Cannabis: Potential Treatment For Skin Disorders?

New research by Polish scientists, Piotr Kupczyk, Adam Reich and Jacek Szepietowski has uncovered a potential use for medicinal cannabis.

Skin disorders are the focus in the study, Cannabinoid system in the skin – a possible target for future therapies in dermatology which was released in May of this year by the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Wroclaw Medical University.

Other research has uncovered the existence of two types of cannabinoid receptors in the body. They are called CB1 and CB2. It is thought that CB1 receptors reside primarily in the central nervous systm. The CB2 receptors are thought to be located in other parts of the body like the immune system, certain organs, and peripheral nerves.

According to Kupczyk, Reich, and Szepietowski, large nerve fiber bundles in the top and deeper layers of skin have been shown to contain CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors were located on nerve fibers in the epidermis and have been located in the inner hair root and hair follicle.

The researchers expressed excitement that cannabinoids might provide future treatment for inflammatory skin disorders, pruritus, and certain types of skin pain, but warn that more research is necessary to gain further insight into the physiology of cannabinoid receptors in the skin. Kupczyk, Reich, and Szepietowski also acknowledge recent observations showing cannabinoids as a potential anti-tumor drug.

– Article from on August 29, 2009.



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