This Isn’t Your Father’s Pot Propaganda…Or Is It?

That ol’ drug-warrior chestnut is back: Today’s marijuana is more potent than ever before!

The Drug Czar’s office issued a press release last week about a new study from the University of Mississippi’s Potency Monitoring Project that claims levels of THC “have reached the highest-ever levels since scientific analysis of the drug began in the late 1970s.”

CNN and other news channels picked up the story immediately.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly wheeled out former Drug Czar and pathological liar John Walters to explain how new strains of marijuana are very similar to cocaine and heroin.

Drug war propagandists have been saying “this isn’t your father’s marijuana” since my father started smoking. It’s the same line they drag out every couple of years to try and explain why the last generation of pot smokers seemed to live normal lives and never suffered any negative effects from smoking regularly, but why the new stuff may be harmful to your children!

So is it true? Does today’s pot really contain 10%-30% THC?

I am extremely skeptical of how THC levels are ‘officially’ gauged – check out this great video by Marijuana Man called “THC percentages, do they add up?” to find out why.

But even if today’s pot does have significantly higher levels of THC, there is still no evidence that THC has a harmful effect on the body. And besides, I agree with Scott Morgan of who says increased marijuana potency is an argument for legalization, not against it.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    John Walters STFU already. You were one of the biggest fails of a drug czar in the history of drug czars. It would be like Sarah Palin’s daughtwhore talking about abstinence. Or better yet the heads of Enron giving advice on business ethics. You guys lost, now get on your ice float, and drift and die.

    To the Doctor in the first video. The reason you are stuttering so much is because you know you have to word your answers very specifically as to not life. Nothing you said was backed with any fact or proof. Nor was it even referenced to any proof. You simple kept referring to arguments that “Them” or “many” believe. For a man of science you certainly are not following a scientific methodology.

  2. Anonymous on

    Higher THC levels are a good thing because they mean less consumed material for an effective dose of THC, eliminating the primary physiological concerns cited by prohibitionists like COPD (which even now arguably has no causal link).

    Walters goes on to argue that inexperienced users might not be aware of the higher THC levels and will consume just as much material, but this is a very strong argument in support of legalization: under a regulated system, cananbis would be clearly labeled (as is the case with alcohol), so no person could be surprised by the THC they intake. If sold through a commercial location, regulation could also ensure that people sold the product are educated on appropriate or safe use.

    No matter how you stack the argument, prohibition does not make sense.

  3. Ellis Worthington on

    All of these news stories about the new potent pot is basically free advertising for cannabis vendors. When people hear about how much stronger cannabis is compared to back in the 60s, they usually get curious, and more likely to try this new potent pot.

  4. From the 70s on

    Back in the 70s, we all smoked HASH. NO BC Bud even comes close to the high THC levels of real HASH. I rarely saw pot but when you did, you used 6 rolling papers to roll a giant joint (we would see pot once in a while like Jamaican flower tops, Vietnam Trip weed, I wonder who brought that to Canada, clue Vietnam War).

    Thus it seems now, we smoke a lower THC product since homegrown bud has taken over HASH.

    As usual, its is ALL LIES that we are told.

    Who are the BIGGEST LIARS out there ?

  5. Tommy T on

    Cannabis-marijuana is non-toxic, regardless of potency, or ‘THC’ (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content – you simply cannot consume a lethal dose. Marijuana is safer and less harmful than beer and aspirin. Being that cannabis-marijuana is a plant, it can be cross-bred to enhance certain desired characteristics, such as flavor, yield, early-maturity and potency…similar to tomatoes, apples or grapes. Ideally, one would likely desire a breed, or strain, containing a slightly higher percentage of trichomes (‘Trichomes’ are the small, ‘sugar/crystal-like’ glands that naturally form on the flower-calyx’s of the cannabis plant. These calyx flower-pods will grow in clusters and essentially form a ‘bud’. Trichomes are where most THC is located) as an individual would theoretically consume less overall plant-matter, including particulate and tar, to achieve the desired affect.