Princess Lily meets the world

Princess Lily meets the world!

In which a Princess is born and all rejoice.

This is my mom with her Dad, Jan Soukup. He came to visit me before
I was even born! There I am under my mom’s hand.
I was born at home in my mom’s bedroom, in a big pool of water. For
a while I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come out. But I knew I had to do it
The moment of truth…. The midwife helped my dad to catch me when
I came out. 
This is me just after being born 

Some of my mom’s friends were also there when I was born, along with
my nana and uncle. I’m glad they were there but I only had eyes for my

While I was getting ready to be born the cops were down at Hemp BC and
my Mom’s Cannabis Cafe, stealing things and being mean. I waited until
they were all gone before I came out!

OK, now what do I do?
My family is fun!
It’s been a long day… 

(isn’t my Daddy cute when he’s sleeping?)