Favorite Bud: Sour Grape Haze

CANNABIS CULTURE – Sour Grape Haze is a massive multi-hybrid from Grass Valley, California.

Sour Grape Haze
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As far as I know, she exists only in clone form. The plant grows leaves in every imaginable color combination, a kaleidoscope of deep rich hues and sparkly resin, and its leaf structure shows its sativa properties. The living plant has a sticky-sweet, candied plum aroma, a flavor which transitions rather well to taste. When give ample sun, water, fertilizers, and space, this girl can top seven pounds per plant!

Sour Grape Haze has a mild and clear high that is well suited to daytime smoking and great for lightweights. I expect to see this strain more often in coming years, as she is a joy to grow and a massive yeilder. Expect harvest time outdoors to be late in October, while indoors she will finish after approximately 60 days of flowering.



  1. Axel on

    Dear Sir,

    I was reading on the web about the sour grape haze, and I am wondering two things:
    1. Is this available in seed form anywhere?
    2. One article said they just fopund out what the genetics behind this strain are, and I’d truly like to know, so in case you can’t get seeds, maybe someone can duplicate the breeding.
    7 lbs per plant harvest is super impressive. I’d like to cross something that produces like this, with white widow, god bud, etc.
    I hope you can help with my inquiry.
    Best wishes, Axel
    If you can answer me at my email.

  2. nay on

    Does that mean that it’s not a potent strain? Is it good for heavy smokers as well as light-weights? I’m looking for a good medical strain… would this fall under that category?


    home of hashbean420

  3. BudToker on

    I love this strain! Are seeds available for purchase? I would love to add this to the Lemon Kush currently in my garden.

  4. Anonymous on

    I think i can help u out but know names n only bizz

  5. Anonymous on

    learn by experience

  6. Anonymous on

    I have 4 off those babbys outside.They are an easy 7 feet tall.at about the 6ft. level they are 2-3 ft straight through the middle.I am about 1 1/2 weeks into flowering.I expect a very high yield by the looks of things.Pure MONSTERS!!

  7. greeneyes on

    i am looking for some to show me how to grow my own trees and i am a smoker