Jail-Time May Be Death Sentence For Medical Marijuana Patient

Jim Miller, center, of Toms River, and Chris Goldstein, right, of Riverside, joined other members of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana protest in front of the Somerset County Courthouse in Somerville, NJ.Jim Miller, center, of Toms River, and Chris Goldstein, right, of Riverside, joined other members of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana protest in front of the Somerset County Courthouse in Somerville, NJ.Toting giant signs, more than a dozen advocates of medical marijuana today gathered outside the Somerset County Courthouse to rally behind a multiple sclerosis patient who is facing trial for growing 17 plants.

The state chapter of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana drew supporters from around the New Jersey, concerned about the pending case of John Ray Wilson, who is charged with first-degree maintaining or operating a drug-production facility, second-degree manufacturing and third-degree drug possession.

Wilson, 36, of Franklin, faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Last August a helicopter pilot spotted marijuana growing behind the house he rented on Skillmans Lane and alerted State Police. Detectives found well-worn trails leading to the plants.

Wilson will not be able to mention his medical condition at trial and cannot assert a personal use defense. The court ruling drew proponents to Somerville, with signs like, “Medical marijuana is a patient’s right” and “John Wilson is a medical marijuana patient, not a criminal.”

Wilson stopped by the gathering with his father and grandmother. His aunt bore one of the signs. The case is pending as advocates urge the Legislature to pass the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, which would give patients of debilitating diseases structured access to the drug.

Asbury Park resident Sandy Faiola, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, said it’s about time the measure is passed.

“I can get all the morphine in the world I want, which I am currently on, but I can’t any medicinal marijuana,” Faiola said. “It would be a lot easier on my body and help me a lot more.”

– Article from NJ.com on Aug 21, 2009.



  1. Brian on

    his situation is so wrong on so many levels that it sickens me… to the point where i need to medicate. if its wrong to grow a plant for your own benefit and not for financial gain but for your HEALTH and WELL-BEING than this country needs to prosecute more gardeners who eat their own tomatoes and carrots and onions and the like. the reason cannabis is illegal is because it’s “dangerous” and “sprouts crime” because it has to change hands so many times to get to the user… this man is trying to be safe and self sufficient and he is being put to death… not to mention he’s not allowed to say the letters ‘M.S.’ in a court to which he pays state taxes?! NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!! this type of horrible oppression is going on all over. it deeply saddens me that this is allowed… BY THE GOVERNMENT! the only people hurt by this man trying to grow his own medicine is big pharmacy that want to sell him meds to keep him sick but alive enough to PAY.

  2. Tony Aroma on

    What about that recent federal court case where a medical necessity defense was allowed? Since that sets a precedent at the federal level, shouldn’t lower courts have to accept this defense now too?

  3. Teebs on

    In a world where living beings are systematically destroyed, purged into extinction, where people race in pretty cars belching out ugly toxins into the environment, where people support first hand slavery around the world via purchase of crap they do not even need with money from jobs they hate, etc, etc, and we can’t even allow a dying man to naturally relieve the pain?

    The human body naturally produces a cannabinoid, Anandamide, and thus has naturally cannabinoid receptor throughout the body/brain.

    This world is a Rape-Farm where souls are torn to pieces and humiliated into their dying last breath.

    Hey leaders, head like a hole I’d rather die than give you control.

  4. Adam on

    Also it is strongly suspected (but only by me 🙂 that there are plants on the jury to listen and report on your ideals. They probably don’t end up on the final jury but it would explain the extremely high incidence of morons on our juries.

  5. Anonymous on

    Not 170000
    Not 17000
    Not 1700
    Not 170
    But 17
    Yes,17 plants.
    Look, I’m broke but willing to pay for you for a visit to the optometrist if I can be of any help to the poor fellow you want to send behind bar.

  6. Anonymous on

    alls it takes is one jury member to say this is bullshit, its not against the law for sticking to the truth of your opion. trails will get throw if you say not guilty

  7. homebudz on

    The outright inhumanity,and the cruelty is beyond belief.

  8. Anonymous on

    I feel so bad for this guy. What a fucked up society we live in where good people are locked up for growing a few plants and the violent people who are hurting people and killing people get light sentences and are out in no time.