Drug Warriors Return To Racist Roots

This one is hard to believe: The US Forest Service issued a warning last week to beware of campers in national forests who eat tortillas, play Spanish music, and drink ‘Tecate’ beer because they might be armed and dangerous marijuana growers.

MSNBC reports:

Michael Skinner, a law enforcement officer with the U.S. Forest Service in Colorado, said warning signs of possible drug trafficking include “tortilla packaging, beer cans, Spam, Tuna, Tecate beer cans,” and campers who play Spanish music. He said the warning includes people speaking Spanish.

The warning signs were included in a slide presentation put together for drug agents in Colorado and the public.

Skinner said this may or may not represent criminal activity, but are indicators and he urged any campers who encounter long-term campers meeting the profile to “hike out quickly” and call police.

Though we rarely see such blatant racism coming from today’s public-relations-savvy government bodies, the prohibition of marijuana has long been used an an excuse to round up Mexicans and other visible minorities. One needs only to look at prison population statistics in the US to see that the VAST majority of people put in jail for drugs are African-American and Mexican.

The Forest service quickly retracted the statement after the media picked up the story, but these kinds of slip-ups help to expose the racist mentality of many prohibitionists in government.

Marvink Correa, a spokesman for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, half-jokingly pointed out how absurd the warning was by showing how easy it would be for growers to avoid.

“When I go camping, I’ll be sure to play nothing but Bruce Springsteen,” he said.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. one12alpha on

    No. It is my suspicion that the forest service is the government organization charged with monitoring the forest. Their job is to look through the trees and search for hidden marijuana crops. Upon finding the crop, I believe, they are ordered to burn down that portion of the forest…and more.

    *Note the current 140,000 acres, and growing, burned around Los Angeles! And the over all loss of forest in California in the last few years…

  2. Billy from the hills on

    Ouch dude. I would say that was far from a rampage. First of all to lump rednecks/hillbillies together with the KKK is horrible and disgusting as growing up poor in a rural area and working hard outside all day (which is why the red neck ie; sunburn) has nothing to do with the hatred and bigotry spewed forth by disgusting hate groups such as the klan. To even suggest that shows that you have some issues regarding hate as well. Just because someone is different than you doesn’t make them bad. Maybe you should re-read my statement so you can understand that it isn’t just your stereo-type that uses cannabis. Every time someone goes off about how much you hate rednecks you are alienating a portion of people who are on your side as well as making yourself appear to be just as much of an ass as the douche bags who have given rednecks a bad name. In every group of people in the world there are good people and assholes. Its time we all stopped shitting on folks because of a label. As a pothead you should surely understand this.
    P.S. If you smoked some of my organic juicy fruit you would find yourself pleasantly surprised and sufficiently stoned but not so much that you would “throw up”. Hope you learn to lose your hate towards people that don’t appear to be like you.
    P.P.S Dave no offense to you, I just wanted to point out how easily people can fall into the trap of profiling and how it leads to problems. Bryan thank you for helping prove my point. Remember people we must ALL work together to make this a better world because if it was possible for only a few folks to accomplish, people like Marc and Dave would have saved us all a very long time ago.
    Life, love, liberty and fine-ass grass for all!

  3. Anonymous on

    What the fuck are you talking about.

  4. Bryan "from the city" on

    he was obviously being sarcastic, you dont have to go on a rampage defending rednecks/hillbillies/the KKK.. Dumbass.

    P.S. i would never smoke your fucked up hillbilly weed. Kinda makes me wanna throw up just thinking about it.

  5. tobez on

    Viva mejico cabrones!!!!..

  6. Billy from the hills on

    Whoa there Dave, not everyone who listens to Ted and eats donuts is a bad guy. Sounds to me like you may have a profiling problem of your own. There are a hell of a lot of us redneck/hillbilly/good old boys out there who work our asses off every year to make sure you city slickers have some truly righteous weed to smoke. We risk ourselves growing so you can concentrate on protests and legal battles. So please remember, potheads are everywhere, we are doctors, lawyers, politicians, hippies, environmentalists, rednecks, hicks and all combinations of the above and more. I would love to see the look on your face when legalization comes and you get to see how many cops like to burn one every once in a while. So maybe its time for us to stop the slagging and bickering and put that energy into uniting us all to stomp out this B.S. we call prohibition.

  7. Adam on

    The more PR-savvy drug warriors use a new line so as not to appear racist; they claim discrepancies between powder and rock cocaine sentences are racist, and claim that the longer sentences for crack are the reason prisons are filled with black people.
    This is fucking retarded. The real reason that prisons are filled with black people is because they are always being picked on and picked up by cops, who would like us to believe that they are all a bunch of crack heads.
    If you read in a newspaper this little line they are all including these days in their left-wing target pieces, that black people prefer crack over cocaine, it’s racist bullshit. Crack is A MUCH STRONGER DRUG, it will make an average cokehead pass out. I quote one who says it did. And black people don’t smoke crack more than white people, crack gets everyone, rich and poor or anything else. I just wanted to point out some subtler racism I’m noticing lately.

  8. Anonymous on

    Maybe everyone in that part of Colorado should plan a week-long Mexico Fiesta in the woods. Plenty of tasty tortillas and loud mariachi music for all.

  9. David Malmo-Levine on

    Beware of campers who eat donuts, drink Coors lite, listen to Ted Nugent and make racist comments – they could be undercover cops or the “Forest Service”.