Letter From the Editor

Welcome to Cannabis Culture #69, packed full of sexy buds and entertaining articles! As you read this, my BC Supreme Court extradition hearing scheduled for January 21-25 should have happened, and it’s possible the judge has already made a verdict. If you don’t yet know why the US Justice Department and DEA want me behind bars for life in the US, go online to the website www.NoExtradition.net and read a bit of background information, or order a copy of back-issue CC #58 for the 2005 article about what happened (pages 94-95). My friends Michelle Rainey, Greg Williams and I still need your support, so please phone the Canadian Justice Minister at (613) 957-4222 and leave a polite “No Extradition” message. You can also help spread awareness by distributing “No Extradition” pamphlets available at the website. If you’d like to contribute to my legal fees, please send a check or money order to “Ian Donaldson In Trust (Marc Emery)”, Donaldson Jetté, #490-1090 Homer St. Vancouver BC, V6B 2W9, or donate online at our website. Do you have a “No Extradition” shirt? Send us your photo and you might be published with other “No Extradition” supporters (pages 90-91)! You can get a shirt at www.CannabisCulture.com/newstore or through the CC mail order on pages 94-95.

Distributed throughout this issue are thirteen delicious pages of readers’ submissions to “Show Your Grow”, a long-time CC magazine feature making its comeback. Go on a visual tour of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops with a medical marijuana user and his wife (pages 62-78). David Strange, former Skunk magazine editor, has tried every conceivable kind of hash extraction and offers tips on maxing out the good stuff (pages 8-15). I assigned former High Times editor Bill Weinberg to get the story on Kenneth Affolter, a man who used cannabis from his massive marijuana farms in California to produce extraordinary infused baked goods, pastries, sodas, and chocolates. Even though Weinberg’s phone bill took a beating (as federal prisoners can only call out collect), we were able to get the inside scoop about the cannabis chocolate factory (pages 26-34). CC’s cartoonist Gary Wintle traveled to Nimbin, Australia to cover the 2007 MardiGrass, and brought back an amazing illustrated story (pages 54-60). Champion wrestler, TV sports star and cannabis activist Rob Van Dam visited me shortly after he was stripped of his two championship belts for getting busted smoking a few joints. Rob offered to write about his lifelong love affair with cannabis and its influence on athletics (pages 18-23). CC takes pride in featuring the best and latest in wearable hemp clothes, and this issue has yet another awesome fashion spread with stylish attire (pages 44-51). New Hampshire’s “Free State Project” held a Liberty Forum on January 3-6, and our good friend and regular CC contributor Barry Cooper – who has another insightful article in this issue (pages 80-83) – was invited to speak about the worrisome decline of respect for the 4th Amendment. Barry got to meet a fellow Liberty Forum guest speaker, the principled liberty-loving Congressman and Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul. My wife Jodie and I are huge supporters of Ron Paul and his message of peace, freedom, and liberty. We’ve made many contributions to the “Ron Paul Revolution” in whatever ways we legally can – being Canadians, we can’t give direct donations, so we find other means of helping out! Some of our efforts include: joining the Vancouver Ron Paul Meet-Up group (www.MeetUp.com) and postering the city; producing hundreds of Ron Paul lapel buttons and 3×5-inch info cards to hand out; printing massive full-color banners for vehicles and information booths; sponsoring bicycle marathons (Ron Paul Riders) in South Carolina; hosting a weekly “Cannabis Culture” show on Ron Paul Radio (www.ronpaulradio.com); writing about Ron Paul in a number of previous issues of CC; and most recently, Jodie volunteered to do this issue’s very sexy cover to bring attention to Ron Paul and encourage the cannabis culture to support his campaign. We also decided to use one side of this issue’s centerfold as a Ron Paul poster (the buds are on the other side!) so you can post it in your dorm or on your front door, use it at a rally, affix it to your vehicle or home window… anywhere! One of the most important things that you, your friends and family must do is go out to your state primary and vote for Ron Paul. You may need to affiliate Republican (states have different rules), and though some of you may cringe at the thought, bear this in mind: Democrats and Republicans are pretty much the same these days, but Ron Paul is a strict Constitutionalist not tied to the elite establishment like the other candidates are (excluding Paul’s friend Democrat Dennis Kucinich, of course). Here’s another Ron Paul offer we have for CC readers: if you contribute $10 or more to the official www.RonPaul2008.com campaign between January and April 30, Jodie will send you an autographed glossy copy of this issue’s cover. Since October we’ve been sending Ron Paul donors three different autographed posters: Jodie’s famous buds and babe CC #56 centerfold; her bikini-clad “Ron Paul for President – Liberty Turns Me On!” image; and me wearing a Ron Paul Revolution t-shirt while holding my Prince of Pot bong (“Letter From The Editor” photo in CC #67). You can get those posters too, if you ask for them. Just donate to Ron Paul and send a copy of your contribution receipt to [email protected] – tell us whom you’d like the photo made out to, and include a mailing address!

New CC activist Jacob Hunter and I are operating a national campaign in Canada to stop the Conservative party government from implementing Bill C-26, legislation that resembles US-style drug war policies such as mandatory minimum jail sentences for growing one or more plants, making hash or hash oil, selling pot near a school or anywhere frequented by young people, and other “aggravating” factors. Postcards and brochures have been circulating, and activists demonstrated nationwide at Member of Parliament offices on December 17th, urging representatives to reject Bill C-26. Demonstrations are planned once a month until Bill C-26 is renounced. For information or to get involved contact Jacob ([email protected]) or visit www.CannabisCulture.com.

Let’s make 2008 a year of peaceful revolution at home and around the world!

Yours In Liberty,

Marc Scott Emery