More Diseases Could Be Treated With Medical Marijuana

SANTA FE, N.M. – A medical advisory board is recommending more chronic conditions to the list of patients who can use medical marijuana.

The state already allows its use for pain and other symptoms from 14 debilitating illnesses such as cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, HIV-AIDS and certain spinal cord injuries.

The state Department of Health added seven of those conditions in February.

The program provides protection from state prosecution for approved patients. It has 284 patients so far.

Now the advisory board is recommending eight more conditions: chronic muscle inflammation accompanied by muscle weakness, severe osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, post-polio syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and severe chronic pain.

– Article from The Associated Press.

Board proposes new marijuana conditions

by Todd Dukart, KRQE

SANTA FE – A medical board has proposed adding Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, severe osteoarthritis and several other conditions to the Department of Health’s medical marijuana program.

The Medical Advisory Board issued its list of recommendations for the medical marijuana program on Monday. The state Secretary of Health still needs to agree before sufferers will be able to apply to use medical marijuana.

The proposed conditions, according to Department of Health spokesperson Deborah Busemeyer:

– Inclusion body myositis, a chronic muscle inflammation accompanied by muscle weakness
– Severe osteoarthritis
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– Reactive arthritis
– Post-polio syndrome
– Parkinson’s disease
– Alzheimer’s disease
– Severe chronic pain

After the board compiles its list of recommendations, Health Secretary Dr. Alfredo Vigil will have 10 days to approve or deny the list.

– Article from KRQE on April 13, 2009.



  1. Sir Les on

    What I have posted are words of wisdom that have been with humankind for a very long time!

    They are valid logical truths!…If the western world would consider legalizing hemp and Marijuana again, and stopped oppressing world trade…this would would have inroads opened to “global aid” by people who love to grow Marijuana, and care about Life!

    I Love to grow plants!…I haven’t grown many…but Marijuana is one I have grown and studied, not just for the drug…but for seed production, fiber, and different traights of differing hybrids I tried to make…To me Marijuana is a living entity designed by God, to do a certain function in the eco systems of the world!

    Thus God says…”Do not touch this Tree, nor eat from its fruits”…because it was not made clean then…Now do not touch, doesn’t mean wipe it out, outlaw it, spread lies about it, or imprison those who do use it…

    Let God Judge!…”and God saw that it was good”
    Now someone has change that concept, and we are fore warned in the Bible not to change God’s words or judgements Acts 10:15!!!

    So where and when have humankind gone astray?

    Here is some research to back the medical truth…

    Now because this plant seems to hold some medical benefit is by no means its only known attribute…So to just use Marijuana as a drug is by far a tragity, when a hole eco friendly solution is with it!

    So Global warming due to pollution can be curved first by stopping the polluters!…and employing the growth on a wide scale round the world of Hemp, and Marijuana…which can then be turned into Ethanol (clean burning fuel) the plants consume the c02, and the product helps change the fossil fuels which are polluting the planet, to a more eco friendly direction….

    And whilst we do that…we Restore ACTS 3:21…EDEN

    Now that is wisdom…it is more than just a drug!

    So intent/conduct is important!…be sinless

    what we do in actions…speaks to God our intent!

    Make it Eden, Under God’s commandments,,and I see no problems at all….God will even help us!

    But do the opposite…and woe and wrath will be upon the earth to deal with.

    Now draw your lines…and make truth paramount in your life…

    Don’t tell me what I can and cannot post….it is all relevant to the betterment of Planet Earth!

    And that is going to be everyones Problem soon enough!…if not already!

    Sir Les

  2. Moronically truthful on

    The first Post I made as truth out of the bible books of Genesis to the part where it says “the plant is for the healing of the Nations!!!”

    is all in all part of the truth of this world!..this Earth is being exploited for profits and gains…but little is being done in returns to that eco system which provides so much for our livelyhood…

    Now if the Bible says it is for the healing of the nations…then there must be truth to it!

    That is what I brought to this forum…Truth…weather it be from the bible or from the book of death….Truth is truth…and remains constant!

    God is a constant…he is always…he was,is, will be, and forever will be God in my mind,heart and spirit!

    I don’t care what the other people sprout out of their minds to the contrarie mindset…because it is now proving itself to be true…it is a constant death trap they have made here under the Idol told not to make!
    it feeds off of the taxed hand, and creates the evil doers…which bring rise to all kinds of oppression and slavery, for sickeness and suffering to come about and even death is constant under it…which then cost more Money to solve for!

    Caught in a finger trap…a chatch 22…always dying and being reborn into the same trap under the Idols grip!


    Humankind should if intelligent enough graspe my meanings when I say the truth is in the Bible!…and plants and God and people helping that estate sinlessly feed all life……Money(ingraven Images worshipped for life) which is a human creation, makes death!…breaking a commandment!

    What I initally said:
    “For the healing of the nations!”…and no evil or curse will be with it!

    And so…it is very on track with the Article!

    And as for God saying it first and foremost in the begining of the Bible…would put it in a paramount state of accounting that we do these services correctly!

    My Bible is My life!…My God is a God of Life!

    The idol, and those possesed by its delusion, and false states of being…are the cause of most of the woe and suffering the human race is experiencing!

    That being said…we can look out into the world and see what the ingraven image breeds in this world humans are making!= evil doers of all kinds!
    And putting them behind bars, slaughtering them, or making them murderers…isn’t changing anything!

    So more sin to fight sin…is still sin….evil to rid evil is still evil…

    And disobediance of the word of God…is said to beget death.
    Stop sinning!…stop being disobediant to God’s word, and will.

    Do not resist what you have already found truth in…Because I put the word God there…people take a shitfit?…why the hatred of the creator?


    if I put another word / title there everything is fine?

    Funny how that is so wrong, and yet in the land of opposites, it doesn’t phaze me one bit!

    Thanks for trying to reform me….But I don’t think I need to be reformed here, nor corrected by you…and I know you see it too!..Evil is here!

    And it ain’t me!…but you could say I draw them out ever time I speak the truth!

    Sir Les

  3. Sir Les on

    Ask that question…to the governing bodies now at war on planet Earth!

    And your taxed hand is now in support of murdering innocent people, in their bent sacrifices!

    How far bent does it have to go?

    why not just push the big button and end the whole thing?

    So why did God send his son to do what a full grown God should?

    I believe God wanted to show us that even a child of man could be of the glory, and the kingdom as his footstool…if they only woul dlisten to the words of Truth God spoke to Moses as the ten commandments!…to which the Son added his…so now 11 commandments!
    and the first instruction out of Genesis…to tend and keep the garden well!

    Now you can denie these things…you can mock them…you can defile them…you can blow them up…

    it is still the truth!

    Now some want the truth…and others…well here they are listed above..etc

    Sir Les

  4. Sir Les on

    Have a good read into this:

    The mention of why is because Money (idol of ingraven image) and Power over the people with it, and profits off the sickness and suffering goes on with out a cure!…so slavery and taxes are taken continually for the errection of constant death and sickness and suffering under its control!


    Even a Moron can fulfill the word and will of God!…with out even thinking about it!

    I saw God…so I believe in God!…and God has word of me…”The Pure of heart shall see God”…and so I did or so I have!

    So he appeared to me!…and for me that is proof enough!

    But let me draw a line as to what makes the opposite of God, that is now here on this forum as vileness?
    filthy, detestable, and degrading the human concept of truth of the garden and good people doing what is righteous….we find the demons, devils, and deviants…to that word and will…a anti truth…a anti God…and a anti Christ Jesus…who asks the father to forgive them Evils…because they do not know what they are doing….Today we know better?

    Well from what I have read here…some are still cave men and women…hating what they don;t understand!

    what I have posted is for the betterment of the whole creation!

    But you know demons..and truth…they can’t figure it out..because they are guided by the oppsite mindset…

    And this forum has proven it to be Just what I’m on about….Idolatry breeds the volgarity being expressed by the demonica it creates!

    Proof is in the pudding!…By way of opposite…You too can solve for God!

    Sir Les

  5. Anonymous on


    YOU ARE A MORON……there is no GOD….DOG……that loves you unconditionally.








  6. Sir Les on

    Yes…No money required!…that is part of the key that opens the door to God.
    And through that door, using the plant in the right light…miracles happen!

    So those who grow it for profits in wealth, trade it for Just a drug, and tie a false value to it…create the opposite…chaos!
    Because of the breaking of a commandment God made..for us to live by, which are good laws in my understanding of them as I read them now…it might be that breaking these commandments, and using Marijuana/hemp the worng way…might cause God to anger, or spread deases on the Evil that arises under the Idol God commanded us not to make….ingraven images worshipped more than God.

    Let us say God = truth.
    Now what the commandment is trying to impose is “Love God”
    Now if you LOVE wealth more…well the prosparity that might be gained by that lust for dead things, might bring down or instill the opposites of God, for being opposite God.

    Thus error creates Chaos!

    Truth creates wellbeing!

    Now because no money was asked…As Christ asked for no money when healing…we find a simulatity in ethical moral and religious understanding!

    when we read into things we have to take all the observable information writen, and implied, and what was untold….Christ asked no money from anyone!
    What he did ask, was do you believe in the Father in heaven…and most of them who he healed said yes!…even the solder of the Roman army!
    And through that faith in God…and Christ doing his thing the right way…God worked miracles!

    And Money was just then taking root…and Jesus kicked it out of his fathers house!

    Wonder why?

    Now the human saga continues…and woe and wrath are now on the earth…Scientist say it is global warming…

    I however believe we are being judged accordingly by God!
    For if we look close enough at the system of economics and trade…and the oppressors…which end up making the religous fanaticals, and terrorists…groups…and then ask people to go out and kill em in warfare, to me is the sickest game they got going on!
    And we pay to support it with the taxed hand…and they say..”Thankyou for your sacrifices”…Now what demigod is it they sacrifice too?

    And in understanding Christ Jesus…he was to be the last Sacrifice!

    So in essence…the system they have built up…is in great error and disobediance to God’s word and will….it is the opposite of Eden!

    Instead of a healthy life…we have sickness and suffering, even death!

    Does anyone wonder why?

    well like the motor and coil that takes the negitive energy the Evil doers create, and puting it back into the system…God created…the woe, and wrath are created…to wipe out the evil….and make life here very unpleasant for most part!

    if I can draw lines to them…then I am learning cause and effect in a more perfect light…it is not that I have read the Bible that I see these things….it is because I am observant…which is in part the biggest tool Science uses!

    I like how you put your words…
    Thanks for seeing into mine…and finding truth.

    Sir Les

  7. Sir Les on

    Yes common sense…it was writen way back before Cain and Abel…Genesis!
    From there the word of God has transpired as common sense!
    or in my understanding TRUTH!

    So..these things that have always been happening have a reason…for everything that happens has a cause and effect solution or state of being!

    Idolatry…ingraven images worshipped for life…or made way to important for life, to cause death….Yep MONEY is in a way Ingraven Images told not to make, and use for our lives…

    So there is where humankind Errors first and foremost, breaking the second commandment of God.
    How long has money been here?
    And then you can understand why all the other evils exist in our history!

    We are important to God…those who do the will and fulfill the word are most important to the chain of life, and the restoration of Eden…which God wants!

    For why would God say he made a garden, if he didn’t want it?

    And so why are humans bent on destroying it with pollutants?

    Drawing lines starts making funny patterns and wired connections to a Anti God, Anti Christ, Anti Eden…Anti Life!

    You draw your lines straight…as you said you agree…so finish drawing the lines!

    Now you too know what I am saying is truth!…or as you claim common sense?

    Well if you look at the majority of the posters on this thread…it is not common with them!

    And that is why humankind fails God!…No Edens…No future!

    Sir Les

  8. Sir Les on

    If God exists???? are you denying that God does?
    You banter me…why should I be any different?

    I quote the Bible, because it has meaning and truth in it!
    Just like 1=1 and 1+1=2 from my math book…you want to dispute it?
    I could say…that 1+1=0 and 1+1= more than two and still be telling the truth! using the math book which has truth in it!..that was writen by men and women!

    Both were writen by men..and women…does that make them untrue?

    Because I live in a fantasy land/world…I should have the right to fantasize with out the kind of violance this forum has shown me.
    Because this forum shows me violance towards certain concepts that are logical and valid if employed…We could reach a different outcome, than the one this bent world is on.

    But people like the ones above, that live on this earth…althought they are intitled to their own opinions…they deny truth, and love the liar and lies more!

    they have no honorable merits…and their best defence is belittle, deny, begile, name call, and thrash with vile tongues…what they have never tried to do, so others will side with them…and thus it never gets fulfilled!
    And this forum proves with out a shadow of a doubt that fact!

    with people like that in the world,….there will never be peace on Earth!

    Remember food feeds the hungery…and Money feeds the fire!

    Sir Les

  9. Anonymous on

    Take your MAN written BIBLE and shove it up ur ass along with the koran and any other stupid fucking IDEAS!





  10. Sir Les on

    Is it in the Holy Bible?….YES…and because of that truth…I spoken Factually to you all!

    Use it wisely!

    Sir Les

  11. Sir Les on

    When it is used ,under certain according to the word and will of God!

    Eden is first…made, and cared for by Humankind!= the helpers God asked for!

    Now if we do it sinlessly and multiply it out over the world for the greator good of all life…then God will be well pleased, and make the lands/earth abundantly Giving!

    Now here is the opposite…Today…and the fish stocks are dwindling, the chickens are getting sick, the cows are going mad, and the whales are beaching in large numbers!
    The hospitals are full and overflowing!…or they cost too much to go to!
    Alot of new sicknesses…and a lot of suffering!
    Idolatry..and great pollution from the fossil fuels…while the economic institutions are now failing…which are derived from the earth…but are pput under the ingraven image andf alse value of money!

    Yep the opposite stare seems to be based on a error…or breaking of commandments,,,OUT OF THE HOLY BIBLE
    And so it does not work…and it never will!…But they will ask You to sacrifice your lives for it continually!…generation after generation!
    While holding one the prohibition of certain plants in error!

    God said they were all Good!…and until that is proven..(which they cannot) I have the right to try to make Eden as best I can…cause I know I want to help my fellow brothers and sisters who now suffer because of the sins they have employed over all the earth.

    Is that a crime?…You say it is not scientifically possible…

    Now here I will draw a line to what science says is impossible..Appollo 13 safe return!
    Scientifically impossible!

    But God and prayer brought them home!

    Scientifically impossible…two headed people!…God makes them to mock us living in sin!

    So I say what is scientifically impossible…becomes possible with God and Christ and all the believers putting their hands to soil, and sowing for free!

    That is the power of the people!

    Don;t wait for them to do it for you!…cause it will never happen that way!

    As histroy recalls, and present day is noted, in my line of drawing lines to cause and effect out to…THE HOLY BIBLE.

    remarkable work…The truth is God is God! and what he says is always truthful, once you untwist the meanings of his words that were twisted to conceal that truth…So it would not be defiled by demons!

    It is not God who is nasty…It is humankind bent on idolatry, hatred, bloodshed,oppression,sanctions,embargoes of trade, and evil thurst for Power!

    God said don’t do…and Humans cross the line!

    So why are you calling my God nasty?…when it is plain to see that he wants only your obedicance in doing such a simple thing.
    And yet even though it makes perfect sense to go out and sow seeds for free…and if everyone did this it would create a resounding effort to feed the hungry and help fight sickness from the malnutritioned….You denie its vality…..and it isn’t scientific fact…it is the truth…and if everyone did just that…it would be known as fact!

    So who is doing it the way God asked?

    That is the real problem….

    Sir Les

  12. Anonymous on


  13. Sir Les on

    Now if I take a truth out of the religion (Holy Bible), and test it out, and explore all of its attributes…(Marijuana)…and the truth of Christ saying “it is all good when taken with thanksgiving”…not to mention the supreme Being God saying I give you everything!…and then asking us to abide by certain rules of life…in which if done correctly would bring prosparity over the lands, and good health!….Why would I want to denie it?

    That it is not being done Today sujests who is really pompous here…and it ain’t me!

    And all those who denie the truth…and uphold the evils of the world, whilst it declines in natural life, and health care…because it prospers them to have it that way….are the ones who are pompous!
    But please by all means support the stupidity and futility towards your own ends!

    I just draw lines of truth about it coming sooner than you think!

    Sir Les

  14. Anonymous on

    Listen Less, I agree with the FACT that we need to preserve the planet etc etc, but this is common sense! Our food and our clean water and the continuation of animal species and everything else on this beautiful planet is important and absolutely necessary but “god” has nothing to do with it.WE do. god didnt create me, I came out of my mother’s womb and I’m assuming that you came from your mother too.

    “Killing, murdering, hating, robbing, thieving, underhandedness, lies and lying to gain wealth”. These things did NOT just start occuring Less, they have always been going on, as humans ,we have our own nature, and it’s not always pretty. This world (planet) has been changing for as long as it has existed, and will continue to. with or without humans. I can’t believe that you think we are soooooo important to engage this supreme being’s (alleged being) attention and judgement? I don’t believe we are important @ all as a species, quite insignificant really in the grand scheme of time and space.

    “And from that comes my Pipe dream!…the only way to know is to either go to the end of the earth….or take my word for it, and do what God asks of us!” Who the FUCK appointed you god’s spokesperson?????????????????? and what’s @ the end of the earth Less????? I think maybe you are a little bit delusional.

    Why don’t you leave your religious masturbation for christians anonymous ?

  15. Sir Les on

    I think it says it right…a alignment of time, matter and space, and life in a set otder completes!

    Thus fullfillment…EDEN is restored on Earth!…as it is in Heaven?

    Well that is for God to know!

    First things first…if you do not do…the second part of the equation is not fulfilled…and time goes forward and backwards to the seeker to find the missing element….cause someone will fulfill the word and will of God!

    in order for prophecies to commence!

    Rev 17:17…
    But the leaf ..for the healing of the nations must come to pass!

    So…there it be!

    People are the power…put the power of the people to work in the Garden…No sin….and God will come down and bless it for eternity!

    Do the opposite of that estate…and you will find God’s anger in wrath and woe!

    Draw your lines….Life is about God!

    And so all things are about God…if you get my meaning!…GOd created Marijuana and hemp…so their could be an anointed one to teach the ship of fools!
    Did they listen?

    NOPE!…They slaughtered him!

    And So it is still about God!

    Sir Les

  16. Sir Les on

    Now look deep into the Genesis 1:12,1:29,…”9:3″…and what is the solution for Today’s global warming?…****Genesis 2:15*****

    It is because they do not listen to the truth, reason, wisdom, or logics!

    What Government is above God?…or what other Truth superseeds The Truth?

    There is none!

    So by the power invested in me…I sow seeds of all kinds…and no law of human origin can denie My truth…for my Truth comes from the word of God!


    Now that I fixed that in myself…I can sow with no guilty conscience…which can cause phycosis of the mind…if we listen to the lies!

    I will not blind myself to be foolish with you….

    Reality is just a game….and they make it a game of war pigs…human sacrifces…Idolatry…and profiting off the sickness and suffering of others they create with that presumed power, and Idol…the foolish people Give them!

    Now God and Christ pointed it out…and there it is…the beast with ten horns!
    How many human lives died to errect this democracy of lies?
    And how many more will it take to complete it?
    and at what cost?…how much blood has to be spilt?


    So my fantasy delusional Ideal of making a garden of grandure with Marijuana…and multiplying it out for free…and sharing the good forutnes of that prosparity with all who help out, becomes Just a dream of the pipe smokers…
    because they forgotten the Truth of the equation, and the power of the action of sowing it sinlessly…infact they have changed the equation so much that Double headed humans and animals are now being born!

    Now what is this suppose to mean?…two faced?…dual processors?

    Are we thinking any better these days whilst we pollute the home world?…if we still make war the way to solving our problems?
    Killing, murdering, hating, robbing, thieving, underhandedness, lies and lying to gain wealth….is it a better way than my Pipe dream, which is also possible if we all try….what do we have to loose?

    Be honest…cause it is the way…if it is done sinlessly!…EDENS!

    And you have to read up on know.

    The truth out of Genesis about tending and keeping the garden…is wisdom!

    You can denie it all you want…but if the world dies (all plants) then the atmosphere dies too!
    And that includes almost all life!

    So…wisdom and logical progressions are paramount in the Genesis!

    And from that comes my Pipe dream!…the only way to know is to either go to the end of the earth….or take my word for it, and do what God asks of us!

    tend and keep the Garden…with all the gifts God gave unto humankind! (genesis 9:3) nothing omitted!

    Now look at the world order making war on the drug lords…trying to take away what God has given freely!

    Who is in error?….DEMOCRACY!

    Sir Les

  17. Stongbeliever n thc ministry on

    dont listen to that stupid guy probly doesnt believe in god himself.
    jesus christ means i am annointed. did u kno the holy annointed oils ingredients contains cannabis. 6 pounds to be exact but in old hebrew bibles its called kaneh bosm prounounced plural as kanabos which is cannabis. people have actually made this stuff and have cured people of blindness and diabetes and epilepsy just by rubbing this oil on these people. its crazy that this also relates to jesus and how he died for what he believed and was criticized by the “governing” people in his area. and us stoners get criticized daily for what we do and some put in jail. i saw that this guy got put in jail for 100 years just for running a medical dispensary, but why do killers get out in 5 or 10 years? its illegal because thats how the devil wants it. but god is coming to save us believers and the rest will burn for eternity in hell for slandering his name. dont wait til hes in front of you to ask for forgiveness do it know and start praying because this world is getting worse and worse with sin and hes coming to stop it

  18. Sir Les on

    Well there is a prime example of humankinds finest posting above.

    Don’t forget Science fiction has been the forefront of Human developement in Science, space, and technologies for the most part.
    The imagination/science fiction/ seems to become science fact.

    An imagination of such grandure as to want to know what Truth is…of greator glory, than the human bent democracies they are employing over the world, that don’t work unless your a criminal at heart!..for they only work for those who are bending the rules, so that they prosper in wealth,warfare, sickness and death!

    As the above poster child seems to think using fowl language makes a point?

    I can express with out a doubt…that there is a God…and if we do not take care of the garden well (with all plants) in the equation of life…bent things will occur!..cause and effect…accedentals and colisions…murphies law!

    And you get the mutations….None believers!…and Evil doers!

    Right?…be honest…look at the world order/democracy/Economic systems and say it isn’t true!…it is now failing!!!!!!because of the thieves and robbers it has created in it!

    Because God said what will happen..before its has happened…”it Goes to destruction”…and Jesus said..”Your making a den of robbers and thieves”…is exactly what is going on today in the world!

    Enough said…?

    Science fiction is a good starting point for most observant and bright minded of all People…those who care!…because they can see the outcome of foolish directions being employed in the world under the muse of democracy…that is not a true democracy!..if we are not free to believe in The Truth!.

    THink Green…THink Hemp!…and there you have, a fuel supply, a healthy food source, a climatizing agent, and filtering unite, and if I am correct..a living entity of some intelligence! = spirited

    Now if we are to move into space and colonize planets with life…(In the likenes of God) or to be Gods ourselves (children of God)
    This plant could be the Genesis we are looking for!
    But…We still need God/truth, and the waters!…what could call the waters to a dead world like mars?

    Now forget about Mars…Lets look at Planet Earth…it is being polluted and intoxicated beyond any healthy state!…it is our home world…should we not tend and keep this estate in good working order as the pool of life????
    Need a filter for the polluted waters, air and soils?…Hemp and Marijuana could and should be implimented on a wide scale with hydroponics!
    Global warming and better food stocks for the animals!
    Clean oxygen production and C02 consumption is the trade off!!

    Making Eden…and then multiplying it out over not just the world in Edens…but the universe!

    Science fiction?….Yah!…only because they are foolish and denie the Truth of God!!

    And You may ask How does this make peace?

    Common ground!…we all want to live a healthy life!

    That is the only way!…cause if your truthful…you will see all the sickness and suffering in this world…is being created by the Idolic mindsets..that worship wealth more than life!
    They even ask for humansacrifices today!
    oppressing,sanctioning, and embargoes…cutting off trade…which they claim is also free?…Free trade is just another lie from the liars club!!!!

    So…as a alternate…what God or God’s ask that we sacrifice human life to get what we want, in wars with no truth or validity?

    And Jesus said, “God gives freely to all life that obey”…those who do the will of the Father shall enter Paradise”

    A self fulfilling paradox!…make Eden and you can enter it!
    Make Edens..and save yoursleves!

    Build that…and they will come!

    Sir Les

  19. Anonymous on

    Lets all give up scientific medicine for:



    Lets all go to the Phillipines and get chicken guts pulled out of our brains!



  20. Sir Les on

    It would seem that this Bible reference directs a direction This world should take, when looking into the legality/religious order of Marijuana/hemp production…and a state of peace which could arise in the middle east by legalizing its trade on open markets!

    Because someone doesn’t want this direction to take place (oppressing a Kingdom which should arise), could be seen as a rebelious act of disobediance to God’s will and word…

    By taking something God said was good, and profaning it with lies…and making it illegal to grow…they have achieved a way to stop that direction to peace, and God and his sons return to power, through denial of it to take place by changing something that should not be changed…Acts 10:15..reflecting on Acts 3:21 and Genesis 1:12,1:29,2:15,9:3.
    In its place we have constant warfare, hatred, suffering, sickness, and death for dollars as their most profitable outcomes occur through the disobediance of God’s word and will, under a Idol God said not to make!

    Now I have to ask…which road is the better one?

    And if I use Acts 10:15 and tie in Genesis 1:12,1:29, 2:15,9:3 Rev 17:17, I get the Idea that God wants us to keep these things in proper order, and as already Judged by God to do a certain service for the greator good…

    If we take one of these things (plants) God said are good, and turn it into something bad…we profane that, and we go against God’s word and will.

    Like any equation…we cannot go through it changing numbers randumly to suite our bent ideas…and expect the results to be the same.

    So in essence Marijuana is Already judged by God…as being Good!
    Who am I to argue with God?

    See where they have gone astray?
    I do!

    And now the Idolic system is setup, and the rules have been drawn out…and the good who want to help the earth are now criminals, and the way to a better industial solution in cleaner burning ethanol fuels are being railroaded out of mind…healthy food turned away from our tables,and drugs to aid the sick and suffering the idolic world is creating, is denied reverence or hearing of the TRUTH…

    Wonder who is profiting off this War on Marijuana and other plants?

    Who is really behind it all?
    Cause it makes absolutely no sense to criminalize people for growing plants God gave us to use!
    Absolutely No sense!

    Now let me say that because God gave us these plants…I would have to hand the same plants onto the next generations that will come after me…
    Maybe they will find more use of this plant, than the stupid buch of idiots we now have making prohibition of Hemp and Other plants their main objective, while reason and logical solutions are burnt for more jails, more police,more tax payers dollars!!!

    They claim it fuels more jobs to keep it illegal…and is more profitable for them…is their only truth in some bent way…as long as they hold that road to the kingdom covered up…they can continually SIN with no worries of God ever coming to be…for if we never fulfill the word and will, how can God come?


    Sir Les