Medical-Pot User Given Way To Eliminate Smell

Wheelchair-bound double-amputee Marilyn Holsten is clearing the air in her pot-puffing fight with her landlord.

Holsten, who faces eviction at the end of the month because she smokes marijuana inside her East Vancouver suite, was yesterday given a vapourizer by pot activist Marc Emery and his wife, Jodie. Emery and his wife dropped the $750 German-made Volcano Vaporizer off at Holsten’s suite on East 8th Avenue and she wasted no time in putting it to use.

Besides the donated vapourizer, Holsten was also given a baggie of Blueberry Island Sweet Skunk, a marijuana variant prized by pot puffers.

After a quick instructional session on using the high-end machine, Holsten took a few tokes and sang praise of the machine that allows her to get stoned while eliminating smoke.

“Wow is this ever nice, it doesn’t burn your throat,” said Holsten, 49, who uses marijuana to help with the unbearable pain she gets in the stumps of her legs. Holsten is a diabetic and has lived for more than eight years in a building run by the nonprofit Anavets Seniors Citizens Housing Society.

After pot smoke was detected coming from her suite, she was given an eviction notice in April 2008. In order to stay, she was forced to sign a document promising to light up outdoors only. Then last month Holsten was given a final eviction notice after management said the smell of pot was noticed in public areas of the building.

Despite having a doctor’s note saying she needs to smoke marijuana to ease her pain, the landlord told her to find another place. Emery, who faces possible extradition to the U.S. on drug charges next month, said he is hearing of cases similar to Holsten’s. “We know of many people who are using medical marijuana who are running into problems with their landlords,” he said.

Holsten has appealed her eviction and has a hearing June 9 with the Residential Tenancy Branch. [email protected]

– Article The Province.



  1. Anonymous on

    With a big heart!
    The fascists want to put him in jail. That fucking BS boils my blood.

  2. DiiirtyCanuck on

    Here is what I do in zero tolerance areas such as dorms. Blowing smoke through bounce sheets still wreaks and there are particles that are harmful to release into air that you are breathing. Here it is.

    Things you need:
    Bathroom Exhaust Fan: 70CFM = 30$ at home hardware AIR KING is the best IMO as it is quiet.

    Some 4″ ducting (however much u need really, 3 ft to 10-20)

    A piece of 4″ metal tubing or plastic (Like a paper towel roll but metal/plastic giving you the ability to attach to the ducting to)

    Activated Carbon: 25$ (Don’t need a ton)

    Silicone Kitty Litter: 7$ (the crystal kind of cat litter)

    Here is wat you do (similar designs are on youtube but lack the kitter litter). Take that piece of metal/plactic pipe you bought. Put a piece of panty hose at the bottom to stop particles from falling through but allowing air. Pour the Activated carbon in first to about 1/4 to 1/2 the way, then top is off with the cat litter. Shake it down and fill right to the top, but don’t forcibly pack it in. Attach another piece of panty hose to the other end (panty hose on both ends with carbon/litter inside). Now put the fan where it would be used best to collect smoke, run the ducting through the pipe (we made) and out a window (though not completely needed). This will kill all odor and stop the need for putting ones mouth on anything. I used to hot box a first floor dorm room and you could stand outside the window and smell nothing. Active Carbon is what is used in filters that are used in growing and the silicone kitty litter just makes things cheaper to top off and works very well on it’s own. You can even finish the loop off with a few bounce sheets to eradicate all paranoia. It will cost 70-100$ to make, but I live alone now and still use it just so my house doesn’t smell (clothes, walls etc). VERY GOOD INVESTMENT.

  3. Anonymous on

    My recommendation. Save up for a volcano. There is no substitute. Try to put away $100 / mth, which is easy to do if you try.

  4. Adimus on

    Well carbon filters work extremely well for eliminating odours. in fact growers frequently use them on their grow rooms because when cannabis plants bud they smell VERY strongly. i frequently have the exact same problem as you’re describing. i cant always smoke outside (e.g. neighbours) but i dont always want to make my house smell either (especially when i used to live with my parents). there is one really cheap alternative that works awesome. i call it a spoof but it has tons of diff names. The way I make one is using a water bottle or pop bottle or something (the plastic kind not glass) but you can also use a cardboard papertowel/toilet paper tube if you just wanna make a quick one and don’t care about durability (saves you the trouble of cutting one end but i like the mouth piece you get with the bottles). just take a utility knife (or x-acto knife or whatever) and cut the bottom off the bottle. then stuff the entire bottle with a bunch of bounce dryer sheets (or any other brand and fyi stuff in thru the bottom since itll be a bigger opening/ its easier). how many it takes will depend on the bottle size and how paranoid you are about the smell lol (probably like 5-10 depending on the bottle should be fine). to finish it off just take one more dryer sheet and elastic it over the bottom of the bottle so all the sheets stay nice and packed in there. to use it just take your hit and then blow the smoke out thru the spoof (obviously blow into the part you normally drink out of). any smoke coming out the other side will quickly dissipate and will smell like dryer sheets and not pot. i also use this technique all the time in my apartment. so good luck and happy smoking.

  5. Anonymous on

    How well do those filters work? Can’t afford a vaporizer and I have to smoke outside risking detection by my neighbours. Pretty sad eh? Tried smoking at the window, doesn’t work and lately I’ve just been eating it. It’s a different kind of buzz that’s for sure. Any suggestions. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous on

    That was very awesome, you guys are the best. 🙂
    How about curing her Diabetes? Wouldn’t hurt to try at least. Rick Simpson has made claims when you eat a certain amount of very clean pot oil, it CAN cure people’s diabetes; He’s done it multiple times.
    I mean it’s nice for the vaporizer but if you eat it you consume the other 90% of the medication that is burned off.
    Vaporization is defiantly the way to go but if this Man’s claims are true why doesn’t someone give her enough oil to live comfortably and no odor.
    Can’t hurt..


  7. Anonymous on

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    Show some compassion

    The Province

    The non-profit Anavets Senior Citizens’ Housing Society wants to evict Marilyn Holsten from her apartment because she smokes medicinal pot.

    Living in a social housing environment, such as an apartment complex, requires considerable tolerance of neighbours. It is not like living on an acreage where the nearest pain in the ass might be making noise five miles away.

    Living in an apartment means you have to be understanding of the gal down the hall who burns her fish sticks every night; or the couple in the bedroom below who occasionally have thunderous sex; or the guy on the third floor who has replaced his curtains with a gigantic Calgary Flames flag.

    And sometimes it means tolerating the odd whiff of medicinal marijuana.

    In the case of Ms. Holsten, the poor woman is taking puffs now and then to alleviate phantom pains associated with being a double amputee. Worse still, she is a diabetic with rapidly failing sight in one eye.

    Let’s put all the information together in one sentence: The non-profit Anavets Senior Citizens Housing Society is evicting a double amputee with failing vision because she smokes pot in her apartment.

    Come on, people. Get serious. First of all, most of us would be hard pressed to find an apartment block anywhere in Vancouver where at least one tenant isn’t firing up the occasional fattie. But this is a double amputee with diminishing eyesight.

    Do the right thing. Don’t evict.

    Contact: [email protected]

  8. Anonymous on

    and NBC filter off of ebay that is designed to screw onto gas masks is a small carbon filter that eliminates all smoke and oder from your exhailation, I use one regularly and highly reccomend it.

  9. Joe on

    Wow Marc you are great, good carma for you buddy! 😉

  10. Anonymous on

    Awesome! I was going to suggest she needs a vaporizer or carbon filter. Way to go Marc and Jodie!