RVD Wrestles Drug War Propaganda on Geraldo

Pro-wrestler turned marijuana activist Rob Van Dam was back on the Geraldo Rivera show recently, this time taking on Republican Drug War crusader Ernest Istook.

RVD talked about legalizing and regulating marijuana to help stimulate the economy and compared the mild effects of marijuana to the damaging effects alcohol has on society.

This is RVD’s second time on the Fox News show in recent months, appearing in February to discuss Olympian Michael Phelps’s bong-smoking controversy.

Istook is a former GOP Congressman who is now a Fellow at the NeoCon froth-factory, The Heritage Foundation, and has his own radio talkshow. Istook seems to be the media’s prohibitionist go-to guy of late, appearing recently in a debate on CNN with Congressman Ron Paul (where he was so rude and obnoxious he managed to fluster the usually cool-as-a-cucumber Paul).

Check out Rob Van Dam’s great article from Cannabis Culture Magazine, “Weed, Wrestling, and Athletic Enhancement“.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.


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  1. acebluesman on

    I was so surprised by RVD’s eloquence and preparedness that I watched both videos twice. I figured that Geraldo had lined up a stooge to face the former Congressman(and maybe he did)but, RVD slammed the Congressman on every point he tried to make. While the Congressman continued to spout archaic propaganda and prohibitionist lies, RVD quoted solid facts and figures and perhaps most importantly, used common sense in his arguments. The only thing I wondered is how wrestling officials can suspend someone from a fake sport for using marijuana, while continuing to let rampant steroid abuse infect their “sport”. Kudos to RVD for standing up to the system!