Prince of Pot Says Farewell

Marc Emery speaks in Bannerman Park Wednesday. (Photo by James McLeod)Marc Emery speaks in Bannerman Park Wednesday. (Photo by James McLeod)Cannabis culture supporters came out to Bannerman Park in big numbers Wednesday to bid farewell to Marc Emery, also known as the Prince of Pot, before he’s sent to the United States this fall to face marijuana charges.

Emery, who’s doing a cross-Canada tour before being sentenced in the fall to what is expected to be five years in a U.S. prison, said about 265 people gathered in the park to hear him speak.

He said it was the third biggest showing out of the four cities he’s visited so far.

“Getting 265 people in the park was just wonderful,” he said.

Emery said part of his reason for doing the tour was to praise the effects of marijuana and various uses of the cannabis plant – a plant he says has contributed greatly to society.

“Everything that’s beautiful in our society was brought by somebody who smoked pot,” he said, citing bands such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Green Day as “potheads”, as well as was Steve Jobs when he developed the Mac computer, and Bill Gates when he developed his operating system.

“Shakespeare, his pipe has tested positive for cannabis,” said Emery

“At the same time, everything that’s legal out there is bad for you and will kill you.”

Call for legalization

Emery also used the event to call on people to work towards ending what he calls a prohibition against marijuana.

He encouraged people at the meeting to write their senator and ask him or her to reject Bill C-15, which would create a minimum sentence of six months for possession of one marijuana plant.

He also encouraged people to vote for parties that support marijuana use, or at least not vote for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, who are strictly against its use.

“I said, ‘I know for a fact that most of you did not vote in the last federal election because your cynical about whether voting will do any good.’ I pointed out one thing’s for sure, not voting will absolutely not do any good.”

Emery’s next stop on his tour is in Montreal Friday.

– Article from The Telegram.