A Letter To The Province Newspaper About Marc Emery

Oh, so Vancouver’s sudden harrassment of Marc Emery over business licenses is “not about the Olympics”???

Re: Marc Emery is a boring narcissist

Give me a BREAK!!!! Of course it is! In the future, after marijuana has been legalized, and we, in America, are finally allowed to grow industrial hemp, this great humanitarian and Libertarian activist who is respected by millions throughout North America will receive his rightful place in the history books as a tireless crusader for the cause of truth.

How well do you know this man? Have you ever even met him in person? From working with him on the Ron Paul for President campaign I know him to be a deeply sensitive and compassionate individual who would give the shirt off his back to help suffering people who need medicinal marijuana. I know him to be a man of his convictions, a man who stands for something worthwhile, a man of principles just like Congressman and recent Presidential Candidate Dr.Ron Paul- another personal friend of mine. Marc and I and a bunch of other Paul supporters drove all over Vancouver one rainy night and plastered the whole downtown core with Ron Paul posters. There are thousands of Americans living in Vancouver who vote by absentee ballot so this wasn’t as crazy as it might sound. Granted, it did raise eyebrows when we were handing campaign materials out on the sky train, but Revolutions know no borders.

As an American living in Point Roberts, my country angers me when they strive to bury this great man under the prison https://www.cannabisculture.com/v2/content/bc-judge-agrees-delay-marc-emery-us-extradition-hearing and I applaud his tenacious struggle against the dark forces of tyranny and oppression and that includes the fascist tools inside Vancouver City Hall who are now currently messin’ with him in tandem with my own criminal government located inside the District of Criminals, a place I feel very comfortable living 3000 miles away from so that if it ends up getting nuked by the Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans I won’t be glowing in the dark. This isn’t the first time Marc has been forced to fight small minded tyrannical peons in City Hall, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. He is a rebel with a very just cause.

The world needs more courageous people like Marc Emery, and Ron Paul. I tip my hat to them both, and from now on, the only reason I will ever buy your newspaper will be if the world runs out of rolls of toiletpaper and a copy of your paper happens to be in a vending machine near a service station bathroom when I need it most or if I need something to wrap fish in. Do you have sufficient integrity to print my letter? Time will tell. Long live the BC Three, and Libertarians of the world UNITE!

A Fellow Ron Paul Revolution Supporter.

John Hammell is President of International Advocates for Health Freedom, an organization designed to foster networking between health freedom activists to fight elements of coercion worldwide.