Book Bomb Today!: Marijuana is Safer

CANNABIS CULTURE – A new book called Marijuana is Safer: So why are we driving people to drink? by three marijuana activists has just hit Amazon, and with your help we can push it to #1. The Great Marijuana Book Bomb has dropped!

On August 20th, click HERE to purchase Marijuana is Safer at Thank you for supporting the cause!

A book about marijuana has never hit #1 on With your help that could change, and we can demonstrate to the country the depth of support for marijuana policy reform in this country. If it reaches #1, we will also draw national attention to the book’s basic message — that marijuana is safer than alcohol.

If you are planning to get yourself a copy of the critically acclaimed, Marijuana is Safer, we hope you will join hundreds of other supporters of more rational marijuana laws by making your purchase on August 20, 2009. (We would have preferred 4/20, but 8/20 will have to do.)

ABOUT THE BOOK: With Marijuana is Safer, nationally recognized marijuana policy experts Steve Fox, Paul Armentano and Mason Tvert have produced the first book in history fully dedicated to examining the relative harms and the illogical legal status of the two most popular recreational substances in the world — marijuana and alcohol. Through an objective examination of the two drugs and the laws and social practices that steer people toward alcohol, the book poses a simple yet rarely considered question: Why do we punish adults who make the rational, safer choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol?

Marijuana is Safer has something for everyone. For those unfamiliar with marijuana, it provides an introduction to the plant and its effect on the user, and reveals the truth behind some of the government’s most frequently cited marijuana myths. For current or future professional marijuana advocates and individuals interested in what is likely to become a major political battle in the not-to-distant future, the book explains why the “marijuana is safer than alcohol” message must be a prominent part of the public debate over legalization.

But most importantly, for the millions of Americans who want to help advance the cause of marijuana policy reform — or simply want to defend their own personal “safer” choice — the book supplies the talking points and detailed information needed to make persuasive arguments to friends, family, co-workers, and elected officials. Written in a reader-friendly style, but loaded with facts and insightful analysis about the “war on marijuana” and the drive to end it, Marijuana is Safer is the perfect book for anyone who has – or has not – ever wondered, “Why are we driving people to drink?”

Visit the Great Marijuana Book Bomb website to find out more about Marijuana is Safer: So why are we driving people to drink? by Paul Armentano, Steve Fox, and Mason Tvert.

The Great Marijuana Book Bomb of 2009 - August 20, 2009