Putting Lipstick On Our Strung-Out Pig

Great news, patriots! The Obama administration’s new drugs czar says he wants to banish the War on Drugs! Pack your bong! Hug a crackhead! Tell Central America to come out of hiding!

Well, maybe not just yet. The War on Drugs is still with us, but it’s probably going to have a fancy new name, sort of like how the War on Terror is now the Overseas Contingency Operation. Maybe we can call it the Columbia Reconfiguration Hug Squad, or US-Central American Care Package.

Gil Kerlikowske wants to rebrand the idea that the United States is fighting a war on drugs because fighting a war against drugs would be idiotic and a total waste of time, money, and lives. The US would probably lose a war against a irrepressible, intangible idea like terror, or freedom in the case of drugs — freedom for individuals to escape their fucked-up existences. In fact, the US has lost these wars, just as it will lose any war where its strategy is to swing wildly in the dark, while throwing handfuls of cash at nothing.

When Kerlikowske and brand Obama rename the War on Drugs, their goal should be to pick a new name that will take our minds off the fact that the government has spent $18 billion on the War on Drugs Columbia Reconfiguration Hug Squad this year alone, and counting. And that doesn’t include money spent at the state and local levels. No one seems to have a clear idea of how much the entire program has cost US taxpayers, except a lone conference of mayors that once estimated the price tag at around $40 billion a year. Now, multiply that figure by about 30 years. Yikes.

This year, arrests for drug violations are expected to well exceed the 1,841,182 arrests in 2007, of which 872,720 individuals were arrested for possessing cannabis. These kinds of minor drug offenses lead to overcrowded prisons and the creation of a prison state where now 1 in 31 adults are in the prison corrections system, and the number of those who are nonviolent offenders exceeds the populations of Wyoming and Alaska, combined.

Kerlikowske’s promises that the administration will focus more on treatment than incarceration, disband the unfair and racist distinctions between crack and cocaine, and cease raids on marijuana clinics would all be welcome changes, and help relieve dangerously crowded prisons particularly in California. Kerlikowske stopped short of saying drugs should be legalized, but legalizing drugs would save the US billions in taxpayer money, not to mention spare the lives of innocent indigenous people.

“Regardless of how you try to explain to people it’s a ‘war on drugs’ or a ‘war on a product,’ people see a war as a war on the… We’re not at war with people in this country,” says Kerlikowske. But it’s easy to see why both Americans and Central Americans assume just that. The US government has incarcerated millions of of its own citizens for making a personal choice about consuming drugs, while funding paramilitary forces in Central America that have killed so many innocent civilians.

At a time when the government claims there just isn’t enough money for every citizen to have healthcare, getting rid of the failed War on Drugs could fund numerous national programs, and spare the lives of innocent civilians.

– Article from The Huffington Post.



  1. Anonymous on

    If the Federal government would legalize the possession and growing of pot, WE THE PEOPLE could pay for universal health care. Tax the number of plants you grow, let’s say anyone who wants to grow pot has to pay a growers tax on their plants. Just for example let’s set the limit at ten plants per person at a tax rate of $10.00 a plant. For 10 plants that’s $100.00. How many decent, hard working people would pay $10.00 to grow a plant? I know I would gladly pay $100.00 for 10 plants. Now figure how many of us would do the same? A million, 2 million, or more. Without the spending of millions to control pot, which they will never do, add that to the mix. Some drugs should not be legal meth, coke, heroin. But pot does help many people medically, I’m one. Should I go to prison because marijuana helps relieve my pain? Again millions of others. There is enough money in this mix to pay for health care for every U.S. citizen. The best thing we all can do is VOTE! Get out and support candidates that share our views. Legalization is coming, whether the government wants it or not.

  2. Anonymous on

    That wont happen an ideal idea but impossible with the people we have in this coutry now . The way it is as I see it one group has to take control and force justice on the corrupt the politicians drug companies oil companies and textile makers will see to it that we cant pass a bill even if more people want it legal than illegal the government sides with who gives them the most they arent protectors they are mercinaries . We might have to start lining their pockets to keep our rights .

  3. Anonymous on

    I think the U.S is worse we have all the people voting to legalize people screaming for debate and change , hunderd or at least I think hundreds of studies that prove all of the bad things they say about cannabis wrong or that they are so over exagerated that they arent even a factor and the government just sits there and repeats the same lies to us as if we are stupid childern who dont understand when we are being talked down too .

  4. BigSamoan840 on

    Funny, their war is on my marijuana, not me, but I was the one sitting in Jail with a felony charge, not my weed…

  5. Brian Kerr on

    Depends on what you call decriminalize ? too.

    We can keep cannabis illegal and allow people to purchase a licience to grow 5 cannabis plants and have 1 lbs of useable weed on hand at any one time and fine anybody who has significant amounts over what their licience says they can have. We can keep selling illegal too. Gets rid of the dealers or they would still go to jail or be heavely fined.
    Allow people to pass a small amount free of charge to others. It would still be illegal to export.

    making your own wine and beer is legal but we can’t sell it.
    So there is a kind of pressidient for this kind of system.

    I could very much live with this as long As long as the licience fee is reasonable.

  6. Anonymous on

    they’re just looking for a graceful way to bow out of the situation they have created.

    Legalization of all drugs is the only way to go as decrim leaves the black market intact with all it’s inherent evils.

    Harper is sure to be gone soon and I’m not at all sure about Ignoramous.

    Obama is as full of crap as the last few but hopefully has a more open mind.

    We need people with real balls or a good woman to run the gov’t to see any positive changes to a scientifically useless prohibition.

    There’s a lot more alcoholics than there are junkies so lets put the prohibition back on booze and see how that goes.

  7. Anonymous on

    Basically what it comes down to for the corporation, America, is will we make more money from drugs if they are illegal or legal. you have to think indirectly, not directly related to the industry, tink of food stores that benefit from stoners munchies. Police that make money from arresting people with pot go and spend it. those sorts of things.

  8. Anonymous on

    i dont know who is dumber the us or canada we started the drug war and stephen harper is jumping off the cliff with us in his drug policies

  9. Anonymous on

    America is a corporation. Prohibition makes money. Call it what you will, its the same thing. Legalization is the only option….