Home-Grown Cannabis Flourishes in Sweden

Marijuana in Sweden is increasingly being grown domestically rather than smuggled into the country, and police suspect Vietnamese crime networks are behind the proliferation in cannabis growing operations.

Around ten “greenhouses” were uncovered in Skåne in southern Sweden in 2008, reports the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

Police say that the operations begin when a house, usually in a rural location, is bought or purchased by one or two people from Vietnam.

The property is than transformed into a sophisticated marijuana growing operation, complete with remote-controlled growing lights.

“They manage the cultivation themselves, but I’m convinced there is someone above them who is earning money from the operation. These types of investments have become so expensive that the growers can’t afford them by themselves,” said prosecutor Pär Andersson to SvD.

The marijuana growing operations aren’t limited to Skåne, as police have discovered similar greenhouses in Ljusnarsberg near Örebro in central Sweden, as well as the villages of Agunnaryd and Örsjö in the Småland region of south central Sweden.

In the Småland raids, police confiscated nearly 80 kilogrammes of cannabis and two men were sentenced to prison for six and seven years, respectively.

But the most advanced and far reaching operations are concentrated in Skåne, where a dozen people have been given long prison sentences for illegal drug cultivation.

The increase in local cannabis cultivation in Sweden is in line with a larger trend in Europe.

According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), marijuana traditionally supplied through smuggling is increasingly being replaced by local production, which in turn has resulted in higher profit margins for drug dealers and their associated criminal gangs.

Police say the influx of Vietnamese gangs to Sweden isn’t surprising, but follows a pattern seen in England and Canada.

Since the early part of the decade, criminal elements among the Vietnamese diaspora in both countries have increasingly devoted themselves to growing marijuana.

“Now it is thought that the expertise has also spread to the Vietnamese population in the Nordic countries,” said Johnny Gyllensjö, a member of the police cannabis task force, to SvD.

Gyllensjö explained that dozens of growing operations have been uncovered in both Norway and Denmark. Frequent visits by Swedish growers to their counterparts in both countries indicate that there may be links between all the operations.

David Landes ([email protected]/+46 8 656 6518)

– Article from The Local on January 8, 2009.



  1. ren b. on

    if governments and police deny the truth about the benefits of cannabis ;then the only result of their fight against the herb is conspiracy… they will continue to tell lies about cannabis to maintain power and profite from this great industry… if a market place can be compared to gold and is still considered a criminal enterprize , can you imagine what the movers and shakers are reaping from it; in my openion it is a sin … it is time for the people to rise up and protest the gross injustice that is being committed by the governments of the world that oppose cannabis legalization… as we celebrate 420 let us bear in mind as the rasta man says, ‘if jah create the plants , how can man say we should not use it…’ cannabis is the tree of life and the armies of the world that are against it will be defeated , all their works of distruction will come to naught as one day we will be free to grow, to trade and to use this prescious gift of god cannabis / hemp… peace and love, from; ren b.

  2. shabbaranks on

    if the above is fact, im impressed. thats alot of info to all be fact and not known worldwide. maybe im just an idiot but i didnt know that.

    the bad thing is the authorities are told to lead us to believe that there are more caricengs in cannabis than in tobacco. that, my friends, is false. and that is a fact.

  3. Anonymous on

    I agree with you,but the problem is that the government is already making money by selling houses to potfarmers, so i’m starting to believe that (like in the USA) this is a farce to get double the money out of Grow ops by organized crime…who use people desperate enough (immigrants usually) so that they get the money back once the pot is confiscated, i rally fnd it hard to believe that all that pot is going to be destroyed after having been confiscated…as a matter of fact only a few months ago i read on the paper that police officers were destroying only 50% of the confiscated pot to resell the remaining % to local dealers 🙁

  4. LGC on

    When will the governments of the world get it right? Legalize the damn stuff, tax it, pay off national debts!!!! People smoke pot, in every country in the world!!! Take the Organized Crime out of it!!!Stop wasting valuable resources on busting potheads, prohibition does NOT work!