Michael Douglas Wants Marijuana Legalized

CANNABIS CULTURE – Actor Michael Douglas wants the US government to consider ending marijuana prohibition to stop violence and help the US economy.

An article posted on the Starpulse Entertainment News Blog paraphrased the Hollywood star, saying he insists “America’s corrupt history seems destined to repeat itself until his countrymen can smoke freely, recalling the violence incited by Prohibition.”

The blog also says the “64-year-old actor is adamant that making cannabis legal would boost America’s flagging economy and make the world more peaceful.”

“It’s an interesting issue with all of these troubles that are going on,” Douglas said, “and trying to resolve things. It’s an interesting thing that’s being raised again.[…] I’m questioning it. We’re trying to get a lot of money for health and education and I’m wondering… you look at these gangs, and I look back at Prohibition. When we didn’t allow alcohol, what did we have? We had gangs. We had big gangs. It’s something that needs to be discussed a little more. It’s an economic issue and a violence issue.”

In the 2000 Academy Award-winning film Traffic, directed by Steven Soderbergh, Douglas played a conservative, tough-on-crime Drug Czar who eventually sees the futility of the Drug War when his daughter becomes addicted to cocaine.

Douglas is set to appear in the upcoming film, The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey, and will reprise his role from the 1987 Oliver Stone film Wall Street for the sequel, Money Never Sleeps in 2011.

The actor joins a list of celebrities who have recently voiced their support for marijuana law reform, including musician Carlos Santana, and comedian D. L. Hughley.



  1. Anonymous on

    I’d vote for him 😉 LOL

  2. Anonymous on

    actually his daughter was chasing the dragon in traffic which is smoking heroin, i totally agree with douglas hes the man douglas for pres.

  3. Amadora on

    I totally agree with Michael Douglas….when will the governments learn from their mistakes? There was a huge crime syndicate problem because of prohibition and it’s no different with drugs. Except……alcohol is much more harmful to your body. Cigarettes are also legal and major harmful. Both addictive, both expensive and the government is making major money on both. My liver, stomach, lungs, the demon with the sledgehammer in my head and the serpent in my stomach can attest to the harmful effects of alcohol and cigarettes…..yet they’re legal. Pot from what I’ve seen is neither harmful nor addictive and is probably one of the best pain killers w/o side effects as opposed to the legal drugs with warnings of side effects worse then the problem they’re supposed to cure or relieve. And that’s not even touching the fact that if legalized, pot sales can boost a country’s economy substantially, it would reduce crime and violence and our tax dollars can be better spent on real crime solving and to provide better services for the needy. JFK once said: Ask not what your country can do for you but, ask what you can do for your country…..maybe the government should try practicing that. They work for the country and it’s about time they realized that and started listening to what the country wants. I’m not a drug user but I do believe that legalizing pot will be more benefial all around then it will be harmful.

  4. Anonymous on

    what a fucking cool guy

    just look him in the eyes man
    you can see the shine



  5. Anonymous on

    mike would make a great president .now only if we could get him to run .im sick of lawyers running things .and these crimnals who are posing as police .dont get me started.

  6. Aozo on

    That’s the Class we need to End this battle of misplaced medications, & recreational fun that we all Enjoy… He’s the Class for Life.

  7. Darral Good on

    Michael Douglas would make a great candidate running against OBAMA even!