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Overgrow the Government!

Grow your own stone!  It’s easy!  It’s fun! Everybody’s doing it!
Growing marijuana: a fun hobby the whole family can enjoy!

Growing your own marijuana is agood way to save money and make sure you always know what you’re smoking.It is also an important part in the struggle to end marijuana prohibition.Prohibition is impossible if everyone supplies their own grass.

In order to start growing your own, you’llneed three things: seeds, information, and inspirational bud shots

1- Seeds

  • MarcEmery Direct Marijuana Seeds has the most comprehensiveseed catalog in North America, with over 200 beautiful indoor and outdoorvarieties from all over the world, including Holland, South Africa, andof course, beautiful BC. A small investment in small seeds can bring abig harvest of big buds.


    2- Information

    You’ve just found a greenmine. We’ve got arange of grow  forums for discussion and debate, as well as an archiveof grow articles from backissues of Cannabis Culture. We’veeven got growbooks for sale by mail-order!

    Online Grow Forums

    CCGrow Archive

    GrowBooks for Sale 

  • NewGrower’s Primer

  • GeneralGrowing

  • AdvancedTechniques

  • Seedsand Genetics


    3- Bud Shots

    We’ve got a whole schwack ofglistening ganja-girls for your perusal and drooling enjoyment. Check outeither our RandomBud Generator, or the Galleryof Ganja. Be inspired, you too can grow budslike these.


    If you’d like to add an article, advice, orphotographs of success to our collection here, send it to [email protected]. If you have useful  criticisms of the techniques in our articles,send those as well. This page represents best of the online growing community.We grow together, so together we grow better.

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