Ask Ed: Grow Questions and Answers – From Powder To Hash

CANNABIS CULTURE – Ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal on how to convert your screened powder to hash.

Question: I live in a city in Pakistan where marijuana grows wild everywhere. What I mean is that the plants are male, though they have female characteristics, e.g. white hairs growing on top of the bud. I’ve picked a few branches off plants, dried them, and smoked the dried weed.

I was confused because I got high, a high I have never felt before, it isn’t the high that I get from the hash, which is all you get in Pakistan. Now I want to convert these plants that got me high into hash.

I was able to make the hash powder. However, when I’ve tried to make hash from the powder I found it impossible to convert it into a solid. I’ve tried heating it for a long period of time but it yielded no results.

My questions:

(a) Is the wild marijuana growing everywhere, male or female?

(b) Why is it so impossible to solidify the hash powder? I use the wire mesh method to screen hash.

Adam Kazi, Islamabad, Pakistan

Ed Rosenthal: The wild marijuana that you are finding everywhere is either female or hermaphrodite. The male plants usually flower a little earlier than the females. After flowering they lose their vitality and start to die back.

To convert your screened powder to hash you must apply both heat and pressure. A press with warm plates works well. To make small stash amounts, wrap some powder in cellophane and place the package in the heel of your shoe. With a short stint in your show the heat and pressure from your body will turn it to hash.

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  2. Anonymous on

    I’m really not sure myself because everyone says that it’s male but when you smoke it you do get high!But what i’ve noticed is that plants have balls as well as hairs so I guess they are after all herms. I apologize for the mix up I was confused myself. What i can do is,i’ll take a picture and send it to you and then you can tell whether it is a herm or male alright?

  3. Anonymous on

    How sure are you that the plants are male? Make absolutely sure you know how to differentiate the sexes.

    Sounds like you may be collecting a bunch of hermaphrodites (male and female in one plant). The thing is, are they mostly male (showing balls and “opened umbrellas”) with some female flowers, or vice versa? Reason why I point this out is maybe you’re collecting mostly pollen instead of trichomes (hash “powder”), if the plants are predominantly male. You said the plants are male (but with some female hairs), but then you later ask if the plants are male or female. Anyway, something to consider.