This is a world where money is scarce.

Where personal belongings are potetial cash when the "word" is mentioned.
But not so bad...ya know cause we still get by but by the skin of our teeth.
But its a place where pockets burn with the lack of cabbage.
Where your american friends become chinese and your eyes are "gone!".
Money...Money...Money...This is a place where rooms move and temples
"What?  Huh?"  Where "noid" and "trashed" and "fuck" are the most used
Where windows fog up and long night discussions about how great "The Wall"
when you're stoned.
How you can "understand" it.
Where backroads and out-of-the-way places are the best place to be for one
reason or another.
Especially one reason.
Where the threads are locked with dry resin and burns on your fingers are
Brown spotted fingers populate the population and bloodshot eyes probe for
ways to get a buzz.
Where jobs are always wanted but never searched for and Damn those finger
Where half OZ.s are 35 G for a hundred bucks but nobody has any money.
Because they spent it on a half this morning.
Where people go to grocery stores telling them that the "pop machine" took
thier money.
I can get it but it'll be half an hour...
Where plastic baggies are more important than notebook paper or erasures.
Where people use more pieces of brass mesh in a week than they use deodorant
a month.
Whose lungs are the subject of many conversations pertaining to, "if I
my lungs, think of the resin!!".
Where cigarette burns litter clothing but nobody knows how they got there.
Where great minds stay great minds, they just don't act as fast anymore.
Where people don't even know what a dogwood bud looks like but can tell you
everything about pot buds.
Where we are, where we are, where we are.
This is where we are.