Rally for the Truth, May 14

May 14 Rally for the Truth

David Malmo-Levine

[email protected]

On May 14th, the day the Controlled Drugs and
Substances Act
was to come into
force, a “Rally for the Truth” was held in Victory Square Park. The truth
in question was that the new drug laws came into being without any
meaningful public debate, without the support of the public or the expert
witnesses and at a point in history when the old drug laws were being
challenged constitutionally across the country.

sit in the park

The way this truth was communicated was with a open mic gathering (with a
bit of music ans marjuana for fun), a quick lesson in hug power theory was
held, followed with a march down to the copshop.

The marching song went like this:”0123 we don’t want your pharmacy – 1234
we don’t want your drug war – 2345 we want to control our lives – 3456 we
know the election’s fixed – 4567 – no one wanted bill C7 – 5678 no one
wanted bill C8 – 6789 ganja is more safe than wine – 789 10 our medicine we
will defend.”

at the police station

We arrived at police headquarters, sat on the front steps, smoked a dozen
doobies and a short comment was made about how they would bust us if they
knew they were right, but because they knew they were wrong, they didn’t
bust us.

We then marched back to victory square, chanting and singing “all we are
saying, is give drug peace a chance” and then smoked up a bit more when we
got back to the park. The drummers and didgerydoo-gooders ended the day off

There are plans for an “international anti-prohibition day” party in
Grandview Park on June 15th, the July 1st “Cannabis Day” celebration and
the 26th anniversary of the great Grasstown police riot of 1971. For more
information, contact David Malmo – Levine at (604) 669-9069 (voicemail
extention 17) or via Email at [email protected]