Letter to Mr Beaudoin

Letter to Mr Beaudoin


The Hon. G&eacuterald A. Beaudoin
Chairperson of the Standing Senate
Committee on Legal & Constitutional Affairs
The Senate
Wellington St.,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A4


Dear Mr Beaudoin,
This letter is to voice my grave concern about Bill C-7, the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act.

I was shocked and dismayed when I learned that Bill C-7 had been passed by Parliament on the afternoon of the
referendum, when the Bloc Quebecois was not present to debate it and public attention was focussed elsewhere.

I am in complete agreement with the testimony of Eugene Oscapella, President of the Canadian Foundation for
Drug Policy. During testimony before the Bill C-7 subcommittee, Mr Oscapella stated that:

this bill will neither stop the flow of drugs into Canada, nor the production of drugs within Canada… it does
absolutely nothing to address the multiple causes of drug use in society.

In the guise of complying with international drug control conventions, we are trampling all over international
human rights conventions.

Our position is that Bill C-7 should be withdrawn completely.

These sentiments were echoed by the Addiction Research Foundation, the Canadian Bar Association, the Criminal
Lawyers’ Association, the Toronto Department of Public Health, the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse, and a
majority of the different organizations that came before the subcommittee.

Instead of following the recommendations of these organizations, Paul Szabo and the Bill C-7 subcommittee passed a
piece of bad legislation. If Bill C-7 becomes law, many more peaceful and otherwise law-abiding Canadians will be
put in jail because they like to smoke marijuana. This is clearly an injustice which must be rectified.

One thing that Bill C-7 has accomplished is to raise public awareness and debate about Canada’s drug policy. I hope
that the Standing Committee on Legal & Constitutional Affairs will not waste this valuable opportunity to undertake
a comprehensive review of Bill C-7 and Canada’s drug policy.

Please keep me informed as to developments within the Standing Committee on Legal & Constitutional Affairs in regards
to Bill C-7.


Yours Truly,