Fidel Accuses US of Using Drug Fight to Justify Military Presence

Fidel Castro has accused the US of using the battle against drugs to entrench its military presence, take control of economic resources and markets in the entire Americas region.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Castro, on Monday said the US Empire never waged the struggle on drugs within its borders but did so in the Latin American countries.

Castro wondered since when the US fourth fleet and modern combat planes were used to combat drugs.

“The struggle against drugs is a pretext to establish military bases in the whole hemisphere. The true objective is to control the economic resources, the markets, and to struggle against social changes,” Castro said. “Was there any need to re-establish that fleet which was demobilised after the Second World War, more than 60 years later, when the Cold War is over and the USSR no longer exists? The arguments used for the installation of seven air and naval bases in Colombia are an insult to intelligence. History will not forgive those who have been so disloyal to their own peoples or those who resort to the exercise of sovereignty as a pretext to harmonize this with the presence of Yankee troops. What sovereignty do they refer to? The one conquered by Bolivar, Sucre, San Martin, O’Higgins, Morelos, Juárez, Tiradentes and Martí? None of them would have accepted such a repugnant argument to justify the granting of military bases to the Armed Forces of the United States, an empire far more dominant, powerful and universal than the Crowns of the Iberian Peninsula.”

Castro warned that no single Latin American country would agree with the presence of US bases.

“If as a consequence of such agreements promoted illegally and unconstitutionally by the United States, any government in that country uses those bases, as was done by [former US president Ronald]Reagan during the dirty war, and [former US president George W]Bush at the time of the Iraq war, to provoke an armed conflict between two sister nations, this would be a big tragedy,” he said. “Venezuela and Colombia were born together in the history of the Americas, after the battles of Boyaca and Carabobo, under the leadership of Simon Bolivar. The Yankee forces could promote a dirty war as they did in Nicaragua, and even recruit soldiers of foreign nationalities trained by them and attack any country, but the combatant, brave and patriotic people of Colombia would hardly let itself be dragged into a war against a brother people like the Venezuelan. The imperialists would be making a mistake if they equally underestimate the other Latin American peoples. None of them would agree with the presence of Yankee military bases. None of them will stop expressing its solidarity with any Latin American people that is being attacked by the imperialism.”

The US claims the bases would form America’s anti-drug central command in Latin America. Ecuador forced the US out of the Manta Base on expiry of the initial contract. Colombia remains Washington’s staunch ally under President Alvaro Uribe who has received billions of dollars in military aid.

But Castro has observed that as a consequence of the war unleashed by drug trafficking for which Mexico had deployed 36,000 troops, almost 4,000 Mexicans had died in 2009 alone.

He said the same phenomenon repeated itself to a greater or lesser degree in the rest of Latin America. Castro said drugs not only cause serious health problems but that they were also a source of violence which was causing a lot of pain in Mexico and Latin America as a consequence of the insatiable US market.

– Article from The Post.



  1. Sir Les on

    Yah to just enforce the facts..that all Governing bodies are control freaks!…because that is what government means!

    SO to point the finger at any of the governments and say this one is a dictator, or that one is evil is in error…because they all to some extent do the same thing!

    Some better than others…”They mislead the people” and rob them of thier true freedom to life!

    But that is never questioned these days…it cost too much!

    Any Ruling government that acknowledges that all plants are Good, and utilizes them Gifts to make a sound estate under God, is the most righteous of them all!

    But bring in Money….and you then have a den of robbers and theives, and all kinds of corruptions stems from that!

    Well we all know how democracy works…you have to feed it humansacrifices and make wars without reason to empose it on those who don’t want it….while saying we are free…

    The lies speak for themselves?

    yah dictators they all are!

    Sir Les

  2. BG on

    We all know the U.S. government is the largest group of upright , honest , moral humans that ever existed….
    they would never lie , cheat , or steal. They are also completely forthcoming with their intentions , and would never use such a facade to acomplish thier righteous goals , for the better of the entire human race.
    Not MY government , uh-uh… way , no how!!

  3. Dave on

    Unlike the US, Cubans are 95% educated and everyone has healthcare. I think they even provide free healthcare to disadvantaged Americans. He doesn’t dislike Washington, they hate him. I suppose they’ll never forgive him for kicking organized crime out of the country.

    If it wasn’t for US sanctions, Cuba would be one of the best place to raise your children. Probably equal to your Mayberry.

  4. Anonymous on

    But Bush Sr. is a dumb fuck and a pussy

  5. Libertarian on

    Terry, if cocaine wouldn’t be illegal there wouldn’t be so much provide in it, making it so interesting to sell, as it is dirt cheap to produce. So if you can blame anything then it is the prohibition that turning the health issue addiction into a criminal one and pushing up the prices for these products.
    Now if this prohibition wouldn’t create such huge profits their wouldn’t be so much money sitting around to rage wars nor would the US/EU bully their will on sovereign foreign countries by occupying these under the false pretext of the war against drugs.
    We can both agree on that Castro been bad medicine for Cuba, but so where the US imposed dictators as well.
    And if you want to find the main source for cocaine on US streets then head over to Langley – it is not to long ago that a CIA plane was downed loaded with tonnes of the stuff. Same goes for heroine, before we went into Afghanistan the opium production was down as the Taliban been killing farmers for planting poppies – now since 2002 we are in charge and opium and heroine is overflowing the market.

  6. Anonymous on

    just don’t let him talk to you about Cuba, then. He knows better than anyone what he is talking about, especially if he is just as bad as they are.

    He just wants to go on record as knowing the truth before he dies. And it’s true. If anyone, we should take it from him. He probably hates Washington as much as we do yet at the same time can relate to them, and has been for sixty years.

    Either way seven air and naval bases just erected in Colombia, that part scared me. I got a little vision of America in the future and it was like the Empire from Star Wars, except only planetary. Still frightening… assimilating the world into loyal soldiers for their sprawling tropical installations, and there is nowhere on earth to run.

  7. Anonymous on

    you tube new world order

  8. Tokin' Terry on

    this cranky old Commie dictator- for the last 50 years can only talk trash. Since when did the humongus largest nation on earth USSR give up its lease as a gigantic military nation ? Toke that stogie Fidel– pretend your Churchill

    and the cocaine industry is so huge it now takes jets and warships and troops to deal with it– those cartel fuckers use submarines to bring their Inca heritage powders to the USA. It is very much a part of US society now thanks to greedy bastards like mr Castros pals in the Andes. CubaFurer forgets that Europe is in on the huge fight against cocaine as well as the USA — & unlike pot cocaine does kill people – the body count from overdosing recreationally and the gentle art selling it is completely retarded. Is there crack in Cuba ghettos? we don;t Mr Castro would not think it was such a great idea of his people became a bunch of crackheads – his shoestring revolution would go down the tubes by nexytwednesday if crack was as freely available in Havana as it is NYC..

    Castro is a chronic control freak goof and Cuba is crapping its pants because they have acted as warehouse for the coke cartels for decades.. and the next blocade might be leveled against Cuba for pimping cocaine for Columbia . That is a death sentence in these modern times
    like it or not its true.