Cáñamo de España

CANNABIS CULTURE – Beautiful, high-quality budshots by our Cannabis Cameraman from Spain.

Throughout the last decade, Spain has seen an explosion in the cultivation and public appreciation of the cannabis plant.

As one of Europe’s most marijuana-tolerant countries, second only to the Netherlands, Spain is home to pot tasting clubs, cannabis cups, growing collectives, more than 500 grow shops, a thriving activist community, and two marijuana-specific political parties. Since Spain’s individual privacy laws trump drug control concerns, personal at-home use of marijuana is legal. Though it is still illegal to possess in public places and punishable by a €300 (roughly $400) minimum fine, it is legal to grow in privately owned spaces (see “Spain: activist growing their own”, CC #12).

This weed-friendly atmosphere is the perfect climate for a photographer who specializes in snapping stickygreen plants. Cannabis Culture’s Spanish contributor GanjaPhoto has been focusing on bud shots for over three years. He shoots many gardens from across the country belonging to a network of indoor growers, and his work has been featured in several Spanish cultivation magazines (see “Pot Shots From Spain”, CC #70).

These juicy Nebula, Magic Bud, AK47, Fruity Thai, Jacky White and other strains pictured were grown with organic fertilizer in 6-liter flowerpots under 600-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. All seeds come directly from Dutch seed companies including Ceres, Sheherazade, and Paradise Seeds.

Pictured above:

Pictured below from top left:
Thai, Fruity Thai and Sensi Star: Six weeks into budding under 600-watt HPS lights,
The Church
Thai, Fruity Thai and Sensi Star
Jacky White
White Russian: The small brown spots on the leaves are caused when the plants are sprayed with water during the lighting period. The water beads act like tiny magnifying glasses, burning the leaves.
Magic Bud: Clones growing under 18 hours of light. A great indica that is robust and resistant. Easy to grow, with big compact buds.

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  1. ROZMAN on

    wow this jacky white is quite a nice bud! how long did it take on 12/12??? i’m growing this strain right now!