More Marijuana in the Mainstream Media

CANNABIS CULTURE – Mainstream cable news channels continue to seriously address the issue of marijuana legalization on a daily basis.

As the drug-related violence in Mexican border towns continue, and more US politicians call for a wider debate, mainstream news networks have been seriously discussing the legalization of drugs as a solution to growing gang violence. CNN, CNBC, and even Fox News have been increasingly featuring drug law reform advocates as guests, and actually giving them a chance to explain their positions!

On CNBC, Marijuana Policy Project’s Rob Kampia debated former Bush and Clinton drug policy advisor Kevin Sabet on the absurdity of marijuana prohibition. Remarkably, the host repeatedly pressed Sabet on his incorrect statistics and unsupported assertions.

CNN’s Jack Cafferty, who recently penned a poignant article titled “The War on Drugs is Insane“, asked viewers if legalizing marijuana is the answer to the government’s money problem. All of the responses were positive.

Also on CNN, Congressman Barney Frank, who has cosponsored recent pro-marijuana and hemp bills, put a big smile on Lou Dobb’s face when he referring to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recent calls for a marijuana legalization debate. Frank said, “when people in my business say it’s time for a debate, it generally means that they are for something that they’re afraid isn’t popular enough yet.”

Finally, on Fox News, activist Mason Tvert of SAFER stood his ground against a barrage of prohibitionist propaganda from ‘addiction specialist’ Dr. Harold Urschel and Fox stooge Brian Kilmeade. Fox wasn’t as pot-friendly as the other networks but still gave the issue a chance – and a week earlier broadcast a debate about medical marijuana between two religious leaders.

Watch more mainstream news coverage about marijuana.

UPDATE: Watch another Fox News clip with (the always-fantastic) Ethan Nadelmann from the Drug Policy Alliance.