Pot Protects From Workplace Accidents

Another one of the overhyped stereotypes around marijuana users has just bitten the dust. For years people assumed that getting ‘stoned’ made you either lazy or careless. The bleary-eyed stoner getting into mishaps is the stuff of much comedy. But what if marijuana use actually made you more careful and less likely to screw up and hurt yourself?

A new Swiss study published at Bio-Med Central concludes exactly that: marijuana can protect you from injury. The study, titled “Alcohol and cannabis use as risk factors for injury – a case-crossover analysis in a Swiss hospital emergency department” compared the injuries that required hospitalization. The authors’ conclusions were surprising: marijuana use is not only NOT associated with increased risk of injury – marijuana users actually get injured less than sober people: “The results for cannabis use were quite surprising. […] The present study in fact indicated a ‘protective effect’ of cannabis use in a dose-response relationship.”

“Great news,” proclaimed Cannabis Culture Magazine editor Marc Emery. “We’ve said for years that marijuana users are responsible and productive members of society. This study confirms that using marijuana can actually make you more careful, resulting in less accidents and emergency room visits. Booze makes you take risks without thinking while marijuana makes you contemplative and cautious.” The authors of the study agreed, speculating that the effects of marijuana, in contrast to alcohol, make you more likely to avoid risky situations.

Jacob Hunter, BC Marijuana Party organizer, agreed that the bumbling stoner stereotype, like so many things about marijuana’s risks, is another myth: “The problem with these stereotypes is that they get ingrained in the public mindset and are hard to dislodge, even with scientific proof. People still think marijuana users are lazy and unproductive, even when some of them like Michael Phelps, Pierre Burton and Barack Obama achieve at the highest levels. Hopefully this study will open some eyes.”

Click here to read “Alcohol and cannabis use as risk factors for injury – a case-crossover analysis in a Swiss hospital emergency department


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