Woman Gets Death Sentence for Marijuana in Malaysia

The Sultan Ismail Petra Arch in Kota Bharu, Malaysia.The Sultan Ismail Petra Arch in Kota Bharu, Malaysia.KOTA BARU: The High Court here today passed the mandatory death sentence on a Thai woman after she was found guilty of trafficking in cannabis five years ago.

Judge Datuk Muhamad Ideres Muhamad Rapee ordered the sentence after the prosecution managed to prove a prima facie against Roseedah Cheubong, 41.

Roseedah, who was clad in a red baju kurung, was seen shedding tears when the sentence was passed on her.

Earlier, Roseedah’s counsel Zamri Mat Nawang pleaded for leniency, saying that she was a single mother doing various odd jobs after her divorce to fend for herself and her teenage child, and that she regretted her action.

Deputy public prosecutor Wan Abd Razak Wan Hussin, however, asked for the appropriate sentence in view of the gravity of the offence.

Roseedah had on Feb 3, 2004 at 7.45pm, in front of the Mobil petrol station in Kampung Padang Pak Amat, Pasir Puteh, trafficked in cannabis weighing 1.04kg.

She was charged under 39B(1) (a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which carries the mandatory death sentence.

– Article from New Straits Times on August 19, 2009.



  1. Legalize on

    Do these barbaric sentences work? Is Malaysia free of marijuana?

    Isn’t it true that marijuana is *still* being produced, sold and consumed in Malaysia?!! Instead of making Malaysia marijuana-free all these laws have done is make marijuana extremely lucrative for criminals to produce and sell in Malaysia.

    Good going Malaysian government – you kill your own people and make criminals very rich all in one move!

  2. Anonymous on

    I have for years, I have been there though, no place I would find myself again. most south east countries have terrible cannabis policies, but your only a 3 hr flight from a country that doesn’t give a fuck. Nepal.

  3. Anonymous on

    she’s one of us, She could have been you or me.
    we share the same collective conscious of existence.
    She’ll be out of existence any time soon soon.

    Some people actively altered the natural cours of happenings by not confirming to the law of god saying: life is sacred.

    The judge had an option to quit his job so he’s prime responsible for her prospective death as well as the executionner, the lawmakers and all the people in support of their system.

    It,s just not right and it makes me wanna puke.

    Aint there no heroes left in malaysia anymore ( Sandokan still around somewhere p’haps?)

    This calls for a massive public raid on the prison she’ s been kept hostage to bring her back to savety.

    Quote: if we allow this, your children will be next.

    I FEEL!

  4. Ganjarefermon on


  5. Anonymous on

    Being a Muslim nation, Malaysia takes every opportunity to kill women. I hear there are also countries in the world that are not Muslim and profess to be modern civilized cultures and yet they lock people up for life for Cannabis, places like Canada and the USA. It’s their dirty little shame, they get off on Cannabis user abuse, makes them feel powerful and superior. Maybe it’s because of the Christian roots of those countries, they can’t completely get beyond the inquisition mentality.

  6. Jeff on

    Let the rifle killer’s rant serve as a sober reminder to all that pot smoking can not confer either wisdom or reason on a certain sector of the population. The mentality is, “I have my substance, but others must be killed for having theirs”. Wow.

  7. Jeff on

    Your willingness to have people killed because they sell something that you don’t like is tragic on its face. Go get ’em, killer man. Let’s see, who else can we kill, Rambo? People selling land mines? How about Wall Street financiers who’ve robbed people of their life savings? Kill. Kill. Kill.

  8. Anonymous on

    I’d reserve that privilege for those directly affected. i.e. relatives of family members/loved ones who died from OD, or had their lives destroyed, and so forth. You get the idea.

    But if they didn’t wish to…pass the rifle, I’d be honoured to finish the job.

    Unlike the poor people they’ve tortured & killed with their synthesized poison, a quick death would be the only mercy I’d afford them.

  9. Anonymous on

    “…for that I’d load the gun myself.”

    Why not go the distance?
    Why not pull the trigger as well?

  10. Anonymous on

    There just isn’t any justification for this sentence or it’s underlying farce of a law.

    Heroin, cocaine/crack, or meth trafficking/production…for that I’d load the gun myself. That stuff destroys people and/or kills them.

    But Marijuana??? Be realistic! It’s less dangerous than alcohol.

    What’s the penalty for littering…life imprisonment?

    How do those people over there tolerate such insanity?