Obama Compares Mexican President and Drug War To Eliot Ness and Alcohol Prohibition

CANNABIS CULTURE – President Barack Obama appeared on the CBS’s Face The Nation and discussed the growing drug-related violence in Mexico with host Bob Schieffer. In a comment that is sure to bewilder and confuse those on both sides of the drug war debate, Obama compared Mexican President Felipe Calderón to alcohol prohibition-era gangbuster Eliot Ness.

President Obama: Well, what’s happened is that President Calderon I think has been very bold and rightly has decided that it’s gotten carried away. The drug cartels have too much power, are undermining and corrupting huge segments of Mexican society. And so he has taken them on in the same way that when, you know, Elliot Ness took on Al Capone back during Prohibition, oftentimes that causes even more violence. And we’re seeing that flare up.

As Obama knows very well, alcohol prohibition was a complete disaster. Eliot Ness and others like him ultimately failed at their mission to curb America’s drinking habit, and only the repeal of alcohol prohibition remedied the violence associated with the bootlegging gangsters of the 1920 and 30s.

So what exactly is the President trying to say? Is he acknowledging that today’s War on Drug is just as futile as the bloody bullet-riddled alcohol prohibition of yesteryear?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also made some brow-raising comments recently. The Washington Post reported that while on her visit to Mexico last week, Clinton said outright that US anti-narcotics policies have been a failure and only contributed to the explosion of violence:

“Clearly what we’ve been doing has not worked…Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade. Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the deaths of police, of soldiers and civilians.”

Yes, it seems the US government is actually admitting that the drug war is not working!

But don’t celebrate yet. The same Washington Post article goes on to explain that Obama and Clinton’s solution is simply more of the same: over a billion dollars for “more agents and extra high-tech gear” as well as “$66 million in new funding for extra helicopters for the Mexican police.”

The following video is from CBS’s Face The Nation on March 29, 2009. Obama begins discussing Mexican gang violence just after the 11:00 minute mark.



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  9. Anonymous on

    its true those who have more have control. not talkin a couple hundred thousand talkin millons. hes right and so is the guy who said with the drug war we keep those companys rich and they in return provide money for backin politicans which in return they make more guns,planes,high tech crap. All this is a sign that we as american people have been spoiled with crap. Made to belive that the dollar is the best thing in life and brings peace and happiness. well its crap!! i refuse to live with these things and it almost kills me to own a computer. but again this is what we were made to belive was right for our lifes. if people actually spoke and american people looked at life in other ways not just money not just guns drugs. becuz honestly I know i would still live without these things. its about time we had a country that no longer showed voilence over money and respected the things we do have. Take back the control out of the wealthy hands we may see progress and people who actually do things for other people.

  10. Anonymous on

    youre an idiot.

  11. Anonymous on

    I think ur the rich hater….. Seriously man u can’t just pin this on “rich” people u fucking idiot

  12. Anonymous on

    Man stop being a baby. And start opening up your mind. Seriously violence means nothing. You like being a rich hater and killer? To get away with it all the time?

    The war on drugs is pointless it is only creating poverty way more and violence has increased amongst thieves. Also the war on drugs proves there’s no more jobs for anyone. Like back in the Great Depression (1920s-1930s).

    The rich people do crack, coke, extasy, opium, acid, rat poison, pesticides etc.

    Yet they spend millions to keep there drug additced son out of prison for murdering someone with selling those deadly hard drugs. Or for going mentally out of it on those hard drugs and put a bullet into someone else’s head.

    Rich wealthy people are scum looking to ruin civilians trying to make ends meet. Legalise weed and hemp to create more jobs and government frauds would get reduced for god’s sake.

    But no you dumb rich wealthy scum prefer keeping all the money and wasting it on guns and hard drugs even making hard drug reciepes into certain pharmaceuticals.

    Wake up and make wealth spread out evenly you greedy scum. So we can reduce violence and eliminate hard drugs.

  13. Amazed on

    Seriously–do you actually think like this? Regardless of the subject matter, anyone as stupid as this deserves a punch in the face out of principle.


    Obama is a muslim terrorist.
    He doesn’t know JACK about anything.

    He was put into office by America-hating Saudis.
    He won’t disclose his contributors,or the details of his “Stimulus Package”.
    Could it be the Saudis are cramming our own U.S. and Canadian dollars into the American economy because they basically will then OWN North America?

    He’s a piece of SHIT! His legacy is the evils of islam.

  15. Claborne on

    Obama has too many irons,important irons,in the fire too add what has been essentially political suicide issue that might split his supporeters down the middle. All the programs he is working on would die as soon as he opens his mouth about legalizing pot. And the anti-pot press would spin him right out of
    the White House. He has too treat it just like he is,until it is forced on him,by congress,or the people.
    I was hoping some of our South American countries would put pressure on him at the G-20,and they still might. Some have already said no more DEA raids in their countries anymore. After all,their marijuana crops could be medical marijuana also.

  16. Proudlymex on


    Obama is rigth, ´cause finally ´till today in my country, alcoholic beberages, casinos and table dances are perfectly legal, paying taxes and a lot of customers !!!!!

  17. Anonymous on

    This guys is such a bonehead.

  18. Anonymous on

    we might as well get over it.police are to powerfull and will not let him legalize marijuana they are making way to much money .they will kill him like they did jfk .revoloution is the only thing that would cure this problem .nazis still live on always have always will.

  19. Anonymous on

    Oh Southpark, providing entertaining social commentary for 12 years. I wonder what Matt and Trey would say about the issue? Probably lambaste both sides.

  20. Anonymous on

    I just need a little, chaaange. Got any spare change.


  21. End the US War on Drugs on

    President Obama cannot end the US War on Drugs (in his 1st term). To do in his 1st term, he has to be told to do it and that is what he wants so he reminds us if its failure. In his 2nd term, then President Obama can end the US War on Drugs. All he had to do is hand over control to the states (like he did medical marijuana) and that will essentially end the US War on Drugs. Of course it is possible that the US War on Drugs collapsed just like the Wall (i.e. the Soviet Union).