Bill O’Reilly Still Thinks Amsterdam is a Cesspool of Crime

CANNABIS CULTURE – Fox News loudmouth Bill O’Reilly attacked Amsterdam’s “permissive” marijuana and prostitution laws again this week in an attempt to defended himself against online critics.

Last December, O’Reilly and his team of Fox Über-Conservatives reported on the Dutch city, calling it a “cesspool of corruption, crime”, and explaining that the people of Amsterdam “had really wonderfully naive ideas about teaching their children to have safe sex and smoke grass, and what’s happened is, all the criminals and drug addicts throughout Europe have gone and exploited that opening.”

In a hilarious YouTube video response to the O’Reilly Factor, an online poster from Amsterdam edited together clips from the show and drug statistics and footage from the city, poking holes in the Fox News host’s drug war fear-mongering.

Watch the video on YouTube

Ol’ Bill just couldn’t let it slide, and on August 3, in an attempt to defend his position, he broached the subject again on the “Culture Warriors” segment of his show. After playing part of the YouTube video, which O’Reilly called “cute” propaganda, Factor commentators seemed to backtrack a little from their earlier hard-line stances.

When one of the guests brought up statistics showing that more Americans than Dutch had tried marijuana – by percentage – O’Reilly responded with a fantastic line: “The way they do their statistics in the Netherlands is different, plus it’s a much smaller country, it’s a much smaller base to do the stats on – okay, I don’t even care what happens in the Netherlands!”Watch the video on Fox News

In a related story, the Netherlands has recently been forced to close down prisons for lack of criminals. Sound like a cesspool to you?