Prince of Pot Tour Packs The Joint

Marc Emery spoke in Nelson on Aug 10 to what was the second largest crowd of his national Farewell Tour.

More than 230 people came to the Capitol Theatre to see the Prince of Pot before he is extradited to the U.S. for a five year prison sentence after accepting a plea bargain for selling cannabis seeds over the boarder.

Emery said he was impressed by the support he saw in Nelson.

“Usually I’m speaking to a bunch of 19 year olds in a park,” he said.

“Here the crowd is older, people in their 40s and 50s, like me.”

While Emery was only scheduled to speak for an hour, once he got rolling there was no stopping him. He was on stage for two hours sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of pot and the hypocrisy surround its prohibition.

“Everything that is legal will kill you and everything that’s good in this world came from pot, which hasn’t hurt anybody,” Emery stressed again and again.

He incorporated some local information and spoke about Sam Brown, the Nelson mountain biker who killed himself while facing drug charges in the United States.

“Prohibition hurts so many people,” Emery said. “I hope if nothing else, I can inspire people to work hard towards a change.”

– Article from the Nelson Star.