RCMP Officer Fired After Admitting He Smokes Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – A Burnaby RCMP officer whose lost wallet was found with marijuana inside was fired after admitting he was a pot smoker.

Const. Amyn Dharamshi’s wallet was found, dropped in a mailbox, and eventually given to the Vancouver Police urlurlDept. The VPD contacted the RCMP, who brought Dharamshi in for questioning.

First, the officer claimed the 6.1 grams of marijuana and a pack of rolling papers belonged to his brother. According to CanWest News service, the mountie even offered to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence, but broke down and admitted the pot was his just moments after the test was performed!

Dharamshi said that he had smoked cannabis several times recently to relieve martial and financial stress.

The Vancouver Sun provides some details:

At a formal disciplinary hearing in 2005 before a panel of three senior Mounties, Dharamshi pleaded for mercy, saying he knew what he did was wrong but that he wanted to remain on the force.

Two of Dharamshi’s superiors testified on his behalf, including a corporal who, according to the judgment, argued that “had Constable Dharamshi sought relief from alcohol rather than marijuana, his actions would not have brought him into the discipline process.”

However, the disciplinary panel ruled that Dharamshi’s use of an illegal substance was a serious matter that was only aggravated by the fact he lied about it when first confronted.

“It takes courage to step up to the truth and Constable Dharamshi did not display such courage,” the panel ruled. “Dharamshi has conducted himself in such a manner that his integrity has been seriously brought into disrepute.”

The panel ruled that Dharamshi should be forced to resign from the force and, if he failed to do so, that he should be fired.

Dharamshi appealed the panel’s decision to the RCMP’s external review committee.

However, in a decision last spring — recently obtained by The Vancouver Sun — the committee upheld Dharamshi’s dismissal.

Dharamshi, who was suspended with pay from the force on Aug. 18, 2004, finally resigned on July 2, 2008.

So this is what it takes to get fired from the RCMP.

Unfortunately, this guy didn’t have much of a chance from the beginning. The RCMP and VPD have a deep distaste for marijuana – a side effect of their addiction to prohibition. Even if he told the truth immediately and admitted the pot was his, Dharamshi would have probably been forced to resign as an example to other closet smokers on the force.



  1. T.O. on

    All police officer should have some smoke and have Relaaaaaax!
    This is the most necessary things for everybody.

  2. Worm on

    Law enforcement has no integrity.


    Peace & Pot

  3. Anonymous on

    Hmmm… no mention of where the cop acquired the Herb in
    the first place. We all know cops don’t pay for their
    weed, they “confiscate” it. Bet theres more to this story
    than is being revealed to the public.

  4. Amadora on

    maybe it’s time for the government and it’s law enforcers to be investigated. Maybe their reasons for drug prohibition is because they themselves are involved as users and traffick it. Legalizing it would certainly break their income wouldn’t it? lol

    It’s not like we didn’t already know that alot of them are corrupt anyways. Power corrupts…..absolute power corrupts absolutely!!!!

  5. The Shake on

    What saddens me most is the closet-smokers who pretend to be in favor of prohibition (to remain ‘safe’ from persecution) even though they know the damage and loss of human life it causes.

  6. Schmoyaaa on

    4 years suspended pay. wow. set the precedent canadiIia. congrats to the Mountie, and fellow 420 friend.

  7. Quankers on

    It is the least unjustifiable of cannabis arrests when a cop is arrested for dealing or possessing. It’s just hypocritical system eating itself.

    Const. Amyn Dharamshi is a massive hypocrite if he was smoking cannabis while enforcing laws against it. So he goes to the bottom of the list of people I would concern myself with in regards to injustice. Let’s see justice for all the people Dharamshi and the rest of the RCMP have abused and confined, and then I’ll worry about the likes of him.

  8. steveo9001 on

    thats our world for you…. doesnt that just make u want ot keep on living ?1 i know im jus about fed up with life >.>

    This world is utter shit and its all due to the corrupt government and the retards that believe and follow them 100%

  9. Anonymous on

    So you get fired for having a bit of weed in your wallet. But when you taser someone innocent and end up killing them you walk away free.

  10. Anonymous on

    Justice has not been served when anyone goes to jail or loses their job or is fined due to smoking marijuana… I don’t care if he was a prick cop or a good cop..Justice was not served….

  11. Quankers on

    “let’s all pray that Dharamshi will get his job back and that justice will prevail!.”

    Sure, I’ll pray for Dharamshi. Just as soon as I stop laughing at Dharamshi. A cop who busts people for marijuana gets busted for marijuana? Justice has prevailed.

  12. Anonymous on

    let’s all pray that Dharamshi will get his job back and that justice will prevail!. 🙂

  13. Brad Dean on

    RCMP= Rotten Criminals Masquerading as Police