Stephen Colbert Discusses The Drug War With Ethan Nadelmann

Drug Policy Alliance founder and director Ethan Nadelmann went toe-to-toe with funnyman Stephen Colbert to discuss the immediate need for drug law reform.

From Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report on Thursday, April 30, 2009.

Considering the US arrested over 800,000 last year for marijuana, and the obvious fact that a huge percentage of his fans are pot-smokers, you think this topic would come up more often on Colbert’s show. Here’s how to contact The Report to encourage Stephen to feature more drug policy reformers.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. acebluesman on

    I was watching Colbert’s interview with a friend and was astounded by the density of the brainwashed mind. He refused to see Colbert’s obvious sarcasm in his responses and kept commenting on how he was against legalization. We are both of a conservative ilk, although my views are that of an open mind, and his are the part-line rhetoric of the republican party. Go Colbert and keep up the open discussion!

  2. Anonymous on

    I Like Stewart better, but Colbert’s funny after a few bowls.

  3. Zachary Cameron on

    I meant to say my hero

  4. Zachary Cameron on

    Colbert has got to be my issue, real nice rip on the torture thing at the end there too by both him and Nadelmann. Funny guys.