12-Year-Old Arrested For Drug Possession

Drug war turns kids into criminals: Police arrest Palm Bay sixth-grader after receiving tip he was selling on school playground.

PALM BAY, FLORIDA – Officers with the Neighborhood Policing Unit arrested a 12-year-old boy Thursday afternoon on a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana. Two other students at the school are under investigation for their involvement in possibly supplying the marijuana.

Under Florida law, information about the identity of juveniles who are charged with misdemeanor offenses is confidential and cannot be disclosed.

On Thursday afternoon, police said NPU Officer Neil Valenti, accompanied by other NPU Officers, was at Discovery Elementary School on the city’s northwest side as part of a routine visit. During his visit, the officers received information about a specific sixth-grade student who had drugs in his possession.

Valenti and NPU Officer Sean Dutill were familiar with the student and a short time later made contact with the juvenile as he was walking home from school in the area of Dallam Avenue NW and Dutonia Street NW.

When asked if he had drugs on him, the student said “yes” and police said he showed Dutill a small amount of marijuana he had in his hands. Upon further questioning, the student pulled out more marijuana from his pants pocket. The marijuana was individually packaged in small baggies, police said.

The student was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana.

Further investigation revealed the boy obtained the marijuana from another sixth-grader who may have obtained it from yet another student at the school. The investigation is ongoing and efforts are under way to determine who is supplying the children with the illegal drugs, police said.

“The good news here is that students at the school are coming forward with information,” Valenti said. “Hopefully we can change the criminal behavior before it gets worse.”

NPU officers routinely visit all area elementary schools as part of a pro-active program to promote positive relationships with law enforcement. Students are encouraged to make positive life choices and are educated by police officers in matters of drug prevention, crime prevention, gun safety, internet safety and more.

“The important thing for these children to know is there are consequences for not doing the right thing,” Dutill added. “We’re glad to see other students doing the right thing in coming forward.”

– Article from Florida Today.



  1. steven on

    pot is just a piece from a plant and people just end up burning it thats all so it should be legal there so many pot dealers that get caught rite but nothing is gonna stop pot dealers to deal rite
    anyway the goverment and president all ready sing the bill for pot to be legal

  2. Anonymous on

    Wow your all wrong. If it were legal and in safe environments of tight security. Kids wouldn`t be allowed to buy it. As for the price dropping that`s just stupid. The quality will sky rocket. Making the price higher demand for better quality products.

    Supply is lower than demand. Especially for medicinal organic quality.

    Taxing and regulating it is safer. 19+ age restriction. And responsible adults should never let kids try it. Explain it to them that once there an adult they can try it or not totally up to them. Never share with a minor. It`s like saying here give this beer a sip or try this shot of vodka at a wedding or party. Like seriously stop being irresponsible to your children.

    You want them to turn out to be a gangsterÉ By having it left as illegalÉ

    Stop being narrow-minded, you closed minded scum. Acting like Harper and Richard NixonéBush.

  3. Mr.Money on

    Well, somewhat off topic, but the whole increase in law enforcement and this “rise in crime” just sickens me. America is slowly being defaced by its justice system that is supposed to put criminals like this to justice? And since when has any police officer been a role model to you? Proper education and information about the reality of drugs is whats neccessary, no more misleading.

  4. shane on

    yep if it were legal – the price for me would be $0
    as well as every friend, acquaintance, co-worker, family member,
    …i would grow weed and give it away… that simple.

  5. Frank B. Chavez III on

    If pot were legal it would be practically worthless. It’s not for nothing that it is called weed — it grows everywhere, to the point that it is very likely that there is actually more supply than demand. The profit comes entirely from it being a black market product that is risky to sell. The real reason to legalize cannabis is to de-mystify it. Children try drugs mainly because it is forbidden. Things that are forbidden develop a mystique and make people curious.

  6. Anonymous on

    if it were legal it would be more like 15 dollars an ounce, not 150.

  7. anti-ignorant on

    No, so that he’d never have access to it in the first place.

    Think about it: He’d HAVE to get legal weed from a store or controlled environment under surveillance and high security. How would a 12 year old get liquor (unless he pays some bum to buy it for him, which is risky; or he steals it, which is even more risky).

    If you legalize it, it will be just as hard to get weed as it is to get liquor or prescription medication, which for kids that age is impossible unless his parents are complete assholes.

  8. Anonymous on

    Why? So CHILDREN AT SCHOOL can sell it and toke up all day? At TWELVE YEARS OLD?! Ridiculous.

    If he’s 18, thats one thing. But this kid is **TWELVE**.

  9. Anonymous on

    yet another reason pot should be leagelized.