Ganja Games and Marijuana Bowl Coming to Vancouver This Summer

Vancouver pot activist Dana Larsen has announced that he will be hosting an exciting four-day marijuana competition and ganja party this summer.

“I decided that we needed to have another big marijuana judging event in Vancouver this year,” said Larsen, the former editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine. “Since Marc Emery is not able to put on the Tokers Bowl due to his currently fighting extradition to the USA, I decided to start something new and different. We’re calling it the ‘Vansterdam Ganja Games and Marijuana Bowl,’ and it’s happening from July 2 to 5 this year.”

Larsen says that only 100 tickets are being sold to the party, and that each one costs $750 US ($890 CND).

“That might sound expensive,” said Larsen, “but we’ve got four nights of very special dinner parties, one of which is a boat cruise. Plus we’re planning on events like glass-blowing and bubblehash-making demonstrations, bus tours of Vancouver’s best toking spots, walking tours through Vancouver’s drug-war history highlights, as well as unlimited access to the BC Marijuana Party Vapour Lounge and the Vancouver Seed Bank’s Toker’s Lounge.”

And what about the weed?

“Everyone who attends will receive a two-gram sample of 14 different marijuana strains,” explained Larsen. “plus another six grams of bud to be used in some of the contests. And as if that isn’t enough, we’ll also be having a bubblehash and budder smorgasbord sampling session on the last day, with many varieties of both available for the testing and enjoyment of our guests.”

Larsen said that he was inspired by the Olympics which are coming to Vancouver in 2010, and wanted to include some cannabis-based competitions as part of the event.

“All ticketholders will have a chance to compete in six of our special Ganja Games. All of the contests will have preliminary heats over the weekend, with a final competition among the top contestants during the last party. The contests include things like Speed Joint Rolling, Strain Identification, Smoke-Ring Blowing and more. The final winners will receive some beautiful trophies!”

“This is all dependent on us selling enough tickets to make this event work,” added Larsen. “I know that the world is heading into tough economic times. I hope that there’s still 100 marijuana-lovers out there willing to come and enjoy this amazing party.”

Vansterdam Ganja Games and Marijuana Bowl: