Ask Ed: Grow Questions and Answers – From Powder To Hash

CANNABIS CULTURE – Ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal on how to convert your screened powder to hash.

Question: I live in a city in Pakistan where marijuana grows wild everywhere. What I mean is that the plants are male, though they have female characteristics, e.g. white hairs growing on top of the bud. I’ve picked a few branches off plants, dried them, and smoked the dried weed.

I was confused because I got high, a high I have never felt before, it isn’t the high that I get from the hash, which is all you get in Pakistan. Now I want to convert these plants that got me high into hash.

I was able to make the hash powder. However, when I’ve tried to make hash from the powder I found it impossible to convert it into a solid. I’ve tried heating it for a long period of time but it yielded no results.

My questions:

(a) Is the wild marijuana growing everywhere, male or female?

(b) Why is it so impossible to solidify the hash powder? I use the wire mesh method to screen hash.

Adam Kazi, Islamabad, Pakistan

Ed Rosenthal: The wild marijuana that you are finding everywhere is either female or hermaphrodite. The male plants usually flower a little earlier than the females. After flowering they lose their vitality and start to die back.

To convert your screened powder to hash you must apply both heat and pressure. A press with warm plates works well. To make small stash amounts, wrap some powder in cellophane and place the package in the heel of your shoe. With a short stint in your show the heat and pressure from your body will turn it to hash.

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