Letter From The Editor

In the summer of 2007, my extradition lawyer (in my fight with the US Justice Department over my seed distribution days) began discussions with Washington State District Attorney Todd Greenberg. They came up with a plea deal whereby, if I accepted a 10-year sentence – serving a minimum of five years in custody, no regular early parole – I could serve that time in Canadian federal prison, except about six months time served in Seattle pre-sentencing. I would be sentenced in both countries, but I insisted that the proposal was contingent on my co-accused Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams not serving any jail time. I had to waive my right to appeal, refuse any accelerated parole opportunities, and forfeit any assets I earned as “proceeds of crime”. Even though the requirements are outrageous and unjust, I agreed because it could save both of my co-accused, and I could spend most of my sentence in Canada near my wife and friends. In November 2007, Todd Greenberg agreed, but in March 2008, the Canadian government decided not to cooperate!

My lawyer told me that the current government, the Conservative party of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, simply did not want to help me avoid a long prison sentence in the US, even though I never conducted business there. It seems the Canadian Government is eager to hand me over, and also my co-accused Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams! I guess it’s not really a surprise – the Conservatives want radical mandatory minimum prison sentences for marijuana, and have begun a major crackdown on growers, sellers, and users. They’ve recently kicked off a massive $64-million advertising propaganda campaign to demonize consumers of cannabis and other illegal substances, cleverly using taxpayer money on a campaign designed to create support for Bill C-26. Our recent activist organizing has been focused on this US-influenced legislation, Bill C-26. It introduces new mandatory minimum prison sentences for marijuana and other drug producers and sellers – growing one plant will guarantee six month in jail! – and is currently being considered by Canada’s Parliament.

So now I am back to the original plan, which is to fight the US request for extradition to Seattle and the prospect of many years in prisons, and the Extradition Hearing will be rescheduled, most likely when elections in the US and Canada will be underway. Who knows what will happen? I only regret that Americans did not choose the great and wonderful Ron Paul as the Republican Presidential nominee to be President on January 20, 2009.

The good news is that I will be able to edit CC Magazine for at least another two years or so. I will say, though, it’s been distracting for me in recent months. While considering the prospect of imminent prison in January, I then decided that the revolution would continue even in my absence (which I thought was impending) so, to that end, we rented the two floors above us at 307 West Hastings Street and now feature four floors all devoted to cannabis. Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters now features the world’s largest Vapor Lounge, with the third floor at 307 West Hastings hosting over 30 Volcanos for 150 people, in over 3,000 square feet of lounge space! The second floor is where we are selling a much wider range of hemp clothes, glass, books, posters, bongs, pipes, grinders and more atop of our always-bustling main floor. In the basement, the bottom floor, Cannabis Culture Magazine and www.Pot.TV are produced. In fact, we are even moving across the street with plans to open a 420 Convenience Store – “Everything you need but the weed” – since the only neighborhood corner store just closed. We never stop growing! The BC Marijuana Party has a full time office in the new third floor. Get involved call 604-632-1750.

New personnel in our accounting and layout/production departments have also helped make this issue a few weeks late, and beyond all the business expansion, I’ve been doing many interviews, which, while important to my fight against extradition to the US over my seed sales, have taken away focus from this issue. But we still take pride in the final result! In this copy of CC we’ve gone visual with a wide array of trichome macro photos, a plethora of colorful buds, and psychedelic summer festival tales and pictures.

Lastly, I would like to note an appearance in the documentary Living Luminaries: On The Serious Business of Happiness, now available on DVD (www.livingluminariesmovie.com), and the fifth serious movie in recent years that I feature or star in. The four others are: Escape to Canada (2004); The Naked Queen (2006); The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007); and Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery (2007). The three-disc DVD set of Living Luminaries contains a riveting and intense 20-minute extended interview segment, where I speak to the young actor/acolyte seeking happiness. I promise you will find it fascinating, and we’ll most likely share the extended interview on www.Pot.tv sometime in the future.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my appearances in various films and media. I always try to best represent the cannabis culture, and galvanize our movement to end this unjust War on Drugs. Enjoy this issue, and please let us know what you think of CC in the Reader’s Poll on page 77 – you can win some great prizes, like a Volcano Vaporizer, just by answering a few questions!

Please go to www.NoExtradition.net to help my co-accused and me stay in our home country of Canada, and avoid long US prison sentences. Thank you for your continued support. Keep planting the seeds of Freedom!

Marc Scott Emery

Corrections: In issue #69’s “Weed & Wrestling” piece by Rob Van Dam, we forgot to credit Sonya Van Dam for her wonderful action photos of her man. Mea Cupla! Also in that issue, the “GlassMasters”page had the artist’s name misspelled; it’s Patrick Stratis, and his glassblowing profile is online at www.glasspipes.org/stratisphereglassworks