Schapelle Corby’s Unhappy Day

Schapelle Corby has spent a miserable 32nd birthday behind bars. A psychiatrist called to the jail by her worried family said Corby was sad and tearful.

“Today is her birthday, that is why she was a bit sad and just cry,” Dr Denny Thong said.

“She was not so good today.”

It was Corby’s fifth birthday in Kerobokan Jail on drug charges.

She was visited by her sister, Mercedes, and her brother, Michael, who took pizza and a birthday present.

However, there was no birthday cake or candles.

Corby has always claimed she did not want to celebrate her birthday until she was released. Also, she has said she wanted to remain the age she was when arrested in October 2004.

Mercedes said her sister was still “struggling”.

A friend who visited Corby said she “wasn’t really in a sound state. It is really sad to see her like this”.

“We didn’t spend too much time with her because the doctor came to see her,” the friend said.

Corby’s mother, Rosleigh Rose, was not in Bali.

Corby had asked her to stay away because the occasion was too hard for them both.

The jail inmate did receive a delivery of 12 red roses, a box of 24 chocolates and a teddy bear from “Kauri” in Australia.

Corby and her family spent the time in the visitors’ area of the jail where fellow Australians Andrew Chan and Scott Rush greeted her and wished her a happy birthday.

The men are on death row for their role in heroin smuggling.

– Article from the Herald Sun.