Glass Masters: Jason Lee

Jason Lee has been blowing borosilicate glass for about 12 years, and is well known for influencing more glass pipe makers’ work than other glass blowers. His inspiration comes from the technical and mathematic art of scientists and philosophers such as MC Escher, DaVinci, and Benoit Mandlebrot, who seemed to understand that the complexities of the Universe can be explained by simple means if a pattern can be found. Jason’s focus with patterning is to replicate that connection with the divine.

“My w¬¬¬¬¬ork follows a theme of complicated patterns and fancily shaped vessels generally not recognizable in defined imagery. Most of my pieces are harmoniously balanced wars between shapes and colors evenly arranged from one end to the other – so the dozens patterned tubing sections eventually merge into one continuous flow. I try to leave my work open to the interpretation of the wandering eye and imagination. My greatest inspiration is the natural world’s infinite beauty.”

Jason describes this piece, called¬¬ Penetrated Urn, as “an exploration of the potential intricacy within my capability. The more complex the patterning becomes, the less the glass allows itself to be shaped. By developing a new bubbler design with a large round ball as its water chamber, I can add significantly more detail without overworking the sensitive dichroic and colored glasses.”

Jason Lee’s work has been featured in magazines such as High Times, Heads, and Cannabis Culture; videos like Taboo Glass, Masters of Glass, and Dichroic Alchemy; and numerous glassblowing and pipe-making websites such as the biggest glass pipe gallery online, at

His glass is relatively easy to access, but fairly expensive; dry pipes are $300-$500 and bubblers are $500-$5000. The Penetrated Urn retailed for $3500-$4000. Custom work is available, as long as it fits into Jason’s path of inspiration.

You can visit his website or email
[email protected] with any questions or comments.