1st Annual International Anti-Prohibition Day

Vancouver: Sunday, June 15, 1997

by David Malmo-Levine [email protected]
June 15, 1997

International Anti-Prohibition Day. The day was supposed to be a day of
peace, but the police were determined to make it a day of

It started out peaceful enough. The crowd, reporters and myself arrived at
much the same time. After some brief sound bites, most of the media took
off. Then an unlucky cop came on the scene.

First, oficer friendly told me that this was an illegal gathering that I
had to end. I said it was a peaceful assembly – the kind that is protected
in our constitution. She said that I had no permit – I was going to be
arrested for causing a disturbance.

It was then and only then that I took off my Dare – I turned in my
parents and all I got was this lousy t-shirt
top and put on my FUCK

I then went to the PA system to make the announcement that the police had
threatened to arrest me for causing a disturbance. That’s when the woman
boke cop pulled the plug on the PA.


I then went over to the offending officer and told her that this was an
otherwise completely legal rally – completely legal if it wasn’t for those life-destroying
laws that no one in the medical, political, or “serve-and-protect”
communities could justify.

Because the laws were so damaging, unreasonable, and impossible to
justify, we had to oppose them with all the non-violence and positivity that
we could manage.

I then tore the electric cord from her hands and plugged
that sucker back in.

The crowd had moved up to the corner of the park where the confrontation was
taking place. The crowd supported this assertive stand, and began drumming
and dancing loudly. The police requested that the party move back to the
middle of the park, and we requested that the leave the electrical cord

The rest of the day was spent smoking pot and dancing to wonderful musical
performers such as Web and the Odua drummers. All and all, the day was a
complete success.

For more information on the rest of the international event, check out
the Legalize site.

Below is the text of the event announcement.

International Anti-Prohibition Day

June 15, 1997

  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Amsterdam
  • Estonia
  • Hawaii
  • Vancouver
  • [your city or town here]

In Vancouver, this event will be hosted in Grandview Park at

The entertainment bill features Web (a
recommended listen -ed.)
, your favorite ranting Vancouverites, and an
egalitarian open stage.

All musicians and videographers get smoked-up . . . of course.
For information call (604)669-9069, ask for David Malmo-Levine, or extension
17. Email David at [email protected]

The Legalize organization is
coordinating international Anti-prohibition events. They also have a
listing of local coordinators. If you’re having an event in
your area on June 15, let them (and us) know.

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