Montgomery D.A. Invetigates State House Drug Dealer

There is a follow up today to the State House Drug Dealer story that first appeared in Sunday’s Montgomery Advertiser. Today’s story is about the Montgomery County D.A.’s office opening their own investigation into the matter.

Here’s the money quote:

State Rep. Craig Ford, D-Gadsden, said that the investigation could have an impact on hiring and employment practices in the future, including whether there will be drug testing of House employees.

I say we drug test every elected official in the State House. Normally, I am against that kind of thing, but these are the jackasses who sit on their thrones and pass laws that put other people in prison for smoking marijuana, or using harder drugs, when many of them probably use drugs when no one is looking. They are the very first ones that should be tested and they should be tested every other day as long as they are elected. Every other day would be better than just random testing because most illicit substances have a 72 hour half-life in ones system.

After the Alabama Bureau of Investigation questioned Hooks and had the drugs analyzed, the agency determined that it did not have enough to prosecute.

And that is the thing that gets to me the most. How did the ABI come to that conclusion? Lorenza Hooks admitted to owning the bag and the video camera showed him putting the bag in the empty legislator’s office. The ABI investigated and conducted tests to see if the marijuana was actually marijuana. It was. How does that equate to ‘not enough evidence to prosecute’?

Someone commented on the original post here a few days ago that the only reason a person isn’t charged when they are caught red handed is if they are an informant for the police or they are rolling on someone. I wonder if that is the case here?



  1. Anonymous on

    As far as Montgomery is concerned, he wasnt prosecuted because he was obviously supplying the goodies to the state house. He was the Alabama State House Candy man.

    The kid above is right,There are no rich people in jail. Ask any Prison Warden how many rich people are in their jails. Its a joke. Only poor people go to jail. The Drug War is not a war against the drug, its a business for the affluent in this country. Theres a real war, but the war is on poor people. Nothing to do with drugs, thats the smokescreen. If thats not the truth, then why are’nt they making drug bust over on the Potomac sode in Washington D.C.?

    Our Senators in the USA are nothing more that a bunch of Gin soaked morons that should have been out of office and out of our hair years ago. The US Senate today, looks like the old Soviet Union during parade time. They are so out of step with the Citizens of this country its pathetic. Theyre a disgrace. By the way, they are the affluent…

  2. Keith on

    I doubt it. I know of an employee who has very rich parents. This kid is 18. He has four DUI’s, crashed into a cop car while on oxy and also was cased for miles. Gets off all the time.
    Money is the real problem. You can afford the best of the best.

    I can’t find a email for you Loretta. I hate opening facebook. lol

  3. CHS on

    It seems that politicans have a certain amount of “diplomatic immunity”.That in itself is so wrong on many levels.If it were a regular person,they (the pigs)would have more then enough to send that person to prison for many years.Hipocracy knows no bounds it seems.