’t move a muscle below his neck. His only freedom of movement was with that special chair. What Brook Haven did to him is CRIMINAL! Thoes responsible should at the very least, lose thier jobs.

  73. Anonymous on

    David, Cuba is a perfect example

  74. Anonymous on

    Let’s get some contact info posted in these articles, kinda hard to do anything without more info

  75. michael hampson on

    ..these institutions become politically motivated, or personally so, such as taking this mans legal right to smoke herb away because they dont agree with it..i am sick of this type of abuse by such people, i have witnessed and been on the receiving end of these institutions spin doctors and will fight it to te end….
    We need real oversight in all medical care institutions, not people who work for the hospital- i propose amnesty international become legal advocates for us disabled and institutionalized…

  76. Lygeia on

    Well, well, if it isn’t Nurse Ratchet!

  77. Mardy26 on

    Could one not make a case that he is being forcedly confined? Shouldn’t the cops be arresting this “lady”? He’s a grown man for god’s sake.

  78. BIG SMOKE on

    try the french revalution it worked for them! but you`ll never know if you dont try! to bad most folk have your attitude!

  79. David Malmo-Levine on


    Can you provide me with an example of where that has worked in the past 200 years?

    What makes you think the society you replace the old one with will be any better?

    You can’t beat to death a social relationship.

  80. BIG SMOKE on


  81. DEATH TO FAT UGLY WITCHS!!!!!!!!! on

    The wosrt part is the asshole Adrien Vaughan probably wont get fired! She’ll probably get a raise, thats how fucked up this country is right now! But that freak Adrien Vaughan should be tortured becuase thats whats she’s doing to that poor guy. Asshole bitch!

  82. jodie on

    and I read nothing to think that the story is exaggerated in the TV news.

    Coffee_Canuck is defending the institution because he once worked there but knows of nothing factual about this instance.

    After dealing with Mary McLeod of ANAVETS and her decision to evict Marilyn Holsten for the feint whiff of cannabis, and finding McLeod to be a cold, callous, horrible person, I’m inclined to think these senior’s care institutions are run by the institutional equivalents of Nurse Ratchet from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

    Adrien Vaughn and the Brookhaven care facility remain guilty as charged.

  83. Anonymous on

    I suggest taking a look at this thread (link posted below) created on Castanet.net about the issue; namely, from a poster named CoffeeCanuck (2nd page). It opened my eyes a bit about the one-sidedness of the report by CHBC. I’m not saying that using Cannabis is wrong (it isn’t!), but given the circumstances, it’s very reasonable to question the validity of Nyle’s accusations.


    I had to take the “http” portion out of the link in order to bypass the spam filter, but simply copying/pasting the above text should do the trick.

  84. Anonymous on

    Brookhaven Care Ctr
    1775 Shannon Lake Rd
    Westbank, BC


    Call Adrian Vaughn and ask about Nile

  85. Steve Bottrell on

    What a bitch. If it was for safety reasons why didn’t she say so? Because it wasn’t. The “investigation” just gives them time to come up with another story. Like “safety”. Some people are so misinformed. So what if he wants to smoke pot, doesn’t look like he has much else to do. Its not going to kill him. Just pathetic. I hope that woman loses her job.

  86. Anonymous on

    Look at the man…he’s looks completely traumatized.
    …I wish I was rich so that I could do more. I also wish that our PM would pull his fucking nose out’ve the US’s ass, I have no doubt that he was threatened by Bush and his policy is being maintained by that chickenshit Obama.

    Attention all North Americans…mark this particular point in your lives. Unless we follow Mexico’s, and a number of S American countries’ example…we’re going to end up with less freedom than nazi germany.

  87. Anonymous on

    someone please forward the adress of the person who commited this crime agaist this man its time to stop them from sucking air please post name adress picture if possible and thier schudle its time for a vist from a angel of death.dogs like this must be removed from this world

  88. Anonymous on

    aww crips, shut up

  89. Anonymous on

    put it on audio so people wont have to look at that disgusting Adrien Vaughan! She is the true crimanal! WHAT INJUSTICE TO DO TO A HARMLESS INDIVIDUAL! poor guy.

  90. Anonymus on

    Yep, Canada was invaded by Nazis circa 1989.

    All that’s left now is the crying.

    Why do you think that those “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” posters exist, anyway? They’re to signal that Nazis have made landfall in Her Majesty’s Dominions.

  91. Anonymous on

    I added this to Digg so the world can see this bitches illegal actions

  92. Anonymous on


  93. cluck 'n bell fan on

    its all fine and dandy to say raise hell canada but they wont. 34000 french came to quebec now its 7.6 million. NOW THATS INBRED! and you exepct them inbred fools to raise hell? they are way to busy fucking their cousins and sisters to give a flying fuck about anyone else but theirselves! canada sucks! its so fucking comunist but so is the states with their socilism! you may not have noticed but they sold out north america to china. it’s only a matter of time now. so you better learn mandirin if you want to fit in!

  94. MacDknife on

    This sickens me to the pit of my stomache. How can those people live with themselves…

  95. Anonymous on

    plus look at him, he looks like he probably hadn’t smoked a day in his life before he had to. It’s blatantly honest when he says “they’re the only reasons I smoke it.”

    What kind of monster picks up a paralyzed man out of his wheelchair and leaves him, alone and helpless? You know he couldn’t get out of it himself. That’s the situation he’s in, he can’t even give in.

    I just wonder what they would say first. “We’re here to help you… out of that chair.” Bitch, even Benny Hinn can’t help him out of that chair, you’re forcing him out of it.

  96. Adam on

    you’re a good man, John, thanks for reminding us you’re 65 years old. I’m young and wouldn’t expect that even if I met you. I think you’ll find the Green party of Canada has a much clearer mission statement than a lot of our pro-politics media conglomerates would like to illustrate. It’s just that the NDP aren’t as likely to honour your wishes after they receive your vote, they have had a poor ethical record for the last four to six years.
    You’ll find a lot of information about the Green party and the NDP right here on CC, and you seem to know we can trust CC already. Either way, happy voting, there are good reasons to vote for both.

  97. Anonymous on

    Man, I hope Americans don’t get socialized medecine.


  98. John Wm; Leveridge on

    What kind of inhuman treatment is this. I am willing and prepared to fund a law suit on his be halve. What they have done here is not legal in my mind.Supreme court decision would be interesting. Vote N.D.P. and put an end to this sort of insanity. I am 65 yrs old and use it for my problems. The only thing that works so I use it in spite of the fact that I could end up a criminal record. It is no ones rite to deny anyone the use of a HERB for medicine.

  99. Anonymous on

    Knows that they have a fucked up policy, hence her aggressions towards the reporter. They are playing GOD! SHe doesn’t look all that healthy , over wieght and miserable, what a fucking bitch, i hope she GETs MS and ass cancer so she will have to smoke pot to keep from puking! STUPID STUPID STUPID!

  100. gstlab3 on


  101. Anonymous on

    This is this absolutely ridiculous, Canada is in dire need of a new PM… things have really turned around in the last 4 years there, Its almost like Canada and United States traded policy…. I’m American and I’m disgusted by the Canadian governments allowance of this treatment to licensed users…

  102. homebudz on

    What the hell is going on up there?Did Canada get invaded by nazis???