Dana Larsen Opens New Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary

The DispensaryThe DispensaryVancouver’s medical marijuana users now have a new place to buy their medicine. Former Cannabis Culture editor Dana Larsen has announced the opening of a new Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary. “We’re operating this to provide strictly medical access for legitimate patients with a statement of diagnosis and a doctor’s note,” said Larsen.
The Vancouver Dispensary Society is a registered non-profit society, and Larsen is one of the Directors. Larsen is best known for his short-lived campaign as an NDP candidate in the last federal election, where he resigned after media focus on videos he had filmed for Pot-TV.

“We are working with a very similar set of procedures and eligibility requirements as the BC Compassion Club Society, the Vancouver Island Compassion Society, and other such successful clubs,” continued Larsen. “We hope that by following their established model we will be able to avoid police problems and serve patients with a medical need for cannabis.”

The Dispensary is located almost next door to the Vancouver Seed Bank and Tokers Lounge. Larsen co-founded the Seed Bank in 2006 with Rebecca Ambrose, who is now sole proprietor.

“The Dispensary doesn’t allow any cannabis use on the premises,” explained Larsen. “But our clients can pop over to the Seed Bank and use their lounge if they wish.”

The Dispensary currently offers eight strains of cannabis buds at prices from $7.50 to $8 per gram. Their menu also includes bubblehash, kif powder, budder and edibles. They are open from 2-7pm every day.

Vancouver Dispensary Society: 880 East Hastings St., www.CannabisDispensary.ca. Tel 604-255-1844